Understanding The Six Pillars Of Digital Transformation Beyond Tech


Ready or not digital transformation is reinventing businesses. Every enterprise has to choose between the need to innovate and the risk of extinction. And that's where digital transformation comes in. There are no specific changes to be made during digital transformation. We are talking about changing the entire business strategy and culture. There may even be a change in the corporate culture.

The digital transformation of your company should not be seen as a report function, but as a strategic competency. It is not about implementing technology into your business, but creating an entirely redesigned business model based on technology. Amazon, for instance, isn't just a shopping site. More importantly, it has changed the way we shop. Any business must adapt to new situations in order to survive. That is a global tendency resulting in modern business growing 23% every year. The majority of those buyers have access to these mobile platforms. Most of these products depend on digital technology.

Digital transformation continues to accelerate for 2 main reasons:

  1. Technology is evolving at an exponential rate
  2. Data is much more plentiful and usable

Companies that master technology have an edge over those who are barely keeping up.

Digital transformation today is not defined by just data, but by real-time data. Below find the data that defines the success of digital transformation.

  • Data about your consumers
  • Data about your competitors
  • Data about your supply chain
  • Data about your markets

Having access to this data and knowing how to use it removes your business from the critical gaze and allows more intelligent options to come to the surface. This allows your business to take the appropriate actions. 

With digital transformation, we can create the lane field. A low-cost approach enables small and medium-sized firms to compete with large ones.

Businesses that use real-time data to improve customer experience have transformed their business processes and models. Data is the key to these models.

Digital Transformation depends on data. Effective data collection depends on recollecting data related to cybersecurity, analytics, and applications.

  • Get the data
  • Protect the data
  • Analyze the data
  • Utilize the data

Rather than thinking of digital transformation as "tech-enabled change," we should think of it as "tech-enabled change." However, making this change possible requires the right kind of organization to embrace it.

Experiences, people, change, innovation, leadership, and culture are the six pillars of digital transformation. In order to understand the backbone of digital transformation, let's look at each pillar.


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