What You should know about outsourcing for C++ and C Sharp programming language?

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Is C++ the right programming language for your project? We would say yes, If you work with a large SMB or Enterprise.

Just to mention, C++ is extremely versatile and many C++ developers tend to be more experienced than programmers specializing in other languages, which makes C++ an ideal option for companies looking for custom software development services.

  • What is C++?
  • The other “C-Family” languages
  • Profile for C++
  • C++ and its many advantages
  • Security for C++
  • Help for your C++ tech stack
  • C++ developer statistics
  • Bitsorchstra Software development services

What is C++?

The C++ programming language is a general-purpose programming language that is capable of both procedural and object-oriented programming. This language is typically implemented as a compiled language. Rather than being interpreted by a virtual machine, compilers translate source code directly into machine code. C++ is also excellent at managing resources. These characteristics of C++, along with many others, make it an ideal tool for creating high-performance software. 

What are the other languages in the "C-Family"?

C++ is a member of the "C-family" of programming languages, which includes C, C#, and Objective-C, but we will take a look at them briefly while focusing on C++.

  • C++ is a procedural language that is inadequate for data handling, especially when it comes to security.
  • iOS and OS X apps have been written with Objective-C, but new apps are being written with Swift because it makes reading, writing, and maintaining them simpler, it is faster, and it does so much more.
  • C# (C-Sharp) is almost exclusively used for Windows platforms and Microsoft's .NET framework (and is a good choice).

Profile for C++

Most new projects are likely to be developed using C++ rather than C.

C++ is essentially a subset of C++ in many respects. Consequently, if a developer is fluent in C++, then it is pretty likely that they are also fluent in C. Be sure to confirm this with any developer you hire since C++ is a huge language and it is possible for them to specialize in other subsets.

 Unlike C, C++ is a procedural and object-oriented programming language, so it is capable of a great deal more than what C can do. C++ can be used by developers to create code to manage system resources efficiently by utilizing its low-level capabilities.

  • A lot of games are developed using C++, which can be resource-intensive.
  • IoT devices are well suited to managing the limited computing and power resources that they have due to their embedded nature.
  • C++ is used for database structure and storage in database tools such as MongoDB and MySQL.
  • It is possible to retrieve information from databases and to run interactive web pages by using the C++ programming language used by most web browsers.
  • Machine learning tools typically make use of C++ to retrieve information from databases. It is possible to train machine learning systems using algorithms that are available in C++.
  • As augmented/virtual/extended reality software applications (such as those that run on top of the Unreal Engine) generate massive quantities of data, C++ is often used to process such massive amounts of data.
  • In enterprise, telecommunications, and financial software, C++ is widely used in enterprise applications, including Microsoft Office and NASDAQ. Similarly, software relying on complex algorithms, such as scientific and medical software, suffers from the same fate.
  • C++ is used in the systems of the F-16 "Fighting Falcon" fighter jet.

C++’s many advantages to know about for Dot net programmer

Advantages of C++

  • Works with Windows, Linus, Mac OS X, Free BSD, and other POSIX-compliant OSes
  • A procedural language (like C), but is also Object-Oriented (unlike C)
  • Multi-paradigm (generic, imperative, and object-oriented)
  • Good for memory management.
  • Massive community support
  • C++ is compatible with C.
  • Good for reusability of code.
  • Excellent scalability

Disadvantages of C++

  • Not a “secure language” but handles data security better than C
  • No “garbage collector” to filter out useless data from memory.
  • Uses “pointers” which can lead to unstable behavior

Hire dot net programmer and start outsource dot net development from the best Ukrainian software companies. Streamlines your business performance in no time. 

 Security for C++

The software industry is increasing security efforts in response to President Biden's executive order on cybersecurity. The tech industry is investing billions of dollars into enhancing security for their systems; Microsoft has committed $20 billion over the next five years.

C++ is not particularly good at securing data, although it handles data better than C. C++ programs can still be secured. Your software architect can assess the functional requirements of your application and develop a technical stack that meets all your needs and keeps your data safe.

Hire c sharp developer proficient in Python or JavaScript, for example, may be required in this case.

Help for your C++ tech stack

The vast majority of C++ projects are Windows, Linux, or Unix-based, but C++ can be found virtually anywhere. C++ is a very powerful language, offering a wide variety of tools and resources. To keep your project on track, work with a software architect to determine your project requirements and technology stack. C++ can be used with a variety of devices, each of which has its own SDKs, APIs, libraries, and frameworks.

  • IDE/Editor - Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, CLion, Emacs,Netbeans
  • Build Tools - CMake mainly, but also Make, MSBuild, Ninja
  • Unit -Testing Frameworks - Google Test, CppUnit, Boost Test, Catch, CppUTest
  • Compilers - GNU Compiler Collection, Clang, MSVC, Intel
  • Dependency Managers - Usually by a system package manager, but Nuget, Conan, build2, vpkg, and Hunter see use.
  • Code Quality Analysis Tools - Often per IDE, but also Clang-analyzer, Clan-tidy, Cppcheck, Cpplink, Parasot C/C++ test.

C++ developer statistics

The Python and C++ programming languages differ significantly. Python developers, for example, usually work for small companies of up to 100 employees. C++ developers, on the other hand, typically work for large enterprises and C++ developers tend to have more experience than Python developers. Python is still the second most popular language for C++ developers.

The following statistics are based primarily on the third annual survey of 1,034 C++ developers by the Standard C++ Foundation.

Besides these statistics, it covers a variety of issues faced by C++ developers. As these statistics shows that the majority of C++ developers work for large companies (SMB-enterprises):

  • Seventy-five percent of C++ developers are employed by large companies.
  • In small businesses with fewer than 100 employees, only 5% work for startups.

Typically, C++ developers have a high level of experience:

  • 28% have worked with C++ for 20+ years of proactive in Dot net development
  • 32% have used C++ for 10-20 years
  • 20% have 6-10 years of experience with C++

 C++ developers typically work on Windows, Unix, and Linux systems:

  • Windows Desktop – 70%
  • Linux Desktop – 48%
  • Linux Server – 50%
  • Embedded Systems – 30%
  • Windows Server – 20%
  • Android – 19%
  • iOS – 12%

C++ developers may also use the following languages:

  • Python – 6%
  • C – 51%
  • JavaScript – 32%
  • C# – 30%
  • SQL – 26%
  • Java – 24%

Small businesses and startups should think twice before using C++ and Dot net services in their projects - though in some cases it may be the best choice. It is imperative that you speak with an experienced software architect to determine your software's needs. It is certainly true if you are developing for Windows, Unix, and Linux systems. You might want to hire C# developers if you need to develop for the .NET framework.

Are you looking for C++ developers for your team and the best Dot net software development ?

If you work for an SMB or Enterprise needing to ramp up development, outstaffing is likely your best bet for finding the reliable, highly-skilled C++ developers and right Dot net company that provides those developers.
As a software company, BitsOrchestra has a pool of developers that can be ready to start work on your project within ten business days.

As a general rule, you can outstaff or outsource 2-4 Ukrainian developers for a fully loaded price that is the same as one in-house developer.

A recent study by SkillValue found that Ukrainian dot net developers have an average technical rating of over 95%. Technically, they are ranked 5th in the world, but they are also ranked 2nd in terms of value. If you are a dot net developer or a company looking for a dot net developer, see our wage comparison between Tel Aviv and San Francisco.

C#, F#, or Visual Basic are all programming languages that can be used in .NET applications. Microsoft's ASP.NET framework is used to create dynamic websites, applications, and services. A .NET MVC Framework can be used for both small and large projects. BitsOrchestra main focus is on custom software development based on .NET technologies.

In addition to developing .NET applications, Bitsorchestra creates robust and multi-functional web applications for Internet and Intranet use. As one of the best software development companies in Eastern Europe, we have been successful in implementing projects of different complexity and for different industries. As .NET developers, we always stay on top of the latest trends of Microsoft creation to provide our customers with effective business solutions.

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