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Construction cost estimating software

Calculations are essential for any business, but particularly for the construction industry.  Construction cost Estimating Software makes it easier to calculate various labor and material costs. Additionally, it can be used to create detailed, professional proposals. Creating an estimate can be based on a quick access to materials and labor costs in the cost database. All of your past projects with materials and labor costs are kept in the historical database. Often, it includes templates that include common parts and standard labor. Reporting is also included. If you work for a commercial contractor, HVAC contractor, earthwork contractor, or residential or electrical contractor, this type of software may be helpful to you.

Additionally, construction estimation is an important step in the contraction process. It can cause a project to unravel if not accurately stated.  If you still use spreadsheets to estimate in your construction business, you should start using Construction Cost Estimating Software that can help you simplify your estimating process and increase your chances of winning more construction contracts. Let's take a look at the most popular construction estimating software we currently have. 

#1 Stack

Stack cost estimating software is a cloud-based estimating tool for subcontractors and manufacturers of all sizes. Utilizing Stack, you can upload and take-off digital plans quickly and easily. All you need to do is make accurate estimates and submit accurate bids. There is a full suite of pre-built reports that can give users all the details and insights they need. Additionally, Stack provides a pre-built database that includes detailed lists of equipment and materials. The software is quite flexible and makes the transition process easy and convenient. 

#2 Edge

The Edge construction estimating software is a special software that enables commercial subcontractors to prepare estimates with greater accuracy, as well as increase efficiency and create consistency. The software provides correct estimates by clicking the screen of your mouth. You can buy this software with confidence. Designed by professional construction industry professionals the Edge is the most popular take off for estimating solutions in the industry.  

#3 Sage 300 

Real estate developers and property managers can use Sage 300 Construction Software to manage the entire project or property for the entire lifecycle with greater precision and efficiency. Along with project management, business management and project management, this software also provides business intelligence, service management, and comprehensive estimating tools. 

All of these CRMs can help you manage your construction project and take your construction business to the next level. 

With construction estimation software, you can store all of your cost estimators in one place. In this situation, cost estimators can assist you in getting bids and filling your pipeline with construction projects. 

With BitsOrchestra construction estimating software, you can create more comprehensive bids in half the time.Our company is ready to provide the right tool for every construction estimating job. Whether you are a large civil contractor or a small landscape specialist, BitsOrchestra is built for how you work.

Business value of construction estimation software

  • workflow/process automation

  • Digitalization

  • Better tracking and visibility of the current business state in terms of automated processes based on reports, dashboards and KPI’s; 

  • Improved staff coordination 

  • Optimization of human resources utilization and cost reduce 

  • Optimization of cost of human resources per action/operation 

  • Improved staff performance because of better coordination 

Building estimating software & Benefits 

Benefits of the construction estimation software include: 

  • General contractors

Construction estimation software allows general contractors to manage multiple teams, trades, and subcontractors 

  • Subcontractors

With this type of software subcontractors can do cost tracking, management of all their projects 

  • Civil Construction

Construction estimation software also allows complex infrastructure projects to remain on schedule by accelerating workflows. 

  • Education

For educational purposes, such software can provide professional development for users and guide them for future endeavors. 

  • Non-profit

It gives staff and volunteers access to technology, training, and technical assistance for no charge. 

ROI is the key to technology investments. Our cloud-based cost estimating software helps thousands of contractors reduce hours, cut costs, and increase profits.The advanced automation features typical for the software provided by BitsOrchestra enable your team to collaborate more effectively, and all with greater accuracy. 

With BitsOrchestra you will get: 

  • AUTOMATED MANAGEMENT. IMPROVED WORKFLOWS. With online access that makes it easy to share information and coordinate project tasks,cost estimating software built by  BitsOrchestra can help you break down data silos and help all project stakeholders work as one team.

  • BID MANAGEMENT. With powerful features of cost estimating software built by BitsOrchestra, you can store, view, update and share an unlimited number of bids.

  • CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT provided by BitsOrchestra company can Transform paper-based processes into digital ones and streamline project results by consolidating reports, notes, photos and other project documents in a single, easy-to-access location.  

  • INVITATION TO BID The best way to choose the right trade partners is to make sure your subcontractors submit accurate, complete, compliant and on-time bids. 

  • BID ANALYSIS Compare unlimited subcontractor bids side by side with a clear view of inclusions, exclusions, and low bid analysis. 

  • ESTIMATING ACCURACY. WINNING BIDS. You'll enjoy giving your business the edge it needs with BitsOrchestra's innovative estimating and preconstruction tools. Additionally, BitsOrchestra delivers the accuracy and detailed information you need to create more profitable projects.

  • CONSTRUCTION TAKEOFFS. Takeoffs are calculated on-screen during the calculation process after which manual measurements are eliminated. This saves about half a day. 

  • CONCEPTUAL ESTIMATING. Assess the financial viability of future projects by analyzing and applying aggregated historical estimate data. 

  • CONSTRUCTION CRM. Develop better client relationships with BitsOrchestra CRM, the perfect tool for monitoring past projects, spotting opportunities, and anticipating future needs. 

  • COST DATABASE. Take advantage of four built-in BitsOrchestra database options that are all designed with competitive costing in mind. 

  • INSTANT VISIBILITY. GREATER CONTROL. By centralizing all your project data in BitsOrchestra, you can keep all project information organized, keep teams informed, and ensure that construction jobs run smoothly.

  • CONSTRUCTION REPORTING. Bring a new level of professionalism to your proposals with a variety of easy-to-use, customizable reporting templates. 

  • CONSTRUCTION PROPOSALS Make your proposals stand out from the crowd by organizing and presenting project information to internal teams, clients and prospects. 

  • CONSTRUCTION ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE Connect BitsOrchestra to your accounting software to track and manage financial information from start to finish.

  • EASY-TO-READ DASHBOARDS Visualize year-to-date revenues won, close rates, and projects on the way for much more precise forecasting.

  • PAY ONLY FOR THE JOBS YOU WIN. When you create project estimates with BitsOrchestra, you'll never pay more than you should. By calculating the subscription price based on awarded work, BitsOrchestra keeps costs low and productivity high.

  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION KEEP YOU IN CONTROL FROM BID TO CLOSE OUT. Integrate BitsOrchestra with industry-specific project management and accounting applications and create an integrated end-to-end solution that reduces errors, saves time and streamlines workflows.

  • CONSTRUCTION CRM SOFTWARE. Construction CRM can ensure positive and productive long-term relationships with your clients-which is why they are so valuable to your business.Additionally,  BitsOrchestra CRM keeps track of vital customer information for you, including type, status, estimating history, etc.— providing real-time insight into client needs and enabling you to build long-term relationships.


  • UNLIMITED CONTACTS  Add an unlimited number of contacts for every project you estimate

  • TASK UPDATES Manage client-facing tasks with continuous status ribbon updates

  • PROJECT SCHEDULING Schedule tasks, calls, follow-up requests, and meetings easily

  • POST-PROJECT VISIBILITY The ability to record historical estimate data can give teams a complete picture of the project

  • CONSOLIDATED HISTORIES Promptly and conveniently access the complete client history of all projects

  • NETWORK EXPANSION Monitor the status of your contacts to expand your professional network

  • When construction CRM is in the cloud, you take care of your clients. 

Construction estimator program 

Construction cost estimating software has all the CRM capabilities that have been significantly enhanced. Using this type of software, you can easily store, access, and share customer information, and stay up-to-date on client changes, personnel changes, and important business developments. Whether it's a new project or a project you have already completed, work together with your team on this simple platform to provide your clients with the service they deserve.

  • A CENTRALIZED INFORMATION SOURCE It is easy to keep track of client and prospect information, subcontractors, materials vendors, and group partners.

  • DETAILED CONTACT INFORMATION Organize and view historical prospect information, such as phone numbers and email addresses.

  • ACCOUNT-SPECIFIC INSIGHT You can gain new insights into specific accounts when you have a consolidated view of the estimates generated for their projects and the status of each.

  • DAILY TASK ORGANIZATION Manage your appointments, tasks, meetings, and other activities with an easy-to-read task list.

Our construction software does not usually require hours of training to estimate. Everything is self-explanatory.

  1. Create a project 

  2. Upload documents 

  3. Set the scale 

  4. Measure 

  5. Print out or Transfer Values to Spreadsheet. 

Our software solution is usually fast and easy to use. 

With our designs, users are able to quickly identify the right dimension right from the screen.



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