How to improve an organization's expertise level?


Chapter 1

Career growth/process tracker 

It is your goal to help your staff achieve their full potential, which is why you do everything you can to help them achieve this goal. In spite of that, it is not always necessary for your employees to be offered tasks in order that they could succeed in their careers. It is imperative that you support your staff in coming up with an effective plan.

The achievement of long-term success for your employees is highly dependent on their ability to grow within your organization. When you give clear guidelines and processes to follow to your employees, then it is easier for them to advance to management positions, gain new skills, or move through to other departments when they become more competent.

While an employee's growth plan is important, it is only the beginning of a longer process which begins with ensuring that the employee has one in place. In order to be able to help your employees achieve their career goals and be able to maximize their potential in the workplace, it is vital that you monitor and keep track of their progress based on their plans and as they get closer to their goals.

 The purpose of an employee growth plan is to maximize your company's growth and development by maximizing your employees' performance. So let's discover how to monitor and measure how effective your employee growth program is.

Why Monitoring Growth Plans Is Important & Set up clear and accurate career goals 

For an employee growth plan to be truly understood, it is first necessary to understand how it can be monitored and measured, which is why we should first understand why employee growth plans are so important in the first place. Monitoring and evaluating the employee's development over time is the only way to determine the value provided by the employee's learning, both in terms of the learning's effectiveness as well as the effectiveness of the process. Furthermore, it is imperative that the standards to which the employees are expected to perform are also clearly specified. It is important to consider how your company will be able to measure the progress and readiness of your employees.

When you track and evaluate your employees' professional development plans, you can determine if the program is effective and if there is a need for improvements. Business success is strongly dependent on the ability to measure success and monitor progress regularly in order to succeed. 

According to Cairn Consulting Solutions CEO Amy Lafko, measuring success and observing progress are crucial elements of having a successful business. For you to determine the extent to which you have achieved the goal you have set for yourself, you have to make sure the impact of your efforts is as high as it can be. In the event that they are not, you should determine what needs to be done in order to adjust the plan accordingly.

Keeping track of your employees' progress is vital for you to make sure all of you are on the same page regarding where they are headed and what the next step that they should take is, since ensuring that they remain on track during the course of their development plans. In order to be able to determine whether or not your employees are progressing in the right direction effectively and successfully, you will need to monitor and evaluate their development plans within a reasonable amount of time. 

1. Ensure the plan aligns with the employees' career goals 

We should always remember that each employee has their own career goals, which is a very important aspect to remember. If your company has a company growth plan, you can be sure it will be extremely effective if it corresponds to the types of advancements your employees would be most interested in pursuing as a part of their training. If the employee has the potential for growth in a certain area, you might even believe that they can grow further in it, but if that is not the career path that they wish to pursue, then monitoring it or measuring it simply will not produce the kind of results that will last. It is imperative that employees ask themselves if the prospect of a growth plan is something they are interested in before devoting their time, energy, and money to it. Almost every organization has individuals who are not interested in advancing in their careers, and this is a common phenomenon. Despite the fact that employees are still working in their current roles, they believe that they will still be able to grow and challenge themselves as they remain in their positions. Because of this, they don't have a reason to become more competitive in the future.

2. Determine what you’re going to monitor and measure

The ability to measure and monitor employee growth plans effectively cannot be achieved without first defining the elements the company intends to measure and monitor. If you manage to accomplish that, you'll be able to begin measuring and monitoring the employee growth plan in a more effective manner. In order for employees to achieve their growth goals, you will need both the hard skill and the soft skill of managing and evaluating employee growth plans. 

If you want to determine which skills are relevant to each job role, you need to measure and monitor the skills that are relevant to that job role. According to Lafko, each role requires a specific set of skills, and therefore to identify those specific skills that need to be monitored, a person must understand the responsibilities that come with the role in question. If you're to create a successful job description, it is essential that you outline key accountability requirements for a career that can be profitable, not just a summary of a job description."

If, as an employee, you are interested in going from your current coordinator position to a midlevel manager or a director position in the near future, you should develop an employee growth plan with respect to this goal. When considering hard skills, you will also need to consider their proficiency with different types of software needed to advance into their desired position, as well as their overall technical competency, which they are required to have in order to succeed at higher levels of responsibility.

One of the skills you need to possess is the ability to explain how you measure a core value, such as "self-starting," in a growth plan, since that is one of the soft skills that you must have. Even if you identify ways in which you have observed the skill in action during your observations. As an employee, it is possible to run an independent project and to talk to other employees about improvements that can be made. 

3. Establish metrics from the beginning  

After the employee has completed his or her training with Information Technology, the employee will complete the employee's software training over a period of three months.

  • The employee is responsible for organizing mentoring sessions for marketing employees about once a month, and he/she is responsible for collecting employee feedback from the attendees about the sessions that were presented. For an employee to be considered for promotion, they must score seven points or more on each survey over three consecutive months.

  • A monthly report requires each employee to provide information about the number of new leads generated, marketing expenditures, and a detailed description of the current lead generation strategy, as well as any wins, challenges and changes to the strategy that are being implemented in order to optimize it for the following month. Basically, every employee has to generate 150 new leads of a certain quality every three months if they want to be considered for promotion.

  • As soon as the employee completes his or her three-month software training with the IT department, he or she will be ready to begin their new job.

  • This employee is responsible for organizing mentoring sessions with marketing employees approximately every month, and then he/she will collect feedback from participants about the sessions that they attended. In order for an employee to be considered for promotion, he/she must score seven or higher on all surveys over a period of three months.

  • Each employee has to submit a report every month in which they summarize new leads, marketing spend, and a description of the current lead generation strategy as well as any changes they have made in order to optimize the strategy for the following month. To qualify for promotion, an employee must stay in the lead generation process for 150 consecutive days.

4. Monitor progress regularly 

In order to give an employee feedback on their performance it is highly advisable that you measure their progress by using metrics. As long as you only look at the numbers, you are not going to have a full understanding of how each of your employees is doing, and you will not be able to provide them with the support that they need. This is why it is also important to keep in touch with them on a regular basis because of this. Providing your employees with an opportunity to grow their careers through a recurring growth plan is crucial for your company's success. It helps your staff to progress in their career goals and it is vital to your company's success.

The most effective way to monitor the progress of your employees and to provide them with the support and adjustments they need is by combining short, informal meetings with longer, more structured ones. It is possible to achieve this by combining short, informal meetings with longer, more structured ones. We recommend that we schedule check-ins once or twice a week for at least ten to fifteen minutes per time. By holding briefer, but more frequent meetings, one can work toward assisting the progress of the employee and keep communication lines open. 

As part of your monthly performance review, make sure your employees are always tracking their performance metrics correctly by checking in with them. The main goal of recognition is to acknowledge the winners, acknowledge the challenges, and ask your team whether or not they require any assistance to continue on their path. At the same time, it is important to recognize the challenges your team is facing. Additionally, you should periodically review your company's growth plan to be sure that your company is still making progress towards the goals you set. In the event this is not the case, you may have to make alterations or adjustments in the plan. The best way to ensure that your company succeeds is to periodically check in with your employees to ensure that they are moving towards their growth objectives and that the plans they create are consistent with their career goals.

As a result of the implementation of employee development plans, a foundation is laid for managing the employee's growth and development - both individually and professionally. To assist your employees in reaching their goals, achieving their potential, and developing their careers within your organization, it is your responsibility to keep careful track of and measure their personal progress.

Career growth motivation 

To success you need…. 

  • Decide what progress you want to define and how you will measure it early in the process.

  • It is important to decide what you are going to measure and monitor, then you need to decide how you will measure it, which means that you should establish clear metrics at the beginning.

  • It is vital for leaders and employees to set goals and determine deadlines for completing the growth plan.

  • As an example, let us take the example of an experienced marketing manager who is interested in becoming the manager of marketing. While determining the time when they are ready for promotion, you will also need to consider their abilities to manage people, generate leads for your business, and be proficient in the software they will use.

Career Growth Motivation Map 


Both employees and employers benefit from career mapping.

Can't find the tech talent you need? Making clear advancement paths will allow you to grow your own talent. It is also a great way to maintain and attract talent.

IT talent can be developed organically through a career pathing program. In most cases, people leave their jobs since the paths to advancement are unclear or they don't know how to get the position they desire. Career mapping can help workers and employers gain a clear understanding of what it takes to move from where they are to where they want to be.

Our BitsOrchestra team interviewed industry experts to learn how career mapping can benefit your company while keeping your employees satisfied. 

Career Map Components

What's in a career map? Mr. Stephen Hurst, regional manager for US IT staffing firm Randstad Technologies, says traits such as personalities, formal educational requirements, leadership skills, and the capability to work at multiple levels and positions are critical elements for success in the IT industry. In addition to his expertise in the IT and finance staffing industry, he has worked in the sector for more than twenty years. In addition to the skills audit, career mapping also includes a plan to bridge talent gaps, he says.

It is the author's intention to provide a brief excerpt from their book, "Managing the Unmanageable: Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams.

Organizers need to define the requirements for advancement to various roles and levels within their organization. Performing a skills analysis is necessary to identify the talent gaps in your organization.

Career Pathing Software

A career pathing approach is a systematic approach to career development that allows employees to evaluate job competencies and evaluate skill gaps, as well as map multiple potential career paths. If employees are provided with career pathing tools in order to chart their career progression, they become more engaged in their roles and are more likely to pursue their career goals.

Personal growth, career advancement, and job progression are proven ways to engage employees. Several companies are re-thinking career management for the purpose of allowing employees to have a more flexible career path. Besides full-time and part-time dual career ladders, job redesigns, job rotations, and lateral career paths, they provide encore careers, consulting and contingent work options.

Build career map software with .net and unleash your company’s inner genius

  • Drive Determine talents, aspirations, vacancies, and job rotations aligned with employee goals, objectives, and career paths to achieve employee enablement.

  • Empower Support and coach employees to facilitate meaningful conversations.

  • Build Create a workforce that is engaged with the organization, giving it a competitive edge.

With BitsOrchestra, you can build the ultimate talent management platform. 

Using our software suite, you can cultivate company talent from developing individual employees to planning for future workforce needs.

You'll be able to see your employees' positions and personalities in higher resolution than ever before, and you'll be able to find the best candidates for every role and help each employee fulfill their potential, so you'll be making the most of your most valuable resource.

Career Architecture with BitsOrchestra 

The source of truth about your roles

By using AI, BitsOrchestra automatically builds and maintains a dynamic model of all the roles in your organization. It contains all the information needed to define jobs, design development plans, build career paths, consistently assess job performance, and more. In order to transform your workforce digitally, you need it.

Using your basic job architecture—grades, titles, bands and career levels—we enrich it with industry-standard, turn-key data, capturing skills, qualifications, experiences, and work-style preferences.

Your talent management framework becomes stronger thanks to AI, reducing the time to value.

As your business evolves, your career architecture will too.

Talent Profiles

The source of truth about your people

In order to accurately document an employee's past, present, and future capabilities, BitsOrchestra suggests utilizing a comprehensive, verified database:

  • skills

  • experiences

  • qualifications

  • preferences

  • certifications & credentials

  • documented work activities

  • potential readiness

  • career goals

  • assessments

  • development plans

  • performance reviews

  • 360 peer feedback

In one glance, a Talent Profile shows you everything you need for making HR decisions with confidence.

And when every employee has one, you get a clear, detailed portrait of the collective talent in your workforce.

HR software/.net solutions 

HR NET solutions are web-based applications that use Microsoft .NET technologies. With HR NET solutions a company can:

1. extend their administrative functions to their entire workforce

2.  empower their employees to interact and manage their day-to-day activities

3. streamline their human resource management processes to provide a significant ROI and improve their bottom line.

Furthermore, HR NET solutions also give employees the ability to become empowered by providing them with employee and manager self-service options.

Key Features

  • Policies and procedures defined by the user

  • Creating a vacancy chart

  • Creating the organization chart

  • Identification of training needs

  • Appraisal of performance

  • HR NET offers multilevel security

  • Payroll processing with statutory reporting

  • Developing a succession plan and career development plan

  • Standard letters can be generated using HR NET

  • Employees have access to self-service for tracking their accruals, applying for leaves, loans, and writing letters.

  • flow/process management and tracking

Digital HR Transformation 

Contrary to traditional HR transformation that focused on improving existing processes, modernized HR transformation mainly focuses on doing new things wholly. 

Human Resources' strategy is dominated by digital HR, which has become increasingly important. Those capabilities enhance effectiveness in decision making and build the HR workforce of the future. 

Transforming HR digitally: key features 

  1. Socialize findings at every stage 

  2. Build balanced transformation teams 

  3. Incorporate ongoing management changes into the transformation process


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