E-commerce platform development for premium flooring brand

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Project goals

Upgrade the COREtec Floors website to make it more flexible, adaptable to the brand’s needs and require less involvement from the development team.


Easy-managed e-commerce platform with multilingual and multicurrency features, integrated with payment and order processing system for Shaw Industries’s brand

About the client

COREtec® is a top brand in premium, hybrid flooring in the US, founded in 2012. In 2016, it was taken over by Shaw Industries, Inc., a major player in the global carpet market and a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary. Shaw, with a headquarters in Dalton, Georgia, has an annual profit of more than $6 billion and a global workforce of around 22,000.

Project goals

Our main aim was to upgrade the COREtec Floors website to make it more adaptable and user-friendly, reducing the need for constant technical support. We wanted a website ready for now and the future, meaning it could easily adapt to new demands from the brand, stay up-to-date with technology, and meet customer expectations. Our plan was to empower the marketing team to make updates and changes without relying heavily on developers. This approach was focused on making the website scalable, which means it can grow and change easily over time, keeping COREtec Floors competitive in the digital space.

Key challenge

The major challenge was balancing advanced technology with a website that's easy for the team to update and manage. We needed a robust back-end system that supports the website's operations without any hiccups and a front-end that's engaging for users. The idea was to create a back-end that's strong and reliable for the business needs while also making sure the front-end is user-friendly, allowing quick and easy content updates by the marketing team. This strategy was crucial for maintaining an up-to-date and effective website, ensuring that COREtec Floors remains a strong market player.

Our solutions

Kentico Xperience, specifically its 13th version utilizing MVC Core, appeared to be the perfect platform to meet these challenges. With Kentico 13, we've managed to upgrade to a modern tech stack, improved the website’s security, simplified scaling, and made maintenance efforts easier. For an improved front-end user experience, React with Server-Side Rendering was used.

By integrating Kentico Page Builder, we've freed up content editors and marketers to create original pages and layouts without requiring help from developers. With the new site, it’s now possible to create and innovate with a combination of 5 unique and 1 generic page template.


Features & Integrations:

  • Kentico with its built-in e-commerce system and an integrated custom e-commerce platform makes a great shopping experience possible.
  • Administration tools provide page builders, A/B testing, content personalization, widgets, adaptable content page layouts, and filters for Product Shelf pages, for a better user experience.
  • Cybersource makes all transactions secure as it offers a safe online payment environment that boosts customer trust.
  • AudioEye identifies and fixes issues with accessibility that disabled people usually face. This tool also makes the app compliant with ADA standards and WCAG guidelines.
  • OneTrust effectively deals with privacy and data protection concerns as it handles user consents and cookies, ensuring compliance with global privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA. 
  • Genesys Chat elevates the customer service experience by enabling instant, real-time support reps' help.
  • Bazaarvoice allows customers to leave feedback directly on product pages.
  • SharpSpring is similar to a CRM system that tracks form submissions or newsletter sign-ups.
  • Roomvo offers a visualization tool that lets customers see how floors will look in their rooms.
  • Calendly makes scheduling with designers meetings easier and more intuitive.


Following a comprehensive upgrade of the COREtec Floors e-commerce website, we observed significant improvements across multiple metrics, demonstrating the success of the project in achieving its goals. The enhancements were strategically designed to modernize and streamline the site's administration, enhance its online presence, and ultimately improve the overall user experience. Here's a detailed look at the project's key deliverables:

  • Cost Reduction on Development Team: Implementing comprehensive administration tools for page building significantly cut down on the need for constant developer involvement, reducing costs and enabling the marketing team to manage content more efficiently.

  • Increased Traffic: Post-upgrade, the website witnessed a 23% increase in traffic, demonstrating improved visibility and engagement.

  • Higher Conversion Rates: A 34% increase in conversion rates indicates a more compelling user journey.

  • Enhanced User and Shopping Experience: The integration of modern technologies and tools has made the website more user-friendly, securing consumer trust in the COREtec Floors brand.

Thanks to its complete makeover, the COREtec Floors website now functions better and is much easier to find online. This made it possible for the content and marketing teams to react quickly and stay ahead of rivals on the internet. The website is now more secure and ready for future changes, such as adding user personalization. This was made possible by the new tech configuration. The website has become more user-friendly thanks to improved features and integrations, which facilitate purchasing and win consumer trust in the COREtec Floors brand.




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Bits Orchestra team are outstanding developers​. They listen carefully to our business needs and easily turns our business objectives into a well thought out and executed development effort. Roman is very bright and definitely the most capable developer that has worked on our site. He is not only a Kentico expert but has successfully tackled other complicated development assignments demonstrating expertise in both front and backend development. Roman takes initiative to suggest enhancements that make site maintenance easier while improving the customer experience. The team is very responsive to our work requests and has great follow up. They have also worked very business partners and this has reflected positively on our company. Roman is a true partner for us and a tremendous asset to our organization. We will continue to work with them and would highly recommend Roman and his team for your development needs. He and his team will exceed your expectations!
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The Bits Orchestra team does excellent work. They are always available and I appreciate our frequent calls and screen-shares together. Their dedication to the projects and knowledge of Kentico is outstanding. They truly care about the quality of their work, and became a part of our team easily!
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Shena Lowe
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We hired Roman for a Kentico analysis project and have been very satisfied. He is very skilled and professional. We are looking to hire him and his team again on future projects.
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Roman and team have taken over an existing Kentico EMS site for a large US Oil Company. So far, they have handled every single request that we have thrown at them and these were diverse, challenging, often bespoke, usually urgent and almost daily, over the last 11 months. Their work is of an extremely high quality, they are capable, quick and we have great confidence in the support that we are getting.
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Bits Orchestra team was very helpful, they had a good understanding of the brief and deep knowledge of the system. They were always keen to provide advice and recommendations that benefit the project substantially.
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