Inventory management is not a complex business process nowadays, however it might become a bit more complicated whenever there are multiple channels you present your goods through to the end client. Additionally there might be multiple distributors/retailers with different prices and goods they sell. We offer centralized product inventory management for all your channels


The purpose of the project was to refresh the site look and make it modern as well as add responsiveness to target mobile users, fix existing issues as well as improve user and editors experience and site performance.

Established in 1977, Digitron Semiconductors is a broad-line, high mix/low volume supplier of high-reliability discrete products to military, aerospace, industrial, and commercial markets. Digitron semiconductor devices protect circuits, amplify and condition signals, produce, distribute, convert and regulate power. Digitron specializes in delivering high reliability Zener diodes, transient voltage suppressors, rectifiers and transistors, designed to meet unique customer requirements as they pertain to physical, electrical, test, screening and/or operating conditions. Products are produced to meet commercial, industrial and military quality standards.

Client was looking for solving one of the biggest problem of the old site - inability to extend inventory with new product types without quite massive development efforts. Additionally, businesses wanted to make the site look modern and target any possible screen factor providing their users with an awesome experience despite the device they are using. Old site somewhat lacked performance and had minor issues here and there, which impacted users' experience. In terms of user experience the goal was to enable site visitors to find what they are looking for in five clicks. Also validation for page types was not configured correctly and caused site crashes if the editor enters invalid value.Consequently the goal was to fix mentioned issues to lower bounce rate and save editors time and improve users' journey for both.

One of the biggest challenges of the project was implementing dynamic product families that would allow client to manage fields, their appearance on the site with appropriate units and abbreviations, manage filter options and finally add and configure new product types. All of the above required us to invent a simple in use mechanism that would allow client to change the appearance of product related pages without code interaction, but configured through Kentico admin UI. Being data heavy application site performance was another challenge we had to solve. And last but not least was quite tricky search that would search not products only, but related products according to certain algorithms.

For the dynamic product types we've built Kentico Custom Modules to provide product type editing capabilities: here site editors are able to create or edit product types, add or remove fields, specify what fields are used for filtering on a public page, specify field units, fields' visibility and order in the products listing grid. Another section of the module provides editing capabilities for product data with convenient search and navigation options. On another side of things we had to implement dynamic page templates that would present data according to products' custom module  configuration, build filters and product listing grid on the fly vs being hard coded in page templates and transformation. Moving thousands of products from the content tree also allowed us to improve performance and comply with Kentico best practice. Unfortunately that was not enough for requested site performance and we had to apply best optimization practice in terms of content optimization and Kentico configuration by disabling unnecessary processing and heavy usage of caching wherever it was possible. Regarding search we had to customize default indexing algorithms and add custom content there in order to link related parts and search results ensure relevance level. Additionally we had to parse PDF documentation and use particular pieces of it as a custom search index content.

As a result site traffic increased for 136% compared to the same period of previous year. Taking into account the current situation with lock-down because of CoVid-19 this is a really impressive increase and we expect even more when business gets back to normal.

Features: content management, product catalog, extremely frexible inventory management, product list and details appearance management, excel data import, search

See live site at

Industry: Semiconductors (manufacturing)

Total Tech School

E-commerce site built on Kentico CMS for courses and webinars purchasing, online test and certifications allows potential students to register online, browse catalog of courses and/or webinars, select the products of interest and purchase them online. In case of webinar purchase user will be suggested to pass a test and gain a certificate online. Extra security has been implemented in order to prevent webinars sharing, which was impossible with the old system.

With this application client automated purchases, payments and webinar tests and certification, as well as introduced appropriate level of digital product protection.

Features: product catalog and checkout, online payments, webinar sharing protection, classes schedule calendar, online tests and their management, content management, courses rating and users feedback

School Portal - recently added section that introduces LMS into main site: enables management of learning program, classes and schedule, student assignments, their grades, electronic document signature, etc.

School Portal is built with .NET Core Web API, Entity Framework, MS SQL and React (Typescript).

Here is what our client, Shawna Miller, Administrative Director of Total Tech School says about this project:

"I can’t begin to tell you the amount of time that the Portal is saving me!!!  When I do a Registration event now with my soldiers it’s done immediately, with me having to do nothing once the session is done…….the soldiers are completing their Packs in the Portal and all information is accessible to both me and Daphne, which makes it GREAT!!!!!!!  Before I would have to come back to the office and enter each paper Pack into my spreadsheet and then complete the TTT soldier roster, which took at least 1-2 full days………and now no more paper!!!!!  I have told my husband, Don, on several occasions how much I absolutely LOVE the Portal and how much of a timesaver it is.  Thank you all again for putting up with me and taking care of everything that I need.  We are not done yet, and I’m excited to implement further ideas for Total Tech to utilize in the Portal, but what is there is fantastic!"

Here you can see live site:

Industry: Education

Dynamic Document

The application has been built for enterprise manufacturing client and aimed to get rid of paper print materials and ensure everyone uses up to date version of the product documentation, such as product installation instructions, warranties, etc. and usage of outdated documents could cause damage and/or lawsuits. We solved this problem by preventing users from downloading documents, but keep persistent links instead. However challenging part was that any type of document stored within the system has to be branded differently depending on who’s viewing it, so this is where dynamic document comes into play. We’ve built a tool that applies reseller’s branding to the actual document.

In addition to dynamically build documents there were quite complex workflows implemented, as any change to a document had to pass multiple rounds of approval.
Also, according to the client’s policies, there was retention process implemented, which archived documents according to the policies for particular amount of time and then completely removed it.

The application allowed business to save on printing product documentation as well as establish the single source of true and avoid lawsuits caused by usage of outdated documentation.

Features: product documentation management, advanced content production workflows with parallel approvals, on-fly document branding, search engine, scheduled tasks, REST API, reports, security

Industry: Textile, flooring (manufacturing)
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