Our insights from 2021 new development report


Changing the way we look at numbers

COVID-19 has flipped the traditional sales tracking model on its head, redefining how we view sales data. Whenever a global pandemic occurs, it has so much of an exogenous effect on the economy that it makes comparing the two years meaningless. 

COVID-holistic sales management, which takes infection rates, stay-at-home orders, and other events outside the manager's control into account, may be able to provide management with valuable insights into customer behavior. Under the circumstances like these, there might be a need for tech companies' managers to rethink how they manage their companies so that each team member has the best opportunity to maximize their skills. It would be wise to invest in technology tools if you want to gain an advantage over your competitors. 

Shape-Shifting For The Win: Sales And Marketing Moves For 2021 And Beyond 

World leaders were caught completely off guard by the global pandemic. It should be noted however, that the resulting economic collapse was not entirely unexpected. At about the same time of the pandemic, few surprises emerged on the list of industries and companies that were the most affected. It is clear that some companies were affected significantly by COVID-19 for various reasons, however, there are companies who have managed to survive it unscathed.

Nonpivotal changes also spur growth

To succeed, you don't need a complete pivot. A well-thought-out investment that reinforces a company's core strategy can be just as effective. Amazon committed $10 million to social justice organizations, including the Black Lives Matter movement, in a massive PR campaign. The company has increased its support for the brands selling goods on its platform by investing more in cooperative advertising. Jeff Bezos's predictions about declining profits did not materialize, as he predicted. Rather, Amazon announced in July a 300% increase in profits from the previous year. 

Is there anything we can learn from Amazon's story? It may be a good idea for business leaders to resist the natural urge to conserve their resources during a crisis. You might be making a strategic mistake by cutting your marketing budget at this time because your competitors are more than willing to fill the void in the minds of your customers if you disappear. Marketing and sales support tools that help companies capitalize on an economic recovery may be the key to success. 

Changing the approach to company management

Despite its designation as a marketing function, new product development is intimately connected with sales. A sale is a solution to the problem of the customer. Various problems face the world today, and salespeople are able to solve them. The two must communicate better. Problem-solving products give sales teams a better chance at securing revenue. 

Additionally, the introduction of new products naturally initiates conversation with existing clients - a great way to stay in touch. Companies that optimize their NPD process for speed, cost, and effective customer targeting will have an advantage during economic recovery as recessions tend to slow new product development. However, businesses cannot succeed purely by selling products. A successful marketing campaign is also determined by how effective HR Digitization is. 

HR Digitalisation Practices

As a part of this article, we will discuss what is HR digitalization and what role it plays when it comes to bringing significant changes into the advancement of organizations. The digitalization of human resources (HR) has become the most significant change affecting organizations over the past decade; HR must adapt to this rapid modernization of the workforce by implementing new methods and procedures. 

Creating a systematic process can improve communication and collaboration within an organization, and help to provide access to more data as well. A digitalised hiring process can be used to determine a candidate's specialization, technical skills, and years of experience by determining how each factor would affect their specialized skills, technical skills, and years of experience. In the end, this leads to the streamlining of processes, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity for your company, saving you both time and money.

What are the challenges of digitalisation? 

  • There is an ineffective and unsystematic collection of data (32%)

  • Almost forty per cent of all platform transactions are carried out at high costs

  • It is estimated that 15% of the jobs will be lost as a result of the digital revolution.

  • It is estimated that 17 % of tasks in a consolidating system are inefficient (17%)

1. Going paperless

Since email and Microsoft Office are used on a daily basis, it is not surprising that human resources processes do not go paperless in their everyday operations. 

The process of tracking and organizing leave applications, benefits claims, and other miscellaneous forms requires considerable time and effort.

For the paperwork requiring interdepartmental approval, one sheet of paper had to travel between several floors in order to obtain signatures. HR departments in large corporations deal with enormous amounts of paperwork every single day, so it is important to keep this in mind. In addition, some companies hire clerks just for the purpose of entering data into Excel sheets from paper documents.

2. Employee self-service app

Fortunately for us today, thanks to mobile apps, everything is a lot easier than it used to be. Smart applications have simplified HR processes and enabled employees to interact with companies in an entirely new way. Instead of having to contact Human Resources in order to get information about transactions, employers can access transactional information via mobile apps instead. The employee can self-serve through this method.

Brand-process audit/dynamic forms 

As an operations professional, you understand that the success of your organization is determined by customer satisfaction. For the brand standards to be consistently enforced at every location in the world, regular assessments are critical, if not essential. Bitsorchestra offers a 3-step process for establishing a regular brand audit program for capturing and evaluating how our brand delivers on its promise.

Step 1: Create a Checklist 

In order to facilitate the audit process, a brand assurance assessment checklist will be developed. Each item on the checklist will be checked off as it is completed. Feel free to include details or make your checklist as general as you need it to be. Auditor's should be able to record any information they find that requires further investigation through the use of a checklist if they find areas requiring further investigation. Having completed the checklist, the auditor will be able to get back on track to complete their audit.

The second step is to collect and automate the collection and management of corrective actions based on the collected data. 

Step 3: Using Business Intelligence Tools to Track Improvement 

Correlating key operations data and replicating best practices is essential for continuously delivering on your brand promise. You need to ensure that your company's strategic decision makers have access to the key performance metrics in order to make the best decisions for your company. 

By understanding what is happening, as well as why, you will become more successful. You should always consider your brand from your customers' perspective, not your own, regardless of the format you use to monitor its delivery.

Career growth/process tracker and Dynamic Forms 

Using Dynamic Forms, non-technical users will be able to quickly transform any paper-based form they have into a sophisticated interactive, electronic form that can be published to your SIS portal or any other website. Using this secure, state-of-the-art e-sign/workflow solution, you can concentrate on your students and not on manually moving documents.

Key Benefits 


In addition, users are not bound by business hours for completing required forms - even complex forms requiring multiple electronic signatures and/or requiring payments - even during non-business hours.


  • Forms can be personalized, designed and published without programming knowledge by non-technical users.


  • Prefilling form fields with single sign-on functionality not only ensures that the data is accurate, but also provides a high level of confidence that the person who completes and signs the form is in fact that person.


  • You can use Dynamic Forms for collecting donations, registering participants, assuring enrolment, selling merchandise, or whatever else you need. Payment vendor integrations are available across campus to simplify these processes.

Are Dynaforms or “Dynamic Forms”?

Dynaforms collects data that goes far beyond the simple act of collecting information. Using them, you can make prescriptions for other forms that you want to prefill, customize, and secure. Furthermore, the platform has a lot of features that are intuitive, which implies everyone can use them, regardless of their technical ability or coding knowledge. 

Dynaforms can be used on smartphones, tablets, or laptops. The forms can be created from any digital device. The fields can be dragged and dropped onto a form template, along with text boxes, buttons, checkboxes, and other elements. 

As Dynaforms are a completely customizable system, you are able to edit a document, add new fields, and arrange the data in terms that best suit your organization. Furthermore, they are very easy to integrate into any business process due to the simplicity of the design.

What are the features of Dynaforms that impact your processes?

As an alternative to traditional forms, Dynaforms allows users and businesses to easily adapt to changes in needs, unlike traditional paper-based and electronic forms. Here are some of the most widely used features:

Responsive Design 

Due to the fact that HTML5 Dynaforms are created using HTML, their size automatically adjusts to any screen size, since they are created using HTML. There is no need to scroll endlessly or miss field values, since HTML5 Dynaforms are created using HTML5.

Easy Customization

There are a number of ways to customize Dynamics, including how the graphics, fonts, and colors are displayed. It is very important to keep the look and feel of Dynamics consistent with the company's brand. It is possible to design and arrange any contract, leave request, invoice, purchase order, or personnel record to suit the purposes for which they were created.

Improved Consistency

Workflows are disrupted if information sharing takes longer than expected. With Dynaforms, this obstacle can be reduced by creating company-wide templates. Having a consistent template across an organization or department is beneficial for everyone.

Enhanced Security

Staff members should be able to access the information they need in a timely manner so that a smooth operation can take place. Due to the safety and security of the business and of its employees, vendors, and clients, a business cannot allow open access to sensitive information. With Dynaforms, you can customize access levels - or zero access - depending on your needs.

Efficient Document Management

The ability to track where documents are in the process when they are distributed is a nightmare for anyone who relies on information to complete business processes updated made and where the information is stored. The audit trail of all document changes is clearly visible and complete because all document changes are tracked centrally in Dynaform.

Centralized Access

Because Dynaforms are stored in a central location, they can be accessed from any device that can access the internet. Through simplified collaboration processes, users can gain access to unstructured data faster as well as save time. The Dynaforms application also allows a user to complete Dynaforms without the need to log into the Dynaforms application.

Powerful Search Capabilities

In the event of user error or inconsistent naming conventions, it may be difficult to locate electronic and paper documents. With Dynaform, you can find documents by searching more than just the titles. Specific documents can be found via the scanning of each form.

Reduced Storage and Maintenance Costs

Paper and digital records are costly to store, as anyone who has dealt with record storage companies knows. There is an alternative to storing documents on paper or on a server - keeping records in the cloud offers this. Records are securely stored in accordance with record-keeping policies and regulations, and can be retrieved when needed regardless of how old they are.

Intuitive Reporting

Data from different sources has traditionally been collected by individuals whose responsibility it is to report on business processes, then consolidated into a readily usable format by them. By using Dynaforms, this task has been eliminated for the most part. You can create graphs and other report formats by entering variables into Dynaforms and storing them in tables.

Automated Calculations 

The comparison of numbers is a major part of any business process no matter whether you are calculating prices or calculating employee payroll taxes. Dynaforms is able to increase accuracy by automating calculations.

Reduced Data Entry

Documents are vitally important to the functioning of businesses. The effectiveness of a company will directly correlate with how well it handles its documents. No matter what industry a business belongs to, Dynaforms can improve the efficiency of their document management processes. Take advantage of a free trial of ProcessMaker to discover how Dynaforms can help you integrate Dynaforms into your business processes.

About Bisorchestra 

BitsOrchestra has extensive experience with .NET CMS platforms such as Kentico Experience and Kloud, OrchardCore, Umbraco, and others. We provide ecommerce, marketing, sales, and integration solutions built on the latest technologies and frameworks following industry best practices.


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We specialize in B2B2C sales and marketing automation toolkits that include, but are not limited to:

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• reports and analytics


• Business Analysis

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