20+ reasons to move to Kentico MVC

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Kentico MVC migration is often perceived as a purely technical endeavor, and many of the benefits of the migration are indeed technical. However, other advantages should be considered, such as the benefits from a business, marketing, and technical perspective. Therefore, for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve, migrating to MVC is wise, and this article will show you why.

General Benefits of MVC

Kentico MVC is a powerful and versatile development platform that offers developers and clients a range of benefits. This platform can provide the following:

  • Greater flexibility and scalability.
  • Allowing faster development times.
  • Improved performance.
  • More efficient use of resources.

Therefore, clients can make website changes without relying on developers, providing them with complete control over their website content and design. Kentico MVC is an ideal solution for businesses developing and maintaining websites without investing additional development resources. In addition, the Kentico MVC platform is also highly customizable, making it easy to tailor websites to specific client requirements.
All said above proves that Kentico is more than just a technical improvement; it is a comprehensive platform offering a range of unique benefits and advantages to businesses, and we will show you why.

Marketing Benefits 

  • Structured content systems

Structured content systems have revolutionized the way marketers manage their content. Kentico Xperience MVC is a robust platform allowing marketers to take advantage of several features, such as page versioning, personalization, and archiving. Kentico Xperience MVC platform ensures that marketers have consistent, organized, and up-to-date content at their fingertips.  Those who wish to improve their content organization will benefit from Kentico MVC Platforms efficient and effective tracking method.

  • Enhanced SEO

Using ASP.NET Core MVC enables developers to create websites optimized for SEO and page loading speeds quickly. The effect is achieved through optimized URLs and meta tags, automatically generated sitemaps, and semantic HTML markup. These features ensure that search engines can effectively crawl and index a website and help improve page loading speeds. Optimization for SEO makes ASP.NET Core MVC an excellent choice for developers aiming to create websites with enhanced SEO.

  • Control over metadata tags

Metadata tags help ensure that a website or page's content is accurately reflected in the tags. Control over metatags is beneficial in situations where the content is ever-changing. OpenGraph tags, such as title, description, and type, are critical for optimizing and visibility of the content. Controlling the tags makes it easier to customize and optimize web pages for maximum visibility. Additionally, the tags can be kept up-to-date with the latest changes, ensuring that the content is always accurately represented. Controlling metadata tags is integral to website management and optimization and should be noticed.

  • Strong content model 

Kentico MVC Platform is designed to help manage large amounts of content with multiple metadata tags more efficiently and effectively. By leveraging an MVC architecture, content authors can assign metadata tags to content without manually adding HTML tags. A robust content model makes content management more streamlined and scalable.

  • Metadata Control

Having control of metadata tags like OpenGraph Title, OpenGraph Description, and OpenGraph Type is essential in accurately representing our content to the public. It allows us to customize how our content is presented, allowing us to ensure that our content is portrayed as we intend. Control of metadata tags is crucial to correctly disseminating our content.

  • Streamlined Editing Experience

The Page Builder is an excellent addition to any content creation platform, providing users with a streamlined editing experience. With drag-and-drop integration, users can easily create pages without going through complex coding or design processes. Additionally, the preview options allow users to understand how their page will look before publication. This feature enables users to make changes and adjustments without going back and forth between the design and coding stages.
Overall, the Page Builder provides a great content creation experience and lets users have pages up and running quickly. This improved workflow will make the content creation process easier and more efficient.

  • Faster Landing Pages

Faster landing pages are essential for any successful marketing team. With the new MVC page template system, marketing teams have unprecedented control over their pages' design, structure, and content. This system allows teams to quickly and easily create and manage page templates using an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The result is a comprehensive page template system that is powerful and easy to use, ensuring that marketing teams can quickly and efficiently create attractive and practical pages. This system allows marketing teams to create faster landing pages to capture potential customers' attention.

  • Easier Content Personalization 

Content personalization is becoming more accessible than ever with the release of Kentico Xperience 12.0 SP1 and 13. By bringing all customization tools into one place, editors can quickly and easily create personalization scenarios and A/B tests without worrying about learning multiple applications. The intuitive and user-friendly interface allows for a streamlined creation process, saving marketers time while providing the same personalization level.

  • Better Lead Forms

The new Form Builder system in Kentico Xperience 12 and 13 MVC makes creating online forms much more accessible. Marketers can use the Connect for Kentico feature to integrate the new system with Marketo, Dynamics CRM, and other CRMs and create mobile-friendly forms consistent with their site's style. With this improved functionality, marketers can create better lead forms and provide a better user experience for their customers.

  • Integrated Email Marketing

Kentico provides a fully integrated email marketing platform that allows our clients to create, send easily, and track email campaigns. With the intuitive drag-and-drop editor, marketers can create beautiful emails that are both attractive and effective, with the ability to add dynamic content and personalization. Kentico also makes it easy to optimize emails for deliverability, meaning that emails will reach your customers' inboxes.  Marketers use integrated email marketing tools to analyze what's working and what isn't to optimize their campaigns.

  • Inbuilt A / B testing

A/B testing is an incredibly beneficial tool for marketers, and Kentico makes it easy to deploy this tool into any website. With Kentico, marketers can test unlimited page variants and monitor the tests in real-time. Inbuild A/B Testing makes it easy for marketers to identify the most successful page variants quickly. Additionally, the A/B testing feature comes built into Kentico, so there is no need to integrate any third-party tools. Kentico MVC platform saves marketers time and money, making maximizing their campaigns' effectiveness easier.

  • Marketing automation

Marketing automation is an essential tool for today's marketers. By leveraging Kentico's machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics, marketers can identify trends, craft more effective campaigns, automate email marketing and social media campaigns, and lead nurturing tasks.  As a result of automation, marketers can focus on other business areas while saving time and resources.

Picture 1. Marketing benefits of Kentico MVC.

Business benefits from moving to Kentico MVC

  • Low entry-level pricing

A low entry-level price makes Kentico an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. Anybody who wants to use the tool can do so, even if they are not experts in the field. In addition, Kentico's Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS) gives users access to a comprehensive set of marketing tools. These features make Kentico ideal for businesses looking for low-entry-level pricing and comprehensive marketing tools.

  • Easy Transition 

Kentico's extensive partner network allows organizations to transition away from their existing provider with minimal disruption quickly. In addition, Kentico is one of the most widely adopted CMS, making it an ideal platform for organizations looking to preserve business continuity. With partners across the globe, there is plenty of experienced Kentico professionals to help make the transition smooth and efficient. 
The strong community and partner network further adds to the overall value of Kentico, providing organizations with the assurance that their transition will be successful.

Other Business Benefits of a Modern Stack like ASP.NET Core MVC

  • Vendor Support

The Kentico MVC Platform is the ideal platform for your website. It gives you access to Kentico Gold level Support, Microsoft Support, and tier 1 vendor support. With the Kentico MVC Platform, you can rest assured that your website is up-to-date and supported should anything go wrong.
Strong Vendor Support is the best way to guarantee that your website operates effectively and with maximum security.

  • Talent Acquisition

MVC technology has become increasingly popular for businesses in talent acquisition. To ensure that their recruiting process is as efficient as possible, organizations can take advantage of the most up-to-date tools and software available, enabling them to find suitable candidates for the positions available in their company. This technology opens recruitment to a broader range of candidates, particularly those with development and maintenance skills.

  • More chances to motivate and retain your employees

A modern tech stack can provide a more secure and reliable platform for development, which helps to increase developers' confidence in the system. Ultimately, the advantages of a modern tech stack make it easier to retain development team members.

  • Global Perspective 

Kentico Xperience is a powerful and versatile platform for delivering content to a global audience. It easily allows for the translation of content into multiple languages, as well as considering cultural nuances specific to different regions. The platform is equipped with modern development methodologies such as MVC, making it simple and easy to adapt to create a website that can reach an international audience.
All these features and benefits combine to make Kentico MVC an excellent choice for businesses that are looking to expand their international reach and reach a broader customer base. With Kentico Xperience, companies can ensure their content is accessible, understandable, and relevant to their global target audience.

Technical Benefits of a Modern Stack like ASP.NET Core MVC

The Kentico MVC platform offers several technical advantages, making it an ideal choice when rebuilding an existing Portal Engine-based website. The platform can deliver significantly better performance than its Portal Engine-based counterpart thanks to its MVC architecture. By leveraging the latest technologies and eliminating the need for page templates, the platform can provide users with a modern, improved experience. With improved performance, scalability, and security, Kentico Xperience's MVC architecture is an excellent choice for any website upgrade.


  • More Freedom

MVC (Model View Controller) is a widely used software development technique. An application is divided into three parts: the model, the view, and the controller. Having each of these components responsible for a specific aspect of the application simplifies the development and maintenance process. 
With MVC, developers can build features and add elements they deem fit. Webforms, on the other hand, limit developers in their ability to add parts and components.  Fortunately, MVC simplifies adding Web APIs, Entity Framework Core, and Blazor projects to the Kentico Xperience solution, which allows developers to build solutions that meet their specific requirements without sacrificing maintainability.

  • Granular Control 

With MVC, developers can customize HTML output better to meet the specific needs of their targeted audience through granular control. MVC, developers can control the look and feel of the website or application, making it look exactly how they envision it. As well as managing the HTML output, they can ensure the content is optimized for search engines and other web crawlers. 
The MVC concept also allows developers to create different user experiences based on the type of user. With MVC, creating aesthetically pleasing and technically sound websites and applications is easier. By using MVC, developers can fully control the HTML output and ensure that it is optimized for their intended audience. This granular control allows developers to create a website or application tailored to their needs and requirements.

  • Faster Website Performance

To further improve website performance, ASP.NET Core MVC can be combined with caching technologies. Caching can reduce a webpage's loading time significantly, so users have a better experience when visiting a site since it reduces loading time. It is also possible to reduce the loading time for static assets such as images, JavaScript, and CSS by utilizing a content delivery network (CDN). 
Furthermore, image compression and minification can significantly improve website performance. Compressing images reduces the file size, resulting in faster loading times. Minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can also reduce page loading times, removing unnecessary characters such as white spaces and new line characters.
Using a performance monitoring tool can help identify issues with website performance, which can help pinpoint any problems that may be causing slow loading times and provide insight into how they can be addressed.

  • Separation of Concerns

The separation of concerns enables the development team to independently manage and maintain the CMS Admin Tool and the MVC Live Site. This level of control and choice benefits businesses as it allows them to deploy, support, and scale their sites quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the clean separation of concerns allows the development team to focus on the specific needs and requirements of the CMS Admin Tool and MVC Live Site separately. 
Businesses can reduce complexity and development costs by separating concerns and ensuring their websites' integrity and security. Furthermore, the separation of concerns allows enterprises to quickly and efficiently update and patch their websites, ensuring they remain up-to-date with the latest security protocols.

  • Enhanced Testability 

MVC development is a reliable method for software projects because it is designed to be more testable than WebForms. Testability is an essential factor in the success of MVC development because it allows developers to understand the code better and quickly identify any potential bugs or issues. Enhanced testability helps to ensure that the code is reliable and secure.
Additionally, MVC is a much more accessible choice for developers to adopt Test Driven Development (TDD) techniques. TDD allows developers to build testable code from the start and quickly identify any errors or issues before the code is deployed. By having a more testable development methodology, MVC provides a more robust environment for development teams, allowing them to build reliable applications quickly and efficiently.

  • Rich User Experience 

Kentico Xperience Portal Engine sites offer many features and capabilities to keep the user engaged. The platform can support various interactive elements, such as drop-down menus, sliders, and checkboxes, allowing users to filter and sort through large data sets quickly. If the user interacts with these elements, the page will automatically reload with the new values without being manually refreshed.

  • Package Up

Packaging up an ASP.NET Core MVC application with Kentico Xperience is simple. First, create a .NET Core web application project in Visual Studio. Then, add a reference to the Kentico Xperience Nuget package. Such a feature will provide the application's necessary assemblies, dependencies, and configuration files.
Next, add the necessary code for the application, such as controllers, models, and views. Once the application is packaged, select the Publish option from the Build menu. This package can scale and move the application across various hosting environments. Packaging up an ASP.NET Core MVC application with Kentico Xperience is a straightforward process that allows developers to create robust and maintainable applications quickly and easily.

  • DevOps 

Kentico Xperience 13 MVC has made it easier for businesses to use DevOps processes and platforms because leveraging DevOps was difficult and complex in earlier system versions. However, due to the MVC architecture, DevOps is now much easier to use. Furthermore, Kentico Xperience 13 MVC can now be containerized, making it even more straightforward to use DevOps.
With Kentico Xperience 13 MVC, businesses can take advantage of all the benefits of DevOps, including faster development and deployment cycles, scalability, and increased automation. By implementing these new features, businesses can take advantage of DevOps more straightforwardly and effectively.

Picture 2. Technical benefits of Kentico MVC.

Oher Benefits of Using the Kentico MVC Platform 

  • Mobile friendly

Kentico is an ideal platform for creating a user-friendly and optimized website for mobile devices. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows users to customize their website and make it look exactly how they want. Furthermore, the platform also provides a wide range of powerful e-commerce tools and marketing automation features to make managing and promoting your website as easy as possible. In addition, Kentico's content management tools enable users to quickly and efficiently create and manage content for their websites. These features combined make Kentico the perfect choice for creating a mobile-friendly website.

  • No headache of GDPR

Kentico is the ideal choice for those who want to stay compliant with GDPR without the hassle of managing their security measures. By using Kentico, users don't have to worry about the headache of GDPR compliance. Furthermore, it is a secure platform that utilizes encryption technology to ensure the confidentiality and compliance of the data of its users.

Kentico MVC platform development

Kentico is a powerful web development tool that enables developers to create dynamic, high-performing websites and applications. By leveraging MVC technology, Kentico provides developers with an enhanced development experience, faster performance, and better synchronization between different systems and applications.
Kentico also helps develop the skills of web developers and streamline the development process. It offers many features like content management, e-commerce, online marketing, and mobile device optimization.
With Kentico, developers can easily create and manage content, create personalization and optimization campaigns, and develop mobile-friendly websites. Kentico also offers a range of tools and integrations that enable developers to build robust, high-performing websites and applications.


By leveraging the powerful tools of the Kentico MVC development platform, you can start delivering results right away. This powerful platform can help you gain an edge over your competitors.
The Kentico-certified developers at BitsOrchestra are capable of helping your business with all its development needs. Our team of certified Kentico developers with over 12 years of experience in CMS development and well-versed in the platform can help your business take full advantage of the Kentico MVC development platform.


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