How to find and hire best .net developers in Eastern Europe?


Today, Ukrainian net developers aren't just hired because of low prices. Hundreds of thousands of dot net developers have expertise and experience in the field of technology. In this article we will share the main principles of how to find and hire the best net developers in Ukraine. We will also identify the major ways to streamline the engineering process in order to end up with a team that is bright, committed, and efficient.

Choosing a Software Developer in Ukraine: 10 Questions to Ask if you want to choose the best Offshore .net developers 

  1. What is the likelihood that software engineers will be easy to find in Ukraine in 2021?

  2. How does the hiring process work in Ukraine?    

  3. What city will be optimal for me — Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv? Any others?

  4. Are there any special aspects of cooperation with Ukrainian developers that I need to be aware of?  

  5. What are the factors I should consider when selecting an outsourcing vendor?

  6. How similar is the language used in technical and internal documentation? 

  7. What can I do to make my project more attractive to developers?

  8. Who is responsible for conducting interviews and onboarding?

  9. I need to make sure that my remote development team has everything they need.

  10. What can I do to make sure they have everything they need?

  11. Are there any outsourcing success stories you can share with me?

Where can software engineers be found in Ukraine in 2021?

In Eastern Europe, Ukraine is an excellent location if you are looking for developers for a number of reasons

  1. In Eastern Europe, Ukraine has the second highest number of software developers after Poland. Statistics from the latest statistics indicate that there are currently 200K programmers in Ukraine, along with 750+ IT service companies, among which 245 have over 50 employees.

  2. Compared with other countries in Europe, Ukraine has a lower level of tech talent.

  3. The number of foreign companies in Ukraine is lower than that of Poland. The advantage of hiring developers in Ukraine is that you won't have to compete with global giants.

  4. If you want to hire the top 10% of developers in Ukraine, choose a company with a strong employer brand. 

  5. According to the number of product tech companies, Kyiv is in 32nd place for best startup ecosystems in 2020. Despite this, most local developers are employed by large outsourcing companies rather than product companies.

  6. The number of Ukrainian tech hubs ranks 6th among the fastest-growing hubs in Europe. Ukraine has many universities and research institutes that were founded during the Soviet period, which is why it is Europe's sixth fastest growing tech hub. Computer science is offered at 40+ universities, and dozens of private schools graduate 23K or more programmers annually.

  7. Ukraine has a wide range of tech talent. In terms of the number of developers specializing in popular technologies such as Java, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Python, SQL, and PHP, the country boasts a leading position. In addition, Ukraine is home to some developers working with unusual technologies, such as Scala, Haskell, and C#. Essentially, you can get developers in Ukraine who are specialists in whatever technology your product requires.

  8. It is known that Ukrainian developers are creative, innovative, and critical thinkers.

  9. It is worth noting that the IT industry in Ukraine ranks highly compared to its peers, indicating that its market has been growing steadily.

  10. Ukraine is a good place to hire developers.

  11. Despite the high demand for Ukrainian tech talent, hiring developers has become easier after and during the quarantine since the number of available developers has increased.

How does the hiring process work in Ukraine? 

In this section of our hiring guide, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions that business owners have about hiring developers in Ukraine.

Is there an average salary for software developers in Ukraine?

The average salary of a junior developer in Ukraine is $1.5K per month. Middle developers earn $2,500 a month on average in Ukraine. In Ukraine, the average salary for a senior software developer is $4K a month. Junior developers make $18K, whereas senior developers make $48K. As the data may have varied depending on the programmers' location and skill set, it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Where to hire a developer full-time in Ukraine?

Ukraine's main tech talent hubs are Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv, and Dnipro. Kiev, Ukraine's capital, is home to the greatest number of developers. Kharkiv comes in second place, followed by Lviv, followed by Dnipro. Besides these places, there are a few others, such as Odesa (5%), Vinnytsia (3%), and Zaporizhia (2%).

How many developers are there in Ukraine?

Ukraine has about 200K software developers, and each year 23K new graduates join the industry. Among the top ten countries with the most Java development teams are Ukraine (8K), JavaScript (8K), Ruby on Rails (1K), Python (3K), and PHP (9K). 

Software developers are not the only ones you need to create a product. Other tech professionals are available in the Ukrainian market, such as project managers, team leaders, marketing professionals, and tech writers. 

How well do Ukrainian programmers speak English?  

The language level of Ukrainian programmers is upper-intermediate for 34%, intermediate for 34%, advanced for 13%, and elementary for 4%. Programmers based in the Ukraine and the United States who deal with businesses across the world should have a solid understanding of English. 

Should I outsource my product's core functions to Ukraine?

Outsourcing is one of the oldest types of businesses in Ukraine. Many outsourcing vendors in Ukraine have international security certificates and adhere to high security standards. 

A high level of service security is essential to stay competitive for tech vendors. If you outsource software development to an organization holding several international certifications, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands. 

What impact did the global crisis have on the Ukrainian tech market?

Despite the global crisis caused by the 2020 quarantine, Ukrainian tech companies continue to hire and post jobs. The quarantine has made Ukrainian developers more available, in our experience. 

Is hiring offshore developers in Ukraine more cost-effective

As we all know, great developers are expensive everywhere. When compared with hiring local programmers, how will hiring Ukrainian developers save you money? 

Taxes. Taxes on employment in Ukraine are much lower than in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, or the Netherlands. A developer must pay an annual social security contribution of 160 dollars ($5 per month) and a single income tax (5% of his or her salary). By partnering with a company that has experience in developing in Ukraine, you avoid the daunting task of learning the laws and procedures of the country. 

In this case, the company will not have to compensate the remote developer after he is fired. It is possible to part ways with Russian developers without having to wait an entire year. Scaling up or down can be done at any time without taking on financial risk.        

My experience with outsourcing was not successful. Is Ukraine the best place to outsource?

Cultural fit is crucial to the success of a remote collaboration. Since Ukrainian software developers and Western European programmers are so similar, it's unlikely that there will be any major differences in communication between them and their counterparts in the United States and Western Europe.

Ukraine's developers have also become known for their innovative ideas, proactivity, and initiative. In case he or she does not understand certain requirements, the Ukrainian programmer will ask you for clarification. 

When Ukrainian programmers see a better solution than what you're proposing, they won't keep quiet - they'll be concerned first and foremost with the success of your product.

Is Kyiv, Kharkiv, or Lviv the best place for me? Do you know of any others?

  • Kyiv  

  • Kharkiv 

  • Lviv 

  • Dnipro 

  • Odessa  

  • Vinnytsia 

  • Zaporizhia 

Ukraine's best cities for hiring software developers are Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, and Dnipro. These cities are home to 76 percent of all developers in this country. 

In each, there are one million people, good infrastructure, good flights, and a wide range of universities.

These factors create an environment that attracts hundreds of international businesses each year and creates new IT companies. If you're wondering how to hire developers in Ukraine, you'll find it most convenient to hire them in one of these cities:

Getting Ukrainian programmers to work in Kiev

With Kyiv being Ukraine's largest software development center and home to 37% of the country's IT talent, businesses find hiring Ukrainian programmers there an attractive option. Around 56K software developers live in Kyiv. Kyiv is home to many larger companies, making it a tougher market than other Ukrainian tech hubs. Additionally, Kyiv has 9.7 programmers per 1,000 citizens, the highest ratio in Ukraine. 

Kiev, as Ukraine's capital, has convenient connections with all the major European tech hubs, including Warsaw, Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna, Paris, and London. The location of Kyiv has often been chosen as the headquarters for international companies operating in Ukraine, since it is home to most of the companies that have offices there.  

Kharkiv is a good place to find Ukrainian developers 

Kharkiv has 480+ companies that provide IT services and build products, and employs over 26K developers. Kharkiv's IT sector has grown by 20 percent in the last two years. Kharkiv is mostly outsourced from the United States (74%), followed by Eastern Europe (19%). Traditionally, Kharkiv's IT firms concentrate on developing E-commerce products, games, and entertainment products. Further, their services include travel, banking, and fintech. 

Kharkiv is a cost-effective option for businesses seeking to hire programmers, as the city ranks second only to Kyiv in terms of the number of programmers. Kharkiv's developer salaries, however, are much lower than those in Kyiv. The regular international flights that fly from the local airport make traveling to Kharkiv convenient as well. Even though there is little competition for talent, the talent market here continues to grow due to the presence of so many tech universities. 

Among other factors contributing to Kharkiv's reputation as a student city are the many institutes of higher education that originated in the Soviet Union.     

Hiring Ukrainian software developers in Lviv

The Ukrainian software industry is a viable option for businesses in Lviv - at the beginning of 2020, the city had over 460 telecommunications companies employing 19K programmers. Lviv's programmers use JavaScript, C++, Java, C#, and Python most often. You won't face talent shortage problems, regardless of whether you hire dedicated PHP developers or hire an entire cross-functional team. Lviv has 80% technical workers in IT. More than 25% of developers in Lviv are also freelancers, entrepreneurs, or teachers.

Lviv has the most convenient geographic location compared to other Ukrainian tech hubs - it takes only an hour to fly to Warsaw from Lviv. The tech community in Lviv is vibrant, so it draws tech professionals from throughout Ukraine. No wonder Lviv's tech market has tripled in size over the last five years. 

Recruiting Ukrainian engineers in Dnipro

In Dnipro, there are 378 IT companies employing between 15K and 20K programmers, showing the city as yet another great place to hire web developers in Ukraine. Small and medium-sized firms dominate the market to the tune of 97%. In Dnipro, though, one in three developers works at a big company. The majority of Dnipro's IT companies provide services, followed by product businesses, startups, and service and business firms -- while international giants make up 3.4%.

Despite the low number of software developers in Dnipro, it keeps growing at a rapid rate. In Dnipro, the number of programmers is expected to double by 2025. It's also noteworthy that Dnipro's developers make up 40% of the workforce. 

What should I know about the special aspects of how to hire dot net developers?

Four main types of remote collaboration exist - hiring freelancers, establishing an R&D center, building a dedicated team, or outsourcing your project. Working remotely with Ukrainian developers can be done using any of the following models, depending on your business needs or expectations:


When the scope of your development tasks isn't extensive and software development isn't an important aspect of your business, hiring freelance developers is a great option. Often freelancers juggle multiple projects at once, so they are unable to meet deadlines and may have limited time to work on your product. If that won't be an issue for you, consider hiring a freelance developer in Ukraine. The country ranks second in Europe for the number of freelance developers, so you're very likely to find a freelancer here.   

R&D center

This model is most beneficial to large organizations looking to tap into foreign markets with their products or services and to outsource .net programmer. Building an R&D center is not too different from building your own business from the ground up - you'll need a diverse team of talent, from HR managers to project managers to software engineers with different specialties. In other words, you will have to hire around 50 professionals from the beginning. 

Dedicated team

Offshore software development in Ukraine is a viable alternative if your company does not have the resources to establish a remote R&D center and to collect together the best net developers. You assign remote developers exclusive responsibility for your product, just as you would with your in-house engineers. Management of your remote dedicated developers will be done using the tools and methods you prefer, and you can visit them whenever you like. All organizational matters will be handled by your tech partner. 

Project outsourcing

This model is a great option for businesses looking for net developer  that have strict and predictable technical requirements. Typically, you specify to the outsourcing vendor the project requirements, determine the deadline, and set the budget for the contract. Organizing and managing all organizational and managerial matters will be taken care of by the vendor's current staff. During the development process, the initial budget may increase if the requirements change.   

What should I look for when choosing an outsourcing provider and net programmers?

Choosing a reliable outsourcing vendor for IT outsourcing to Ukraine is crucial for successful collaboration with remote software developers. When looking for a reliable outsourcing vendor, pay attention to the following factors: maturity of the company, positive feedback from clients, expertise in a wide range of areas, similar values, established employer brand, and international certifications.  

  • Maturity of the company
    Make sure the outsourcing vendor you are considering has at least 5 years of experience. A vendor with experience will assist you in hiring developers, resolving crises, and improving your business. 

  • Positive feedback from clients
    is displayed on outsourcing vendors' websites, along with customer reviews on sites like Clutch, Goodfirms, and others. Furthermore, contacting the client's of the vendor directly may also yield recommendations. 

  • A wide range of experience in different domains The vendor should have experience in working with companies in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, eLearning, e-Commerce, and Telecom. The vendor demonstrates a broad understanding of business here. 

  • Similar values are important when it comes to working with your vendor. Would you say that transparency and flexibility are important to you? Confirm the vendor's participation. Like-minded people are necessary to succeed long-term. 

  • Well-established employer brand
    that extends beyond marketing. If your tech partner cares about retention rates and employee satisfaction, he or she is likely to be the best candidate to hire Ukrainian developers for your project. 

  • International certificates
    Look for the company's certifications - ISO or Microsoft, for example. Verify the company's ratings on reputable sites, such as Clutch and Goodfirms. Each of these tests ensures a high level of security.

What language is used internally and for technical documentation? 

Over the past two decades, engineers from Ukraine have successfully outsourced their programming work.

A majority of internal communication in the outsourcing industry is conducted in English, including daily briefings, email correspondence, and task management. In case you want your team to be able to work remotely, it is a good idea to switch to English before they begin working remotely, so that once they are remotely situated, they can communicate without any problems.

Additionally, it is important to write technical documentation in English (early or gradually).

In addition, it may help to discuss and document any aspects of collaboration to anticipate any (or all) issues. If necessary, get legal assistance to set up the contract conditions.

In order to attract good developers, what should I do?

It is the client's responsibility to prepare their own job descriptions aligned with their business needs and desired team structure. Recruiters at the vendor determine if candidates meet these requirements by examining a job description.

You can use the following tips to write effective job descriptions:

  • Focus on a candidate’s role

For the applicant's background information, it is recommended that 30 percent of it pertain to the organization's mission, departments, and key stakeholders. Candidates' performance in the workplace should comprise at least 30% of their evaluation.  

Companies and projects are sought by clients. As a result of the high demand for software engineers, almost any company can hire them. 

  • Dig deep into the project

It annoys me the most when people speak in clichés such as "digital transformation" or "bringing cutting-edge technology.".

In such a case, you would describe your situation: what your plans are, what you have already achieved, and what you hope to achieve. You should also mention the team members, clients, and stakeholders.

  • Be specific about technical skills

As much as possible, please be specific. You should provide a list of languages and frameworks that are required in the "Required" section.

It should be stated if you supervise others directly. Consult with a technical expert within your company, or one of the outsourcing companies, if you wish to change your job description.

The employee is responsible for conducting interviews with new employees and onboarding them?

Our hiring process for Ukrainian software developers was aided by the following checklist:

  • Additionally, regarding soft skills as well as technical skills, you should inquire

  • You can select the tools and methods that work best for you

  • A major aspect of feedback avoidance is avoiding feedback delays

  • The second interview is necessary in order to make a final decision

  • A new developer needs to be introduced.

  1. Along with technical skills, consider the candidate's soft skills.
    All technical skills for the job must be possessed by candidates, of course. Even so, make sure you like the candidate as a person, as a team that works well together is more efficient. 

  2. Recruit full-time remote employees in Ukraine with the tools and methods you already know and love. Recruiting overseas is not as difficult as recruiting locally due to the similarity of the process.

  3. There should be no delay in feedback.
    There is a high demand for Ukrainian companies as well as people who can fill open positions. If you like the developer, please do not hesitate to contact them as soon as possible after your interview. Additionally, the developer may be working on multiple projects simultaneously. You might lose them to your competitors if you don't do this. If there is negative feedback, let the candidate know.

  4. Conduct one more interview to ensure you hire the right candidate. It is imperative to hire the right individual if you are planning a long-term software development project in Ukraine, so ensure that the right developer hires the right individual. 

After interviewing multiple candidates, hold another interview if you cannot make a final decision.

  1. Spend at least a week in your office to introduce your new developer to your team, if you choose to hire someone from Ukraine. Afterwards, if meeting in person is not possible, you should discuss how you will collaborate together with your new employee.

In order for my developers to be successful, I need them to have access to all the tools they need. How can I ensure their success?

The next step is to build an open and productive relationship with your remote developers, who are now part of your development team. There is a need for a mediator in such a situation. Dedicated HR/Client Managers are assigned to your projects, so you are always in contact with an HR/Client Manager and your developers. Apart from enhancing collaboration, resolving disputes that occasionally (or occasionally) arise is also a critical role of this team.

The Client Manager is responsible for: 

  • Conducting performance reviews for your engineers

  • Whether a 12-month or one-year contract, if you evaluate employee satisfaction one, two, six, yearly, and twice a year, you'll get better results

  • You provide feedback on their performance and their development as a professional

  • Collecting feedback on areas for improvement

If you are looking for professional advice on how you can best compliment your net development team, please contact BitsOrchestra company and get answers to all your pending questions. 


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