Our Vision
Digital transformation is not a buzz term any more. Analytics shows that nearly half of the world population is active internet users. No wonder that exploring the world or doing business online are not trends but reality. With existing opportunities, it’s not difficult to digitize your business with the help of software, digitizing your data and apps to be on the same page with global tendencies.

Digitalization integrated into every aspect of the society, including businesses, government, healthcare, mass media, science, etc. It became a driver for companies’ internal operations and external activities. Digitalizing provokes fundamental changes in how businesses operate and how they deliver value to their customers.
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Bits Orchestra is focused on solving business’ problems by increasing marketing efficiency and sales cycle speed up, empowering it with simple, but smart tools and solutions. We see our role in business processes digitalization, automation and optimization. As a result, we help businesses to speed up operations and processes, free up staff time, introduce data/process validation in order to eliminate human mistakes, which reduces operational costs and increases revenue.


Customer orientation – we are targeting customer success, not satisfaction.
We do not code, but solve a problem - if there is a simple solution to your problem - you get it!
Communication - the most important aspect of software development projects isn’t programming, it’s communication, that’s why we respond quickly and conduct multiple meetings even before we start any development as well as stay in touch during the active development phase to get as much feedback as possible. 
Reliable partner targeting long term relationships.
We appreciate quality over quantity.
We respect timelines and realize the importance of quick turnover for your business.

Agility – as a small agency we are very flexible in meaning of:
- making decisions in a matter of hours vs. days or even weeks needed for a huge company
- rolling out MVP quickly, so business starts gaining value out of the product, meanwhile dev team produces extra features sprint by sprint
- accepting scope changes at any stage of our process and adjusting to a client's’ internal processes and procedures​

Who We are

We are thinkers and problem solvers
Family type of web development agency with 30 employees as of Q3 of 2021.

Our team is passionate about what we are doing, always looking for a simple solution to a complex problem. Highly motivated, talented guys, very detailed and focused on the common goals, always ready for challenges. We believe that we need to be the best copy of ourselves in order to make our world better.

We are reliable and responsible people, who want to be successful keeping in mind that our success depends on our clients’ success.

Why Orchestra

All businesses have multiple business flows and processes. In most cases there is no single software product that can handle all business needs. That unpleasant fact results in data spread across different software tools and requires some manual work to transfer it from one system to another in order to keep moving offline processes. So all those systems are independent and untied from each other.

We help businesses to orchestrate every bit of data by integrating standalone systems making them communicate with each other and transfer needed data, trigger events and finally tie them into a single digital pipeline in order to get rid of recurring manual actions, introduce data/process validation, eliminate human errors and release man-hours.

This approach allows business to move faster demonstrating competitive operational efficiency focusing on creative work that really matters leaving the routine for computers.

Having all the systems acting as a member of a world-class orchestra, where every note is perfectly timed in a synchronized harmony - this is what we call a digital symphony!