Bits Orchestra Continues to Meet Client Standards


Similar to how an orchestra encompasses a variety of instruments, a website encompasses the work of a company. 


Bits Orchestra is proud to announce that Clutch, a B2B research firm, recognized us as one of the top web developers in Lviv! 


Clutch’s analysts conduct client interviews and use information from the interviews to rate and review companies from around the world. We are proud that our clients value our services so much that we have been named a top company in our industry.


Even though we are a small company of 9 people, we have provided web development, custom software development, e-commerce development, and application management & support to businesses of all sizes. 


We have served mid-market, small, and enterprise businesses in mainly the advertising & marketing, manufacturing, and utilities industries. 


Recently, we received a 5-star rating from Consensus Interactive, LLC, a digital agency. The company needed someone who knew how to use the .NET framework; it wanted to develop a mobile app. 



We have worked with the company on past projects, and we are currently using Angular for the frontend to help construct the new e-commerce mobile app. So far, the company is satisfied with our progress and the quality of our work. 


“Their work is always high-quality, well unit-tested, and never requires any reiterating to get it right.” — CEO and Founder, Consensus Interactive, LLC


Our team is so excited and honored for this recognition; however, we would not be able to achieve this without our clients. We are proud of the work we have done, and we are looking forward to the work we will do. 


Additionally, according to the Manifest, a business guide and Clutch’s sister site, we are a top web development company. 


Visual Objects, Clutch’s other sister site that serves as a portfolio site, has listed us as one of its top web development companies. 


Let Bits Orchestra get your company’s website in harmony. Visit our Clutch profile and contact us to inquire about our services.


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