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Choosing BitsOrchestra for your .NET development needs means partnering with an experienced team dedicated to quality, 

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<h4>Expertise tailored to your industry</h4>

Expertise tailored to your industry

We've been specializing in .NET development since 2018 bringing in a wealth of expertise to every project. Equipped with expertise in solution architecture, leading CMS platforms, front-end technologies, cloud services, and more, our team is ready to improve your product at every step of the agile development cycle. Access our .NET programmers' deep knowledge and high level of expertise in fintech, e-commerce, manufacturing, and other industries.

<h4>Effective management &amp; onboarding</h4>

Effective management & onboarding

Enjoy a hassle-free experience from start to finish with BitsOrchestra. Our streamlined onboarding process and flexible hiring models mean your project gets off the ground without delay, supported by a management approach that's as smooth as it is efficient. We know how to create a favorable environment that motivates our developers and encourages them to produce great results.

<h4>Extensive talent pool</h4>

Extensive talent pool

Gain access to top-tier .NET development talent in Ukraine where BitsOrchestra offers you the unique advantage of hiring NET developers. This approach ensures premium quality at a value, highlighting the exceptional skills available in Ukraine. Our experts are highly valued for their professionalism, dedication, and deep understanding of various engineering frameworks, programming languages, methodologies, architectures, and essential programming concepts.

<h4>Flexible &amp; adaptive engagement models</h4>

Flexible & adaptive engagement models

Our flexible hiring models are designed to suit your project's scale and complexity. Whether you need a dedicated .NET team or project-based support, our models are adaptable to your business demands. We can easily find professional .NET developers for hire who will become part of your existing team. You'll have complete control, easily adjusting the team size and project details as required. With over 40+ experts at your disposal, expect smooth management, clear project insights, and faster launches.

<h4>Solutions for unique challenges</h4>

Solutions for unique challenges

We offer solutions derived from a thorough assessment of your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your business needs. Meet our skilled Microsoft .NET developers equipped with the necessary tech stack and skills to make your product successful in the market. Our team approaches every project with a fresh outlook, covering all possible development needs ranging from mobile apps and web applications to software development for various industries and purposes.

<h4>Transparent pricing, no hidden costs</h4>

Transparent pricing, no hidden costs

With BitsOrchestra, what you see is what you get. Our cost-effective pricing models are straightforward, ensuring you receive top-quality .NET development services without hidden fees or unexpected costs, making financial planning and budgeting easier. We offer flexible pricing options, including hourly rates for dynamic needs and project-based pricing for fixed-cost clarity. This approach ensures that, whether your project demands extensive customization or has a defined end goal, our pricing adapts to your specific needs.


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Comprehensive .NET development services

Choose to hire .NET developers with us and you'll gain access to specialized knowledge and skills in .NET-centric 

application development and .NET migration across various fields. We are here to create robust, scalable, 

and highly effective solutions for your needs.

<h4 class="txt--gray text-white">Custom software development</h4>

Custom software development

From concept to completion, we offer custom-built software solutions crafted to fit the unique requirements of your business. Whether you need applications for the web, mobile, or cloud, our targeted approach guarantees that your software meets your business goals. The software that works like a well-oiled machine will give you a distinct market advantage and enhance your operational efficiency and our team guarantees it.

<h4 class="txt--gray text-white">Web development</h4>

Web development

Skilled in .NET and ASP.NET frameworks, we build everything from personalized web apps to versatile universal applications. We are committed to providing you with a web space that stands out and attracts users or even exceeds their expectations. Our SP.NET Web Application Development service covers everything from design to final deployment. We build scalable, secure options that can perfectly fit your needs and help grow your business.

<h4 class="txt--gray text-white">Mobile app development</h4>

Mobile app development

Reveal the full potential of your mobile applications with our expert .NET development services. iOS, Android, or both, our team specializes in both native and cross-platform solutions, ensuring your app performs flawlessly across all devices. Our mobile app development services are perfect for both budding startups and established enterprise companies, aiming to unlock new market opportunities. We provide a full suite of mobile development services, from rapid prototyping to final delivery in app stores.

<h4 class="text-white">Custom CMS development</h4>

Custom CMS development

Whether you're looking to build a feature-rich website or a multi-functional portal, our dedicated team leverages the latest .NET technologies to deliver customized solutions that perfectly align with your business objectives. Our comprehensive service includes everything from CMS strategy and custom module development to integration and ongoing support, ensuring your project's success from inception to launch and beyond. Unlock the potential of your online presence with our expert CMS development services tailored for .NET platforms.

<h4 class="txt--gray text-white">Enterprise solutions and consulting</h4>

Enterprise solutions and consulting

We meet the growing demands of enterprises with our .NET Enterprise Application Development, including specialized ASP.NET solutions. With our .NET Consulting service, you're getting more than just advice. Our experts dive deep into .NET architecture, applying industry best practices and insights to provide you with important data. Our solution .NET Migration & Integration makes the switch from outdated legacy systems to .NET smooth and stress-free making your new .NET applications work seamlessly within your existing IT ecosystem.

<h4 class="txt--gray text-white">Cloud and advanced .NET services</h4>

Cloud and advanced .NET services

Our team specializes in Azure to transform your concepts into cloud-based apps, while setting up the necessary infrastructure. We use cloud technologies to enhance your projects, making them more adaptable. .Net Core Development is another way to build modern, high-performance web apps that stand out for their speed and efficiency. This approach involves using the latest .NET Core tech to deliver sleek, responsive web experiences. Our .NET Migration services are designed to make your existing .NET apps match the latest .NET Core standards. This makes your platform ready for tomorrow's challenges.

Bits Orchestra hiring process: our 6 key steps before you get the best .NET engineers

With our carefully planned six-step hiring strategy, BitsOrchestra ensures that only the most talented and dedicated .NET developers join our team. We choose professionals based on their technical expertise and soft skills.


Detailed resume review

Our first step involves a thorough examination of candidates' resumes to review their portfolio and technical skills, making sure they meet the job requirements.


Recruitment specialist interview

At this phase, we engage closely with candidates to thoroughly explore their experiences and determine their fit for the role.


Soft skills assessment

Our HR experts interview candidates to evaluate their communication skills and cultural fit, followed by a task to evaluate problem-solving, teamwork, and adaptability for project changes.


Interview with PM/Team lead

This stage allows our project managers or team leads to understand the candidate's technical skills, leadership potential, and ability to drive project success.


Technical skills assessment

We test the candidate's core .NET skills, coding ability, and solution-oriented mindset to cope with real-world programming challenges.


Clients interview

Skilled .NET developers advancing from prior stages may undergo an interview with our clients, allowing direct assessment of their suitability for project needs and ensuring they meet client expectations.

ML based SaaS solution for students enrollment prediction

Given ML app is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance and optimize enrollment management processes, improving efficiency and effectiveness

Custom order management system development for Kustom Printing

The main result of the project is developed web application for Kustom Printing Products that focuses on managing the maintenance and repair of printers and their components.

Web catalog for outdoor activities management

We got the site that helps business partners and editors easily publish and manage their events, adventures, clubs on the public live site

Saas solution development for Social media AI platform

Simple and user-friendly SaaS platform to get end consumers' Social Media Marketing to the next level extracting the most essential out of it

Marketplace for builders and subcontractors development

The platform is already being used by several leading companies engaging multiple subcontractors, resulting in successful deals within the first week of the platform's release

Content management and marketing app in Kentico MVC

PJ Our Way application has been integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well as custom API built on top of it

Enrollml (NDA)
Kustom Printing
ASP Guard (web)
PJ Our Way


All the newest software development technologies, tools, frameworks,

 programming languages, and platforms.

Front end
Back end
Clouds & DevOps/Hosting
Continuous integration (deployment)

Clients about BitsOrchestra

Bits Orchestra has completed over 130 projects for various clients, from startups and small to medium businesses to enterprise industry leaders. We work across multiple industries, including manufacturing, education, financial services, fitness and wellness, banking, and ecommerce. We are a trusted tech partner for businesses seeking innovative and effective digital solutions

Bits Orchestra team are outstanding developers‚Äč. They listen carefully to our business needs and easily turns our business objectives into a well thought out and executed development effort. Roman is very bright and definitely the most capable developer that has worked on our site. He is not only a Kentico expert but has successfully tackled other complicated development assignments demonstrating expertise in both front and backend development. Roman takes initiative to suggest enhancements that make site maintenance easier while improving the customer experience. The team is very responsive to our work requests and has great follow up. They have also worked very business partners and this has reflected positively on our company. Roman is a true partner for us and a tremendous asset to our organization. We will continue to work with them and would highly recommend Roman and his team for your development needs. He and his team will exceed your expectations!
 Alan Lehmann
Alan Lehmann
President at In energy sector
The Bits Orchestra team does excellent work. They are always available and I appreciate our frequent calls and screen-shares together. Their dedication to the projects and knowledge of Kentico is outstanding. They truly care about the quality of their work, and became a part of our team easily!
Shena Lowe
Shena Lowe
Managing Partner at Consensus Interactive
We hired Roman for a Kentico analysis project and have been very satisfied. He is very skilled and professional. We are looking to hire him and his team again on future projects.
Sylvain Audet
Sylvain Audet
CEO at MyDevPartner.com
Roman and team have taken over an existing Kentico EMS site for a large US Oil Company. So far, they have handled every single request that we have thrown at them and these were diverse, challenging, often bespoke, usually urgent and almost daily, over the last 11 months. Their work is of an extremely high quality, they are capable, quick and we have great confidence in the support that we are getting.
Jon Hollis
Jon Hollis
Head of Web Development at confidential
Bits Orchestra team was very helpful, they had a good understanding of the brief and deep knowledge of the system. They were always keen to provide advice and recommendations that benefit the project substantially.
Ramon Lapenta
Ramon Lapenta
Senior Front End Developer at Cyber-Duck Ltd

Frequently asked questions

Why is it beneficial to hire dot net developers for my project?

When you hire dot net developers, you get experts who possess deep expertise in applying a comprehensive toolkit to develop applications that are both scalable and secure. They can make your project move faster and get it out sooner by smartly using different .NET components and services. Whether you need web apps, desktop software, or large enterprise solutions, choosing to outsource .NET developers means your project gets exactly what it needs. They use their skills to make sure everything fits your specific requests perfectly.

Are there minimum requirements for the duration of a contract and the number of .NET developers?

We don't have a minimum requirement for the number of .NET software engineers for a contract. Whether you need one developer or more, we're flexible to accommodate your project needs. Regarding project duration or involvement, we usually start with at least a six-month commitment. This gives our team enough time to understand your needs and make positive changes in your project.

How fast can we hire .NET coders for our project?

On average, our hiring process for .NET coders typically takes between 1 to 3 months. However, the timeframe can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the project, the specific skill set required, and any additional technologies involved.

How are the interviews with .NET programmers conducted?

Our .NET developer interviews are conducted by technical leads or senior developers, focusing on a mix of theoretical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and coding capabilities. We use a combination of theoretical questions and live coding exercises to assess each candidate's fit for the role and our team's dynamic, ensuring they align with our project goals and technological standards.

What are the basic terms of cooperation?

Before you hire dot net developers with us, it is important to understand how we are going to build our partnership. Our cooperation terms usually cover key points like the scope of the project, how long it will take, what we'll deliver, how payments are handled, who owns the intellectual property, and confidentiality. Our goal is to create agreements that are clear and fair to both sides. We're also happy to talk about any special needs or conditions your project might have to make sure our partnership works well for everyone involved.

How much does it cost to hire a .NET developer for my project? What kind of pricing do you offer?

The cost to hire a .NET developer for your project depends on their experience, your project's needs, and how long they'll be involved. At BitsOrchestra, we specialize in .NET development outsourcing, offering everything from building new solutions to updating old systems. We can also help you grow your team with the right experts when you need them. We have flexible pricing for different cases, including hourly rates for flexibility and project-based fees for a clear, fixed cost.

Who provides the workstations to the .NET programmers I hire for my project?

We provide all necessary equipment, including laptops, headsets, and any other required peripherals, after you hire .NET developers for your project. 

Can I scale my team of developers?

You can scale your team of .NET experts with us. We offer the flexibility to provide internal developers from our existing team, as well as the capability to get additional .NET developers for hire specifically tailored to your project's needs.

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