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PJ Library UA


PJ Library UA site has been developed for The Harold Grinspoon Foundation and it is a part of international Pj Library program.
The mission of this site is engagement of Jewish kids in Ukraine with basic Jewish values, in particular reading books, which unites kids and parents in Jewish families. Web site offers visitors to sign up on behalf of their kids for the program and receive books for free. Application processes user data and generates mailing lists. Site integrates with carrier system, which eliminates human errors on the user registration step and automates the process of mailing and delivery to the subscribers. Also application provides the variety of reports and analytical data

Features: Subscriptions, Newsletters, Reporting, Content Management, Carrier system integration, scheduled tasks


Total Tech School


E-commerce site built on Kentico CMS for courses and webinars purchasing, online test and certification allows potential students to register online, browse catalog of courses and/or webinars, select the products of interest and add them to a cart, checkout and pay online. In case of webinar purchase user will be suggested to pass a test and gain a certificate online. Extra security has been implemented in order to prevent webinars sharing, which was impossible with the old system.
With this application client automated purchases, payments and webinar tests and certification, as well as introduced appropriate level of digital product protection.
Features: e-commerce product catalog and checkout, online payments, custom modules, webinar sharing protection, classes schedule calendar, content management, courses rating and users feedback, scheduled tasks

School Portal - recently added section that introduces LMS into main site: enables management of learning program, classes and schedule, student assignments, their grades, electronic document signature, etc.
School Portal is built with .NET Core Web API, Entity Framework, MS SQL and ReactJS (Typescript).


Tour Booking Module


Module enables online reservation of tour to the recycling facilities; this feature allowed business to get rid of manual process and reduce human errors and finally improve experience of their clients.
The most complex and advanced feature of this application is management of tours occurrences: according to the client tour does not exist unless someone request it; tours are recurring events, but there are exceptions (holidays, days off, severe weather, etc.); in addition there are related tours those are not available in case someone books a linked tour - all that has been packed into a user friendly interface on the front end and simple management tool for site administrators.

Features: Online forms, scheduled tasks, tours calendar, custom module


Org Chart


Web application that reflects the entire company Org Structure with 20K+ employees and provides convenient type ahead search, easy up/down navigation within Org Structure branches, provides in-app emailing and calling capabilities, provides a listing of all company facilities with an option to get directions to any of those.
The challenge around this application was to keep data up to date. This has been achieved by continuous synchronization with corporate Active Directory, where all employees data persists.

Features: Search engine, Scheduled tasks, AD integration, tree traversal


Dynamic Document


The application has been built for enterprise manufacturing client and aimed to get rid of paper print materials and ensure everyone uses up to date version of the document as there were product installation instructions, warranties, etc. and usage of outdated documents could cause damage and/or lawsuits. The solution was as simple as prevent users from downloading documents and keep persistent links. However challenging part was that any type of document stored within the system has to be branded differently depending on who’s viewing it, so this is where dynamic document comes into play. We’ve built a tool that applies reseller’s branding to the actual document.
In addition to dynamically build documents there were quite complex workflows implemented, as any change to a document had to pass multiple levels of approval.
Also, according to the client’s policies, there was retention process implemented, which archived documents according to the policies for particular amount of time and then completely removed it.

Features: Search engine, advanced workflows with parallel approvals, scheduled tasks, REST API, reports, security


Site Builder


The application was built for enterprise manufacturing client that has a lot of dealers that sells their goods. The main purpose of application is to have all dealers promo websites in one place and easily managed and updated by non-technical users. So application has main marketing website that allows dealers to buy different web-services. Main service that they can buy is website. During checkout process user can select site template and color theme for future website. After user completes payment, website is created automatically based on selected template and color.
There are a few site templates prepared with different color themes. Various color themes can be created for site template automatically in custom-built module. Different part of website content is manageable in custom modules as well as site template and color theme that makes application flexible and easy to use. Application contains more than 1000 sites and grows each day.

Features: E-commerce, CyberSource integration, scheduled tasks, custom modules, search, REST API


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Orchestra is a model for good teamwork

Knowledge – it’s important that everyone knows the repertoire. If not, there are bound to be hold-ups, mistakes or inconsistency as the wrong sheets of music are read, and confusion causes cacophony
Resources – ensuring that everyone has all the equipment they need. Are the music stands in place, and is there enough seating, in the right order and at the correct distances from each other? It’s impossible to make sublime music without the right kit
Culture – Is there a culture of participation or competition? Do all the musicians cooperate to ensure the right collection of instruments play at exactly the right moment at the perfect volume? Or are there some divas who make sure their sound is heard above all others – even when that’s not going to create the best overall experience for the audience
Resilience – What happens if someone skips a beat? Do other members help carry the music? Or does blame culture mean that individuals are pilloried rather than supported
Commitment – Months of rehearsal and planning go into a performance. To make sure all the preparation pays off, every member must stay focused and committed to the last note
Sensitivity – Are individual members sensitive to and aware of the needs of the others? If not, there’s the potential for one person’s difficulties to diminish the overall listening experience. If everyone is aware and responsive, the conductor can adapt the sound at the flick of a baton
Leadership – is the whole orchestra inspired and poised to entertain? Do they trust that their conductor will lead them through a flawless performance to rapturous applause?

Bits Orchestra is focused on solving business’ problems, increase business efficiency empowering it with simple, but smart tools and solution. We see our role in business processes digitization, automation and optimization. As a result, we help business to speed up operations, processes and time to market, free up staff time, introduce data/process validation in order to eliminate human errors, which finally reduces operational costs and improves efficiency.

We have an ambition to become top 1 agency providing the best possible service and solutions around the world in Kentico space!

Currently we are second :)

Customer orientation – we are targeting customer success, not satisfaction.
We do not code, but solve a problem - if there is a simple solution of your problem - you get it!
Communication - the most important aspect of software development projects isn’t programming, it’s communication, that’s why we respond quickly and conduct multiple meeting even before we start any development as well as stay in touch during active development phase to get as much feedback as possible. 
Reliable partner targeting long term relationship.
We appreciate quality over quantity.
We respect timelines and realize the importance of quick turnover for your business.

Agility – as a small agency we are very flexible in meaning of:

- making decisions in a matter of hours vs. days or even weeks needed for a huge company
- rolling out MVP quickly, so business starts gaining value out of the product, meanwhile dev team produces extra features sprint by sprint
- accepting scope changes at any stage of our process
- adjusting to a client's’ internal processes and procedures​
Why us

We have proven delivery record - we’ve delivered multiple application build with Kentico CMS platform of
different size and complexity, including enterprise scale apps
We work with Kentico CMS since 2010 starting from version 4
5 Kentico certified senior developers
2 Kentico certified marketers 
Roman Hutnyk was one of 11 people around the world who has been admitted as  MVP by Kentico in 2016-2017
Roman Hutnyk is the second of the most active   Kentico community contributor
Roman Hutnyk has been picked twice for “Ask an expert” webinar to answer Kentico users question online in real time
Contribution into Kentico Marketplace
Who we are

We are engineers! 

Family type web development agency with 10 employees as of beginning of 2019.

Our team is passionate about what they are doing, always looking for simple solution of a complex problem. Highly motivated, talented guys, very detailed and focused on the common goals, always ready for challenges. We believe that we need to be the best copy of ourselves in order to make our world better.

We are reliable and responsible people, those want to be successful keeping in mind that our success depends on our clients’ success.
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