How to Screen and Hire .NET Developers - A Quick .Net developers hiring guide for Technical Recruiters

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Employees' skills and talents directly contribute to the success of an organization. With its innovative products and services, the IT industry continues to be an indisputable leader in a new global economy.
Up till now .NET is the most widely used language for Web applications, with 28.1% using the technology. Additionally, the NET platform is scalable and has grown over time in terms of ready libraries and easy-to-use tools. Consequently, the demand for .NET developers has grown.
However, there are a lot of challenges posed before software companies. Many software companies these days find it challenging to find the right .NET developer due to the large number of available professionals.

Regardless of the skills a candidate has, it can be challenging to hire dot net developers if you don't know what to look for on their LinkedIn profile or  CV. Recruiters seeking .NET developers can access all the details they need using Interview Mocha, an online assessment testing platform.

What is important for an IT Recruiter to know about .Net? 

Before we will elaborate on how to find, screen, and hire .Net Programmers, let's discuss a few basic concepts that will help you become familiar with the .Net developers hiring process. 

About Dot Net Framework & .NET Developers: 

The .NET Framework and the languages supported by this framework are computer programming languages. These programs are referred to as .NET developers languages. Usually, in addition to knowing the .NET languages like C# for VB.Net, these developers must have knowledge of the .NET stacks, such as WinForms, ASP.NET, and  WPF.

There are many frameworks to choose from. Frameworks are constantly being developed by tech communities. Therefore, make sure your ideal candidate is qualified. You should include both "Must Have" and "Desirable" skills when you document the essential requirements. Failure to understand this rule may result in you discouraging the potential candidates from applying.

A Scenario 

A candidate who can do both back-end and UI development, or who has the ability to do both, should possess the following skills:


• .NET Web API

• Signal R

Frameworks for Front –end development:

• Angular JS

• SaaS

• Bootstrap

Additionally, you should look for candidates with a good understanding of:

• Object Oriented Programming concepts

• .NET Programming concepts

• .NET framework

• Windows Controls

• Windows Workflow foundation

Frameworks for Back-end developers: 

These days most .Net developer firms have shifted from calling themselves .Net developers to calling themselves C-sharp developers. Today, the majority of companies specialize in Microsoft technologies. It is therefore crucial to make sure that in the job description as well as in the job advertisement you are clear about what you want. Finding the best .Net developer is impossible without a deep understanding of the framework.

How to Source .NET Candidates  

Following these steps can give you a better understanding of sourcing: 

Step One: Compose a well-structured Job Description 

In order to attract the right kind of talent, you need to structure your job descriptions well. Being creative and thinking outside the box can help you design a unique job description that effectively communicates your company's requirements. It is more likely that candidates will apply to an employer who describes what the rolehe requires. If you want to become familiar with the lingo, familiarize yourself with as much of it as possible. Skillcrush is a great site for developers too.

Step Two: Cast your net where the fish are 

For talent sourcing purposes, is it important to know where your tech talent lives? Plan your search strategy accordingly according to where the ideal candidates spend their time online. Check out this list of 12 hot spots to source Dot Net developers to find out where the real .Net developers hang out? It is impossible to make sourcing smarter unless you carefully plan your sourcing period, research the relevant keywords, and place your net in the right place.

How to verify .NET Skills in the Screening Phase 

Following receipt of applications and resumes, you will need to choose who will be invited to an on-site technical interview. You should ensure that your hiring team doesn't waste time with anyone who is ineligible for the position. Additionally, it is also essential to avoid losing a great candidate who is qualified for the position, but  has a weak resume. As a consequence, you have to screen for .NET programming skills in order to make sure that you get the right candidates.

Resumes don't speak the truth, so asking questions based on them is a big mistake. Almost anyone can claim expert status. To determine if a candidate will perform well in the role, you must test their skills and evaluate their expertise.

Can non-techies prepare skill tests, conduct test drives, and rate every test candidates take without consulting your technical experts? Really! HECK NO! Thank God! Interview Mocha, an online skill-testing software, can help here.

Testing for .NET skills is valid and accurate, and we consistently update the tests for the latest .NET Framework versions. It is easy to prescreen .NET developers through the ready-made C# or .NET tests. If you are looking for .net developers who will be able to work across a variety of different projects, you can use a full test to screen candidates. Once these tests have been passed, your IT team will reach out to only the strongest candidates. 

See some of our new & quality C# and .Net online tests below – How to interview a C# or .NET developer? 

Next, your Hiring team will conduct a face-to-face technical interview, and you can consult this collection of hand-picked  .NET interview questions  to ask in the interview. Recruiters, make sure you hire at least a senior architect or a technology officer for the technical team. As your next hire in the development team, he will ensure he is strong and will make the process a lot easier. See to it that your panel members also focus on the below three things ( apart from the technical questions).

What has the candidate has accomplished? - Programming is not an easy job without some experience, and nowadays anyone can gain experience contributing to free software projects. 

Understanding of Technology – One of the traits of a great programmer is the curiosity to explore new technologies and the joy of making things. 

Understanding of Business – It is also important to understand your business and the problem you are trying to solve. For other technical domains, do you want to hire the best candidate from the crowd? Make your hiring process precise by using interview Mocha's recruitment assessment tool. 


ASP.NET is one of the leading frameworks for developing web-based applications. This framework relies on a unified development model for its technical architecture. 

The .NET framework, when combined with this approach, allows for developing dynamic and easily scalable web-based applications. Just thinking about ASP.NET's top features will provide you with a clear idea of why this language can be indispensable to your business:

  • The .NET framework's separation of logic and content minimizes program inconveniences to the greatest extent.

  • Caching is one of the features that set .NET frameworks.

  • The caching feature boosts the performance of your web-based application in addition to native optimization and early binding.

  • The framework's web servers can monitor multiple components and applications in addition to web pages.

  • These applications are capable of handling and processing multiple requests because they are closely monitored and micromanaged.

  • Application security can be enhanced in many ways using pre-application configurations and windows authentication.

  • Configuration information is included in .NET applications, which simplifies  their deployment. As a result, these programs are more popular and user-friendly.

  • A dynamic web page can be easily created using the .NET framework.

  • When any of the framework's components fail, such as memory leaks, loops or other glitches, users are alerted. Thus, malfunctions are halted in their  tracks.

  • It does not require elaborate coding to develop applications using this framework, making it easier to launch even large apps.

  • It does not depend on any particular programming language, so developers can use whatever language suits their needs for developing particular applications.


A web presence built with ASP.NET seems like the obvious thing to do, considering its many benefits. In spite of this, as the demand for these professionals grows, you need to choose one that adds the greatest value to professional outcomes in a most cost-effective way. Hiring full-time ASP.NET developers in Ukraine will pay off in the following ways

Reduced Costs 

Ukraine has risen to become a world leader in web development. There are many multinational companies operating in this country, which makes it a perfect place for web development. Hire Dot net developers from Ukraine and reduce your recurring costs. Ukraine's salaries are lower than those in many western countries, since it is a developing country. Quality of outcomes can lead to significant savings if candidates with the right competencies and experience are selected.

Better Skills 

The fact that ASP.NET specialists from Ukraine are currently handling a majority of web development projects across the globe gives them a distinct advantage over their international competitors in terms of experience, resources, skills and expertise. Top-notch web pages can also be created there using the tier design services. 

Timely Delivery 

Anyone who has worked with web developers in the past knows that deadlines get pushed back all the time, and the resulting delays can cost the company revenue, resources, and capital. It goes without saying that any business would want to hire ASP.NET developers who can deliver on their timeline. Due to their vast experience, experts in this part of the world are usually able to meet delivery deadlines without issue. You will definitely get high-quality products delivered on time if you work with Ukrainian programmers. 

Elaborate Portfolios 

Due to their vast experience working on different types of projects, these ASP.NET developers possess diverse skills as well as an impressive portfolio. ASP.NET developers can be hired after you review their past work to ensure they match with  your objectives and requirements. Outsource net. programmers from Ukraine and enjoy high professionalism from the best experts in the field. 

Hire dot net developers from Bits Orchestra company gathered together a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals in their field.  Bits Orchestra team is passionate about what they do, always trying to find a simple solution to complex problems. The company has gathered a team of talented individuals who are focused on achieving the common objectives, and are always willing to face challenges. We will help you to hire  experienced .NET developers skilled in such technologies as: ASP.NET CORE, ASP.NET MVC, C#, SQL, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL Server - not sure about this list. Please, correct and indicate your company’s expertise.


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