All businesses have multiple business flows and processes. In most cases there is no single software product that can handle all business needs. That unpleasant fact results in data spread across different software tools and requires some manual work to transfer it from one system to another in order to keep moving offline processes. So all those systems are independent and untied from each other.

As a simple example there might be website and product inventory management tool - both they are pieces of a larger system that should remain in sync and communicate to each other all the time. If they are not, imagine someone purchased a product on a website, but inventory has no idea about that and someone needs to update inventory manually. In case there is other software that relies on inventory - someone will have to update it as well. Or, in the opposite direction, if inventory has been updated someone will need to export all the products and upload them anywhere products are being used.

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Most businesses have covered the described case, but there are many more: CRM integration, chat bots, image repository integration, product documentation system, project/task management tools, HR tools, payroll system, user account and facilities directories, process management tools, dispatchers and finally any type of custom integration between third party systems.

Integration fill in gaps between different pieces of software making it work as a single mechanism making them share data and trigger events, which results into process automation and less manual work, leaving more room for creativity, collecting all types of data in a single place for reporting, KPIs tracking to have the entire picture of your business on one view with a possibilities to drill down into details.

Image the wheels are unplugged from the engine in your vehicle... - why would I need such a vehicle, you ask? - We’re asking why would you need such a business, where different parts of it do not work together, in harmony, in order to get you where you want?!

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