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Bits Orchestra: How Improved Marketing efficiency combined with a tailored software ecosystem can speed up sales?

Bits Orchestra has recently launched new business solutions for the company. To take a more in-depth look into what that is and find out how you can benefit from these solutions, we spoke to Bits Orchestra branding expert Mariia Pantsiuk to find out more.

First of all, a few words about what we do. Bits Orchestra provides intelligent business solutions for your business processes with a focus on user-aimed software solutions. These solutions can be implemented in different areas of business, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise content management (ECM), etc.
Our company is keen to develop a customized concept for you and your company. So far, we have already developed a whole list of high-quality software products, such as Workplace Transformation Tool, Site Builder, Mortgage Calculator, Content LAB, Vet Pharma Budget Tool, and many other interesting tools you could find useful for improving your business efficiency and operations management. We are also ready to help you implement these solutions into your existing IT infrastructure and connect them to relevant third-party systems.
To be more specific about what we do – our Software development company Bits Orchestra arranges your business data and streamlines your business process by developing a customized concept and suggesting software products that embody that concept. By suggesting our products to you, we intend to improve your business marketing efficiency and speed up your business sales cycles. Within our company's remit, this objective is achieved through effective channel distribution and the creation of a tailored software ecosystem.
Literally, it means streamlining all your business processes quickly and agilely, thus creating the kind of digital symphony that each company is striving to achieve these days.

Bits Orchestra gives businesses rapid solutions, no matter whether it’s the creation of the application architecture for your engineering project, or it’s your CRM integration task, or you are dealing with something like KPI tracking – our company is always ready to provide a secure and resilient solution that can be implemented speedily. When working with us, our customers can focus on what matters more for their business and innovate that business with confidence.

To summarize, Bits Orchestra speeds up sales cycle and improves your marketing efficiency by automating your business operations and processes with tailored software to free up staff time. To improve the whole process, our company has also introduced a data/process validation procedure, the main aim of which is to eliminate human error.  The most important benefit of our products is that they can reduce operational costs and increase revenue of your company.

First, we can scale your startup. We can achieve this goal by rolling out MVP quickly, so business starts gaining value out of the product. If you do not know what MVP means - MVP defines the problem, projects the solution, and suggests the minimum usable product to test the solution. As a result – the most successful companies in the world start improving their internal processes only after they have their MVP - a very focused product vision with a clear definition of the main audience, what we call “the core targeted audience”.

Fully aware of these tendencies, Bits Orchestra is very quick when it comes to defining MVP. We do know that the key factor that impacts your company’s success in digital marketplace is FOCUS.  Defining MVP defines whether you have that “focus”. Additionally, we provide guidance for startup founders through the whole process of defining MVP, and even advice as to ways how to get to the market quickly.

While creating our software products, we have evaluated a list of points to be included and created a list of quality products we are proud to offer to the market. To learn more about our products, please visit our portfolio site at Portfolio.
If you feel you want to add some extra features to your product, our development team are ready to add extra features sprint by sprint through the Project Management process.

Up until now our company has developed a wide spectrum of services that cover such areas as commerce, engineering, management, and marketing. In each of these areas we are ready to suggest a wide range of highly effective solutions, such as CRM integration, online store launch, centralized product inventory and many others. You can learn more about our services by visiting our service page: Services
Important note! We can accept scope changes at any stage of our process, adjusting these to a client's’ internal processes and procedures​.


Tailor-made software can create a lasting competitive advantage for your organization. If you want to get a better idea what I am talking about let’s track the best examples of tailor-made software. McDonalds, Google, and Apple, for example, have managed to create industry leadership and a lasting competitive advantage by creating a tailor-made software product. The result of this adoption is a lasting competitive advantage that, in the outcome, helps these companies to lead the market and improve their efficiency, as well as bringing a whole list of important and long-lasting innovations. Isn’t it amazing?

I personally researched the practices of leading companies in the industry and discovered that best marketing practices come because of:
1) adopting leading practice and
2) creating tailor-made software.

When taken together these two factors can significantly improve your business efficiency and competitive advantage.
You may ask why focus on custom software? First, it offers a way to create a competitive edge while allowing organizations to differentiate how they serve their stakeholders. Custom-made software is ideal for defining a company’s functionality and end-user experience. Tailor-made software helps the companies to comply with conventions and copy and implement best practices set by industry leaders.

Top examples of tailor-made software include big and little-known companies like McDonalds, Google, and Apple that create industry leadership. Big organizations should consider adopting leading practices in conjunction with tailor-made software to create a lasting competitive advantage. That will help them to:
(1) lead the market,
(2) be more efficient, and
(3) create a more innovative culture.

Additional benefit - custom software can also be incorporated into packaged software. Compared to traditional software products, tailor-made software offers greater flexibility and control - providing the application is professionally written.


We were trying to optimize everything, but we figured out that it is practically impossible to do. Also, at some point in our development we have understood that we must be exceptional to succeed. Taking into consideration that we are a small company, we realized that we had to run our business in a different way. In a word, to scale we must be counter intuitive. To further develop our business, we put the major emphasis on our marketing strategy and in collecting the best professionals in their fields whom we invited to join our team. We are great lovers of the quality, talents, artists, and real experts in their field. To deliver the best products to our growing clientele we aim to attract only genius to our team. So, you will not find it too surprising that all our team members are experienced in completing high-complexity tasks and have already taken part in many challenging and interesting software projects.


Salespeople do not operate in a vacuum. There are often cultural and environmental issues beyond their control that hamper opportunities in business. In circumstances like these companies must focus on new sales drivers that can upscale sales. Bits Orchestra has developed its own customer-centric strategy that is aimed at increasing marketing and sales efficiency. We achieve that efficiency by developing smart tools and solutions that work.

Let’s examine how sales speed-up has been achieved within our company. Even if you are not a business guru you must be aware that digitalization, automation, and optimization are the cornerstones of modern-day business development. When taken together, these play a pivotal role in scaling up your business and improving overall profitability, efficiency, and general performance of the company.
It’s hard to argue which of these are of primary importance, as all of them are equally important for the well-being of your company and meeting the objectives you are pursuing. Let’s delve deeply into what each of these terms means and how these can be applied within the company.

Optimization is not possible without a customer centric approach. The roots of this approach to sales lies in problem centric selling and a customer-oriented approach that is simple, yet able to address the major needs of our customers and make them successful in the process of achieving their business efforts. If you are still not sure what I am talking about by mentioning the “problem-centric” approach I will explain it simply: we do not just code to address your needs – we approach the problem in a structural way and try to solve it at the roots. This is what we call a quality approach. We respect timelines and realize the importance of a quick turnover for your business.

To put it simply - we are agile. The term “agile” is frequently used in modern marketing practices implying the speed with which the major decisions are made. Oftentimes, we must make decisions in a matter of hours and that contrasts with big companies when the decision-making processing is marked by longevity, sometimes taking days or even weeks.

We know that if we are late, we can significantly diminish your business performance and, in some cases, even affect your business authority and credibility. Specifically, we are rolling out MVP quickly, so your business starts gaining value from the product, meanwhile the Development Team produces extra features sprint by sprint. Finally, we are accepting scope changes at any stage of our process and adjusting to a client's internal processes and procedures​.

Finally, sales speed-up is impossible without employing the best salespeople that are THINKERS and PROBLEM SOLVERS rather than problem makers. To come closer to the point, we employ only the best staff, those who understand a whole concept rather than separate simple tasks. We cannot imagine our success without our clients’ success. In this respect we are interconnected. To speed up the sales process we have created our own, customer-oriented model of success based on knowledge, resources, customers, resilience, sensitivity, and leadership.
Which approach to business you use? Why do we need a problem-centric selling approach?

Sales today is focusing on FABs. These are Features, Advantages, and Benefits. This approach creates insurmountable obstacles. Using clever objection handling techniques engages better with your prospect’s intelligence and employing the closing tactics is the guarantee of potentially fruitful relationships. We are standing at the entrance of a new age when the efforts are more important than the results. For examples, sales are no longer a numbers game. Instead, you will be much more successful making a few high-quality calls. Making a presentation and developing a friendly relationship with your customers is a nice approach but no longer sufficient.

Problem-centric selling techniques altogether with proactive pursuit of our customers’ needs is the approach that helped boost our sales and increase the overall performance of our company.
While building our sales strategy we try to address four factors that need to be in your mind when working with people. I call these the SNAP factors:
S-        stands for SIMPLE meaning your ability to eliminate any complexity. Any effort to reduce your prospects decision-making process will improve your chances for sales success.
N-       stands for iNvaluable. In the world of copycat products and services the value you bring into the relationship becomes essential.
A-       stands for Aligned. You must always stay relevant to your clients as they do not have time for anything else. You have always suggested your customers only up-to date and relevant information.
P-        stands for Priority. Within an ever-changing business environment, you can’t afford to have your prospects get your services non-urgent.

It took time to develop our sales technique. We have based this on top salespersons and experts. In times of change, one person does not have all the answers. The inside stories from people who have a great experience with your team can add value to your story. Before you dig in, acquaint yourself with one thought – sales are an outcome not a goal. It is a functional result of doing things right, starting from the moment you target a potential prospect, until you finalize the deal.  Bits Orchestra uses all the advantages of the modern marketplace. Sometimes it is incredibly difficult to capitalize on all the advantages, but we strive to accomplish this task in the best possible way.

What are the main benefits businesses can expect by utilizing Bits Orchestra product options?

We suggest a wide spectrum of products, for example PJ Our Way. This tailor-made software has been designed with the aim of improving editor/admin experience with content management and management of data entities in Kentico admin. We successfully redeveloped the old website using Kentico MVC to improve UX and increase site performance. In addition to that, a whole list of new functional features has been added to the site to increase the interest of the target audience. Interactive functional features have been also added. In this way, we have managed to improve site performance and increase the overall number of site users, together with the number of simultaneous user sessions during peak periods. We have also integrated the application with external ERP platform Microsoft Dynamics NAV and custom API built on top of it.
PJ Our Way helped to develop a high performing website with a quick response time during peak load times. Using Kentico MVC with Web Farm setup allowed us to build a website with good performance that met the client's performance benchmark, meanwhile full control over the HTML output provided the additional SEO benefits for the site. You can see the live site at pjourway.org.

Another product designed by our company is Digitron. Again, as in the previous case, Digitron has been designed with a single purpose: to refresh and improve the overall look of the site. We have modernized the site, improved responsiveness to target mobile users as well as fixing existing issues and improving user and editor experience. While working on this project we managed to solve one of the site’s biggest dilemmas - inability to extend inventory with new product types without massive development efforts. 

The list of the products our company suggests is encompassing. The list is long and quite encompassing. To learn more about what we suggest please visit our portfolio page: Portfolio. Here you will find the description of the best products and an explanation for how they may meet your needs.

What is Bits Orchestra doing to help businesses understand the possible benefits?

The transitioning to tailor-made software solutions is simple and fully supported by Bits Orchestra to deliver the agile network businesses need. We understand that some businesses may feel tied to their existing software solutions; however, they can make the move to Bits Orchestra at their own pace, in a way that is right for them.

Who is your target market for this? Are there certain industries this is more suited to?

Bits Orchestra solutions works for small, medium and large businesses. Large organizations with multiple branches, chains or franchise content production and content marketing studios – all of these can use our products. Switching to our solutions will be the biggest decision for most businesses. That’s why we recommend choosing Bits Orchestra solutions to meet your business needs. We offer a variety of high value products for relatively low cost. Our Professional Services are designed to offer the best option to improve the effectiveness of your business operations.

How can companies find out more?
Companies that are interested in knowing more about Bits Orchestra can visit the Bits Orchestra



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What our clients say

Bits Orchestra team are outstanding developers​. They listen carefully to our business needs and easily turns our business objectives into a well thought out and executed development effort. Roman is very bright and definitely the most capable developer that has worked on our site. He is not only a Kentico expert but has successfully tackled other complicated development assignments demonstrating expertise in both front and backend development. Roman takes initiative to suggest enhancements that make site maintenance easier while improving the customer experience. The team is very responsive to our work requests and has great follow up. They have also worked very business partners and this has reflected positively on our company. Roman is a true partner for us and a tremendous asset to our organization. We will continue to work with them and would highly recommend Roman and his team for your development needs. He and his team will exceed your expectations!
 Alan Lehmann
Alan Lehmann
President at In energy sector

What our clients say

The Bits Orchestra team does excellent work. They are always available and I appreciate our frequent calls and screen-shares together. Their dedication to the projects and knowledge of Kentico is outstanding. They truly care about the quality of their work, and became a part of our team easily!
Shena Lowe
Shena Lowe
Managing Partner at Consensus Interactive

What our clients say

We hired Roman for a Kentico analysis project and have been very satisfied. He is very skilled and professional. We are looking to hire him and his team again on future projects.
Sylvain Audet
Sylvain Audet
CEO at MyDevPartner.com

What our clients say

Roman and team have taken over an existing Kentico EMS site for a large US Oil Company. So far, they have handled every single request that we have thrown at them and these were diverse, challenging, often bespoke, usually urgent and almost daily, over the last 11 months. Their work is of an extremely high quality, they are capable, quick and we have great confidence in the support that we are getting.
Jon Hollis
Jon Hollis
Head of Web Development at confidential

What our clients say

Bits Orchestra team was very helpful, they had a good understanding of the brief and deep knowledge of the system. They were always keen to provide advice and recommendations that benefit the project substantially.
Ramon Lapenta
Ramon Lapenta
Senior Front End Developer at Cyber-Duck Ltd