Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

We believe that site is a facade of your business and helps business to communicate with the entire world through it. But the purpose of the site is to generate revenue. Web site, in most cases, is not capable to generate revenue on its own (unless it is e-shop), but helps interest potential clients. Business goal is to capture leads, warm them up and make sure it orders products or services.

That being said we focus on building ecosystem containing and integrating together website, SM pages, messengers and other communicating channels, ads campaign tools, analytics tools and CRM platform. Such systems improve marketing team efficiency allowing them quickly design, implement and test new strategies (hypothesis). Also, it reduces manual actions a lot as it automates a lot of steps.

For example chat bot could conduct some initial communication gathering necessary data for sales manager, so he could communicate with client accordingly; or imagine your sales present some goods or services at exhibition and if someone is interested they fill in contact info, submit a form and lead is stored into CRM, which automatically send him a presentation and creates a task for sales rep to follow up in some time; or having lead coming from Facebook is stored into a CRM and now you can show ads to that lead depending on his status in CRM, so you keep warm him up, but optimize ads expenses.

In general, we build a digital pipeline that represent customer journey from the very beginning and until they make a purchase(s).

The below chart outlines described ecosystem on high level:

Picture 1: Marketing ecosystem example

Most components of the above schema are working on either attracting potential clients or capture information necessary for sales managers to communicate with the leads. Most of the magic happens on the 4th phase (Convert) of the chart: with business process set up sales managers don’t have to track or remember who/when/what for they should contact, system automatically generate appropriate tasks, set due date and assigns responsible manager and provides all necessary information. Changing leads’ status will trigger appropriate automation, that might email clients, create new task, notify manager or whatever else you might need.

Marketing Plan

We start by establishing a clear and actionable plan for your digital marketing. We use a robust and practical approach to define your brand, understand your competitive landscape and communicate with your ideal customers.

With a couple of hours of your time we provide the following concrete results:

  • Buyer Personas help you understand your ideal clients: those who spend the most, come back for more, and give you referrals.
  • Client Interviews with five of your clients to uncover vital information for developing your marketing plan and discover growth opportunities.
  • Competitive Research: a review of your three main competitors, including their online presence and their position in the market.
  • Core Message describing the problems and needs of your ideal clients, how you help them, and how you are different from your competitors, making you unique in the eyes of your customers.
  • Brand Book: A clear presentation of your overall Strategy and Brand, and Style Guide for your logo, fonts and colours. This is presented as a nicely designed book to share with employees, partners and suppliers, ensuring consistency in communication.
  • Homepage Content: The full content of your homepage based on your core message, with the objective to engage and convert your ideal client.
  • Keyword Research identifying the main search terms used by your ideal clients and the opportunity to be found on Google.
  • Content Calendar: A calendar that directs your content deliverables, including overall themes, individual blogs and other types of content.

Content marketing and social media

We create a content calendar that focusses on the needs of your ideal clients. Based on the calendar we write and post unique and engaging articles such as services pages and blogs, optimize them for search engines and publish them to your website. For each article, we generate 30 social media posts that are spread out over one year after its publication (10 each on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). We publish an additional 25 handcrafted social media posts each month across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stimulate social media growth, activity, and engagement. seo-site.jpg

Search engine optimization

Just having a website isn’t enough to bring in clients, it needs to be found. Here is an overview of what we do to get you on page one of Google:

  • On-page SEO. Each web page will be optimized by implementing the chosen keyword phrases in the content and metatags (Title Tags, Description Tags, Alt Tags, Content Optimization)
  • Technical fundamentals to make sure all technical elements required to be found on Google are implemented (XML Sitemap, Robots.txt, Site URL Structure Optimization, Google Webmaster)
  • Implement Structured Data Schema to inform search engines with standardized data such as your address and business category.
  • Backlinks. We get industry-relevant websites to place a link on their site which points back to your website. The more high-quality links you have pointing to your website the better the chance at ranking for competitive keywords.
  • A strong Google My Business presence will lead to direct customer interaction. We optimize your account and keep it active with fresh content.
  • We establish and optimize directory listings across the major national and industry directories such as YellowPages and Yelp.
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