Why Digital Transformation is a Necessity?


As technology advances, consumers are experiencing increased expectations in terms of the products and services they can obtain. Digital transformation is necessary to provide products and services that meet consumer demands. In addition, companies need to improve their internal processes and infrastructure through digital transformation to remain competitive. By incorporating digital solutions into your company's processes, such as marketing, sales, press releases, and internal operations, you become more agile. Delivering exceptional products and services to your customers will enhance your ability to maintain high levels of efficiency within the organization.

Understanding the Concept of Digital Transformation

Embedding digital technologies into all aspects of your business can change how you do business and how you deliver value to customers. An organization must use technological advancements and evolve all aspects of its business model to become a digital enterprise.

The digital transformation allows employees to feel at ease while accepting changes that they otherwise find frightening due to failure. Losses can arise organically or during an experiment. However, it makes your employees feel comfortable while encouraging fun and enjoyment.

What is the difference between digitalization, digitization, and digital transformation?                                                           

Not so long ago, businesses kept records on paper. Whether they were handwritten or typed, business ledgers and documents contained analog data. In the old days, if you wanted to gather or share information, you dealt with physical documents - paper and binders, xeroxes, and faxes.

After computers became mainstream, most businesses converted all those ink-on-paper records to digital files. Digitization is the process of converting analog to digital information.

It became much easier to find and share information as soon as it had been digitized, though businesses used their new digital records in a similar manner to their old analog records. In order to make new users feel more comfortable and less intimidated, operating systems were built around icons of file folders. Business systems and processes are still heavily influenced by analog-era ideas about how to find, share, and use information, even though digital data has proven to be exponentially more efficient than analog data.

Digitization simplifies how you work by utilizing digital data

Digitalization is a method for simplifying and improving existing ways of working through the use of digitized information. In that definition, the word established is used: Digitalization isn't about changing the way you do business. Continue to do what you have always done, but now you can do it better and faster, since your data is instantly accessible and not buried in a dusty archive.

Consider customer service in retail, field operations, or call centers. With the advent of digitalization, customer records can be accessed quickly and easily via computer. When searching paper ledgers was replaced by entering a few keystrokes on a computer screen or mobile device, the process of fielding an inquiry, looking up the relevant data, and responding to the inquiry became much more efficient.

Each customer interaction benefits from digital transformation.

Business is changing as a result of digital transformation, and in some cases, entirely new classes of businesses are emerging. Companies are taking a step back and revisiting everything they do, from internal processes to in-person and online customer interactions. There are large questions being asked, such as “Can we change our processes in such a way as to enable better decision-making, change game-changing efficiencies, or personalize the customer experience?”

The digital age is here, and businesses of all types are leveraging technology in clever, effective, and disruptive ways. A good example is Netflix. The company began as a mail order service and disrupted the brick-and-mortar video rental business. After that, digital innovations made it possible to stream videos widely. By offering an ever-expanding library of on-demand content at ultracompetitive prices, Netflix is competing with traditional broadcast and cable television networks and production studios.

As a result of digitization, Netflix was able to stream video directly to customers, as well as gain unprecedented insight into viewing habits. This data is used for everything from the development of new shows and movies at the company's in-house studios to the design of the user experience. That's digital transformation in action: using technology to improve the way a business runs.

.Net Platform for Achieving Digital Transformation

A spike in competition characterizes modern business markets. Before a decade ago, it was the role of the organization to deliver quality solutions. However, today, providing good products or services is no longer sufficient. If you want to achieve success and stay at the top of your game, digital alteration is imperative.

IDC estimates that 85% of decision-makers have a few years to become digital enterprises. If this isn't done, there will be severe financial consequences and a competitive disadvantage.

.Net can help you achieve a successful digital transformation. With .NET, you can create mission-critical applications using Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Machine Learning (ML). .Net stands out as the top platform for the digital transformation of your organization.

Why choose .Net for Digital Transformation?

The open-source platform .Net allows developers to build enterprise applications on Windows, macOS, and Linux. There are several programming languages that are supported, including C++, Visual Basic, and F#. Using these programming languages, you can easily integrate machine learning, big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence into your applications.

Furthermore, .Net offers Azure functionality, making it easy to build, deploy, and manage applications without maintaining infrastructure.

We can build applications and take advantage of scalability by using Azure services of .Net. Additionally, it meets all compliance and security requirements while being customized to meet your company's needs.
Azure provides the following popular functions:

  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Active Directory
  • API management
  • Azure backup
  • Azure content delivery network
  • Compute group
  • Virtual machines
  • Logic apps

Due to the following factors, most entrepreneurs choose the .Net development platform for developing customized applications.

  • Wider support system
  • Faster development
  • Effortless deployment
  • Better memory management
  • Better security and
  • Effortless maintenance

What are your thoughts on digital transformation and using the power and security of .Net? Share your opinion with the BitsOrchestra team. No matter what your digital transformation needs are, we will be happy to assist you.


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