Increase revenue by reducing the time your sales team spends on generating complex custom quotes in Excel by changing to a custom web solution also for mobile, easy, affordable and simple to use as of day one. Additionally the tool will hide your algorithms under the hood and protect your intellectual property

Workplace Transformation Tool

Workspace planning never was a simple task. Especially when we talk about budget estimation. Our client had a dream to change that once and forever. We were lucky enough to help them make their dream come true. With the tool we’ve built, clients get an easy way to visualize what an office will look like starting from a floor plan and ending with decorations. But the real magic comes into play when switching from view to the numbers - the tool allows clients’ sales manager to quote workspace planning budget in a couple of minutes and prepare an offer with all the details and pricing right in front of their clients and deliver it via email.

Aside from the vital functionality, the application provides incredible user experience. User journey is intuitive and obvious on every stage meanwhile allowing users to experiment with options to find a best fit for them.

The tool allowed clients to speed up sales significantly and decrease deal closing cycles.

Industry: Furniture

Mortgage Calculator

Simple but really handy mobile-first calculator web application was built to allow end users to estimate the cost of a mortgage according to their financial situation and term, or estimate their refinancing options and apply for it. Application notifies the responsible manager as well as stores requests into the client's internal system, so it could be processed right away.

New and extremely efficient user interface allowed us to keep all the key information important to decision making on a single screen providing end users with exceptional user experience.

Additionally this tool provides useful features for loan officers allowing them to quote mortgage or refinancing for their client on a fly in a couple of clicks as well as store and review client information and a history.

So the application allowed to process clients’ inquiries faster as well as keep all necessary data in a single place with outstanding user experience and navigation capabilities.

As a result, application allowed the client to increase sales and engage with more new clients.

Industry: Finance, Mortgage

Eurobank Cyprus

The Eurobank Cyprus website is the part of bank digital transformation program. Customer wanted to redesign the old site, offering a new fresh and modern look to its visitors with better user experience. Most importantly however, the Customer wishes to utilize a mature CMS product that has the capabilities of advanced content management with multi-media support, dynamic navigation, efficient page loading, and faster time to market of business requested changes, providing the CMS users with a user-friendly experience.  Furthermore, client wanted to use the CMS based on trusted technologies such as .NET, IIS and MS SQL Server that can run on a highly secure load balanced infrastructure. 

Web site provides bank clients with all necessary information as well as financial online tools such as loan calculator, currency converter and IBAN calculator.

Overall redesign resulted into much better site performance, improved users' experience and traffic increase for 53%.

Features: Content management, web farm

Here is the live site

Industry: Finance

Vet Pharma Budget Tool

The tool was built for in-field sales managers to enable them to get a best price for a client on a fly as well as capture orders and send it to back office for processing. The complexity of the business process was around combining different medical components - there are strict dependencies and a lot of components are not compatible. The application solved that problem by analyzing what’s already in cart and suggesting compatible components to be added. Another challenge was around price calculation: as it was already mentioned there were a lot of inter-dependencies between components and single component would have different cost when combined with other components. That was probably the longest and most complex price calculation pipeline we worked with. However it was quite a great client’s pricing strategy that gave them strong competitive advantage. Our calculator helper sales reps to provide their clients with precise prices and detailed price breakdown.

Our client was able to increase their sales because of the quick turnaround and competitive pricing model.

Features: price calculator, shopping cart, orders, PDF generator, email notifications

Industry: Healthcare, diagnostic, substances
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