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Accelerate your mobile strategy with cross-platform solutions. At Bits Orchestra, we develop high-performance 

mobile apps that deliver a seamless experience on any device. Transform your ideas into dynamic,

 cross-platform applications that engage and inspire your audience everywhere.

 Mobile app development services for success

Our team creates custom mobile applications that are ideally aligned with your business objectives, satisfy your 

requirements, and stand out in the digital arena.

<h4>Product design</h4>

Product design

At Bits Orchestra, we take a closer look at your brand's distinctive features. Our goal is to showcase your competitive advantage, your uniqueness, and your brand's key values to your audience. Our product design will make you stand out of the crowd and resonate with your users, ultimately leading to a successful and bright digital presence.

<h4>Mobile app consulting</h4>

Mobile app consulting

Our team will give you a hand from step one of your app concept. If you need assistance in selecting the best platform or seek advice on device compatibility, project timelines, or development costs, we are here for you. Our consultation services are intended to give you a full understanding of all processes and decide on the best solution for your brand.

<h4>Mobile app design</h4>

Mobile app design

We are pros in building streamlined, pleasant user experiences that are accompanied by visually attractive user interfaces. We concentrate on creating apps that catch the user’s eye,  inspire interaction, and allow simple adoption. Our methodology implies that each design piece is crafted with precision to improve user engagement and boost conversions.

<h4>Mobile app development</h4>

Mobile app development

We have over 20+ projects we can boast about and our developers are skilled at creating fast, stable, and high-performing mobile applications. Our development process is straightforward and swift and you can count on high-quality apps that live up to your expectations.

<h4>Mobile app modernization</h4>

Mobile app modernization

We are experts in user experience makeovers, rethinking the architecture, and refactoring code for outdated mobile apps that require an update. Our upgrade services give out-of-date mobile apps a fresh lease of life, making sure they stay relevant in the constantly changing digital world.

<h4>Mobile app integration</h4>

Mobile app integration

We understand various APIs and can ensure that your mobile app works seamlessly with other apps and backend systems. Our goal is to make your software run smoothly and keep your users satisfied.

<h4>Web development</h4>

Web development

In addition to mobile apps, Bits Orchestra can improve your digital universe by complementing web solutions such as web apps, online storefronts, and SaaS platforms. Our web dev services are designed to create a unified and complete digital environment along with your mobile app.

<h4>Maintenance and support</h4>

Maintenance and support

Bits Orchestra provides comprehensive post-launch support, spanning from Level 1 to Level 3, encompassing security upgrades, performance optimization, and compliance updates to keep your mobile app modern and competitive in the market.

<h4>Testing and QA</h4>

Testing and QA

We are committed to quality, our ISTQB-certified test engineers carry out comprehensive testing which includes functionality, performance, security, and user experience. Our thorough testing and quality assurance procedures are made to guarantee that, before being released onto the market, your app satisfies the strictest requirements for dependability and quality.

Mobile App Solutions For Industries

We have deep knowledge in creating state-of-the-art digital solutions for a wide range of clients in different industries, 

from startups to well-established enterprises.



Our mobile app solutions enable the education industry to benefit from the realities of digital evolution. These applications, which were created by knowledgeable engineers with an emphasis on engagement, considerably improved the educational process in all subject areas.



We create patient-focused iOS and Android apps to provide more autonomy to both patients and healthcare providers. Our devoted mobile app development team possesses solid technical capabilities to craft mobile app solutions that streamline operational effectiveness in the healthcare delivery sector.

Retail & eCommerce

Retail & eCommerce

Our mobile software solutions for e-commerce revolutionize the way consumers purchase in the fast-paced world of contemporary retail. We design apps with improved consumer engagement, purchasing procedures, and attractive interfaces to achieve the desired increase in sales.

Financial Services

Financial Services

Take advantage of our scalable mobile app technology to meet the changing needs of the digital consumer in banking and finance. We fulfill the needs of today's clients, maintain compliance, and improve the user journey, by making apps that stand out in speed, security, and innovation.



Our mobile app solutions bring the manufacturing industry into the digital era, boosting efficiency and global connectivity. Designed for innovation, these solutions simplify production, inventory, and quality control, enabling manufacturers to embrace digital transformation and enhance productivity.



We develop bespoke iOS and Android apps that transform the construction experience for contractors, project managers, and clients. Featuring project tracking tools, resource allocation, and real-time communication, these apps streamline project management while enhancing operational efficiency and engagement in the construction sector.

Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

Whether it’s route planning, tracking, delivery procedures and other related services, we guarantee their impeccable delivery with our straightforward and user-centric mobile apps. Complex things should be easy for users to make their journey smooth and enjoyable.

Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality

With the help of our state-of-the-art mobile apps, travel and hospitality businesses can elevate the visitor’s experience. Our iOS and Android apps make use of the potential of the mobile device to make travel arrangements, check-ins, and bookings a breeze for your clients.


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Why choose us for your
Mobile app development needs

01. We've created a ton of fantastic Apps

When it comes to mobile development services, we practice an agile and flexible approach, meaning your projects hit the ground running without breaking the bank.

02. We value transparency and trust

Every step of the way, we prioritize open communication. Our chosen approach is to be always upfront with you regarding your project.

03. We're good with all the platforms

Our expertise lies in developing hybrid mobile apps that function flawlessly on both iOS and Android platforms, allowing you to save time and money while expanding your user base.

04. Our apps scale with you

Every software we build is designed with the future in mind. Our iOS app development and Android app development teams guarantee that your mobile app evolves and scales along with your business to meet your company goals.

05. We keep apps running smoothly

Our mobile app development process has been optimized to pay dividends. We prioritize quality at every stage, conducting thorough quality assurance testing to make sure the finished product is error-free.

06. Users love the product we create

We put the user experience first, designing user-friendly interfaces that captivate and delight users. Also, long after it launches, your app will continue to function properly thanks to our maintenance and support.


why choose bitsorchestra

Our Mobile app development process

We offer turn-key mobile app development tailored to your industry and budget.


Setting goals

We begin by understanding clearly what we want to achieve, ensuring that everyone is on board. This is critical for our project managers to successfully oversee the team.



We create a detailed strategy outlining what features our ios or android apps will include, with the goal of reaching a large number of users on the App Store or Google Play.


Design phase

We draw the first draft of our project, offering us a preview of what's involved. This stage is critical for effectively managing development costs.


Project kickoff

This is the point at which we officially begin work, going from planning to execution.


Building the app

This step is all about creating the app and coding it to match all we had planned for it.


Testing with users

We consult with our future app users to ensure that the app is on track and satisfies their requirements.


First release

We release a minimal version of the software to a limited group of people first, then use their feedback to enhance it.


Official launch

It’s a day when we make our app available for everyone to download and use.


Ongoing support

Following the launch, we're ready to assist with any concerns or fixes.

UI/UX design for productivity mobile app

The app is popular among users who like to organise their tasks and be more productive

Сar service mobile application development for Naoo

We implemented fully functional roadside assistance mobile application to help customers call a repair service or tow truck in case of accidents.

Development mobile dispatcher app for managing crossing guards

As result team developed XGuard App for IOS and Android OS Platforms that provides a one-stop tool for ASP employees to do their job

UI/UX design for productivity mobile app (pet)
ASP Guard (mobile app)

Tech stack we use for our
Mobile application development services

Our Mobile Application Development Services use a varied technology stack, including cutting-edge platforms

 and languages, to create strong and scalable mobile apps

Cross-platform mobile app development

Your app needs to be accessible to as many people as possible in today's digital environment, regardless of the device or operating system they are using. This is where our proficiency in developing cross-platform app development might come in handy. Our expertise lies in developing functional mobile applications that run flawlessly across multiple platforms. This implies that your app maintains the same level of functionality and aesthetics for both iOS and Android users in your app. By choosing our cross-platform development services, you may cut expenses and reduce the time it takes to launch, all while avoiding missing out on the opportunity to reach a large audience. Our staff of mobile app developers provides a complete digital solution that expands your user base.

Progressive web app development

We are experts at developing progressive web app development, combining custom mobile and web mobile applications to create the best possible digital experience. By providing excellent performance and user engagement without requiring conventional app store downloads, our app solutions push the envelope. Our Progressive online Apps are made to function flawlessly as both accessible online apps and native mobile apps, ensuring your company takes advantage of the best of both worlds. Our PWAs are rethinking the way businesses interact with their audience, with features like rapid loading times and offline functionality. Additionally, our thorough app testing guarantees that your native app satisfies the most demanding user at a reasonable cost.

Frequently asked questions

How do Bits Orchestra mobile developers differ from others?

Bits Orchestra mobile developers stand out for their expertise in cross-platform technologies, including react Native, Javascript, Flutter, Native Script, TypeScript for cross-platform solutions. They mix innovative ideas with a strong focus on user experience, ensuring that each software is not just functional but also interesting and user-friendly.

Why is Bits Orchestra the best for mobile application development services?

Bits Orchestra is a team that prioritizes clarity, efficiency, and agile approaches. Our methodology is geared to your specific business requirements, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as Azure, JavaScript, and blockchain to create high-quality mobile applications that engage users and achieve your business’s strategic goals.

What is your mobile app development process?

Our approach is based on transparency and ongoing open communication. We use a staged agile methodology that involves collecting your wishes, front-end and back-end design, development, app testing, and deployment, ensuring that each stage is consistent with our client's goals. Development is carried out in iterative cycles, with a focus on minimizing complexity and ensuring efficient distribution.

What is the cost of developing an app?

The cost of developing an app varies greatly depending on its complexity, platform (both iOS and Android), design requirements, and feature set. A basic app can cost a few thousand dollars, but more complex solutions can cost tens of thousands or more. We provide thorough estimates after we understand your specific needs.

What team do you need to build an app?

Our multi-skilled team is often required to build an app, comprising project managers, UI/UX designers, mobile developers (for both iOS and Android, if necessary),  quality assurance testers, and others. This diverse team guarantees that the app fulfills the highest design, functionality, and usability standards.

How long does it take from the project kickoff to the official launch?  

It might take several months to develop simple mobile apps and speaking of the complex projects, it might be as long as a year.  There are different factors influencing the timeline depending on the app's features, integrations, and other requirements.

How can an enterprise mobile application stay secure?

It’s important that a mobile application implement strong encryption methods, as well as such indispensable things as regular security audits,  secure coding practices, timely updates to address vulnerabilities, and two-factor authentication. It wouldn’t hurt to teach users the best security practices either.

What type of talent does Bits Orchestra have?

We have real pros on board capable of providing turn-key solutions for your business—software developers, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, and project managers.

Which mobile app is best: native, cross-platform, or hybrid?

The choice of the mobile app largely depends on your specific requirements. Cross-platform apps are more widespread and can boast great efficiency without breaking your budget. You can expect good performance from the native apps, but be ready to invest more funds in them. Hybrid apps combine elements of both, offering good functionality at a relatively low cost.

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