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In today's world, businesses are becoming very popular over the Internet for a variety of reasons. The Web is the most effective means to reach as many business clients as possible with minimal investment and minimal effort, and all kinds of business transactions can be conducted from anywhere in the world. The .NET web development services are a component of the architecture that is used in developing the majority of web applications. .NET provides the environment for developing powerful web applications in which a scalable, stable, consistent, and reliable computing environment is built.

There are many different programming needs that the .Net framework addresses, including web development, networking, interface design, database connections, and data access. Therefore, the arrival of dot net programming facilitated and made the development of dot net applications much more extensive.

There are four main benefits of .Net Framework: (1) Simple deployment, (2) Interoperability, (3) Secure applications, (4) Flexible application deployment. 

The Microsoft .NET Framework is a software framework developed for Microsoft Windows operating systems. A lot of people consider Drupal to be a software framework that contains a great library and can be used to develop applications and websites using a variety of programming languages. The ability to use code that has been written in another language is referred to as language interoperability which allows any language to be used to run the code written in another language. In the field of web application development, .Net development is a very popular choice today. It requires, however, the .NET Framework or Windows 7 SDK (software development kit) for Visual Studio 2010. Recent years have seen a strong demand for .Net development among existing and new website owners who need most features but without spending much. Statistically, its usage has been growing among online business owners who wish to boost the business with catchy web applications.

Windows is the operating system on which the Microsoft .NET framework is built. The software framework has a wide array of libraries and programming languages that can be used to build applications and pages. This phenomenon, referred to as language interoperability, lets any language utilize code created in another language. Currently, .NET development is one of the most popular options available for the development of web applications. Despite its requirements, Windows 7 or .NET Framework, as well as Microsoft's SDK (software development kit), will need to be installed on your computer. 

Among the existing and new website owners who wish to avail of the majority of its features without spending much, dot Net development has become a strong demand in recent months. According to statistics shown by current time, its usage is increasing among online business owners who are looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage through the use of a catchy web application.

In order to support businesses, there are several commercial .NET services that are available, including:

  • .NET custom control development

  • Migrating desktop and web applications to .NET

  • .NET Web and Desktop Application Development

  • .NET design and architecture evaluation

  • .NET Software Product Development

  • Application development and .NET Architecture

  • Web Services based .Net Application development

It is through .NET that you can successfully develop your business by generating huge quantities of data that contain detailed information about your products, your customers, your people, and your business operations.

As part of the development and deployment of corporate web services and applications, .NET development reduces both cost and time. Software interoperability is a significant benefit of developing applications with .Net. It is the consensus of web experts and specialists that they create their corresponding web applications on the .NET platform because it is just ideal for developing database-centric web applications and services.

Key Benefits of .NET framework:


  1. Interoperability

In the .NET framework, the code can be reused multiple times in a development process, so offshore dot net developers can make the development more effective by reusing the code multiple times.

  1. Platform-agnostic

Cross-platform means the functionality in .NET Core can be used on any platform, including Windows, OS X, and Linux. So as a result, software developers are able to develop applications that run across multiple platforms, and they can port the existing apps to multiple platforms.

  1. Easy for cloud development

In order to improve the services provided by its cloud computing infrastructure, Microsoft has dedicated a lot of resources to this project. Because of its capabilities you can build scalable and fast applications. 

Furthermore, deploying applications to the cloud is made easier because .NET is built into Docker containers, making it possible to deploy applications in a lightweight and effective manner.

  1. Security

In order to keep .NET-based solutions protected, the .NET framework provides a number of security practices. In addition, there are classes built into the framework that support Windows authentication and cryptography.

  1. Variety of tools

Because the .NET framework is widely used, a number of tools have appeared that are capable of making work more efficient. Among these is Entity framework, which facilitates the use of databases, Blazor, which makes it simple to write both the front-end and the back-end of a web application in C#, and many more. 

Moreover, by integrating with Microsoft's services, among other things such as Biztalk services, several kinds of CRM, etc., it offers support and enhancements.


  1. Lebara

Lebara is a leading global mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) employing over 62 nationalities throughout six countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  We have been providing development services at Lebara since December 2014, having built a development center which combines a broad range of expertise including software development, quality assurance, analytics development and operations, application support, database administration, and infrastructure support - everything all in one place.

  1. Code Worldwide

Founded in 1996, Code Worldwide provides clients with cutting-edge technology and data to help them design new ways to take their marketing forward. N-iX was contracted by the client to provide support for the system, build a functional communications protocol between the different services and ensure their stability.

  1. RateSetter

RateSetter offers peer-to-peer lending services in the UK and Australia, with thousands of active customers and has matched more than £3,6 billion in loans. 


  1. BitsOrchestra has over 17 years of experience delivering secure and scalable .NET applications to our clients from all over the world;

  2. We provide .NET services to our customers in fintech, telecom, manufacturing, energy management, and other industries. Our portfolio features .NET-based applications for such global companies as Lebara, RateSetter, Opentext, TuneIn, Orbus Software, and more;

  3. We have an ever-growing talent pool of .NET engineers. What’s more, N-iX boasts a strong .NET community that promotes the professional growth of our .NET experts;

  4. Our experts use .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, and Xamarin to deliver successful .NET applications.


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What our clients say

Bits Orchestra team are outstanding developers‚Äč. They listen carefully to our business needs and easily turns our business objectives into a well thought out and executed development effort. Roman is very bright and definitely the most capable developer that has worked on our site. He is not only a Kentico expert but has successfully tackled other complicated development assignments demonstrating expertise in both front and backend development. Roman takes initiative to suggest enhancements that make site maintenance easier while improving the customer experience. The team is very responsive to our work requests and has great follow up. They have also worked very business partners and this has reflected positively on our company. Roman is a true partner for us and a tremendous asset to our organization. We will continue to work with them and would highly recommend Roman and his team for your development needs. He and his team will exceed your expectations!
 Alan Lehmann
Alan Lehmann
President at In energy sector

What our clients say

The Bits Orchestra team does excellent work. They are always available and I appreciate our frequent calls and screen-shares together. Their dedication to the projects and knowledge of Kentico is outstanding. They truly care about the quality of their work, and became a part of our team easily!
Shena Lowe
Shena Lowe
Managing Partner at Consensus Interactive

What our clients say

We hired Roman for a Kentico analysis project and have been very satisfied. He is very skilled and professional. We are looking to hire him and his team again on future projects.
Sylvain Audet
Sylvain Audet
CEO at

What our clients say

Roman and team have taken over an existing Kentico EMS site for a large US Oil Company. So far, they have handled every single request that we have thrown at them and these were diverse, challenging, often bespoke, usually urgent and almost daily, over the last 11 months. Their work is of an extremely high quality, they are capable, quick and we have great confidence in the support that we are getting.
Jon Hollis
Jon Hollis
Head of Web Development at confidential

What our clients say

Bits Orchestra team was very helpful, they had a good understanding of the brief and deep knowledge of the system. They were always keen to provide advice and recommendations that benefit the project substantially.
Ramon Lapenta
Ramon Lapenta
Senior Front End Developer at Cyber-Duck Ltd