Custom Content Management System
(CMS) Development Services

We've been creating custom CMS for over 10 years, making websites that are easy to manage and

 update. As a Bronze Kentico partner, we're experts in CMS development services and create

 user-focused and functional online platforms to meet your business needs.

Our CMS Development Services for Any Business

Our experienced CMS developers are here to deliver powerful digital solutions tailored just for your business. We can

 enhance your platform by integrating additional features, plugins, and extensions

<h4>Custom CMS Web Development</h4>

Custom CMS Web Development

Our team has spent years perfecting CMS web development services and strategy. We specialize in developing web applications that are designed to scale alongside your business, ensuring seamless operations.

<h4>Creative CMS Web Design</h4>

Creative CMS Web Design

We know how to enhance your site's responsiveness, functionality, and content management with our unique CMS design solutions. Expect a website that is not only intuitive and easy to navigate but also delivers exceptional performance.

<h4>Tailored CMS Customization</h4>

Tailored CMS Customization

Upgrade your CMS with our custom-tailored services for a better fit to your needs. We add to your system's existing capabilities to deliver a seamless, feature-packed experience, ensuring smooth upgrades and a trouble-free operation.

<h4>Open Source CMS Solutions</h4>

Open Source CMS Solutions

We develop enterprise web applications using leading .NET-based open source CMS platforms - Umbraco, Orchard CMS, and DotNetNuke. Our custom solutions streamline content workflows, improve user experience, increase operational efficiency, and facilitate seamless content integration across multiple digital platforms.

<h4>Enterprise CMS Solution</h4>

Enterprise CMS Solution

Bits Orchestra experts deliver scalable Enterprise Content Management systems using cutting-edge technology to help our customers improve the efficiency of their workflow. Our CMS solutions are equipped with sophisticated features that support the digital transformation of content management, enabling organizations to operate more dynamically and effectively.

<h4>CMS Integration Solutions</h4>

CMS Integration Solutions

Our CMS experts can seamlessly link your site or online store with any external platform or app, including CRMs and social media tools. We automate your operations and ensure uninterrupted communication across all your business tools.

<h4>CMS Plugin and Module Development</h4>

CMS Plugin and Module Development

Enhance your website's functionality with our custom plugin and module development services. We create and integrate powerful plugins that boost your site's performance and user experience.

<h4>Efficient CMS Migration</h4>

Efficient CMS Migration

If your current CMS can't keep up with your growing business, let us guide you to a better solution. We ensure a smooth transition to a new CMS with minimal downtime and no loss of data, all handled by our top developers.

<h4>CMS Support and Maintenance</h4>

CMS Support and Maintenance

With our CMS support and maintenance services, your website will always be attractive, efficient, and error-free. Our dedicated team ensures your CMS stays updated, bug-free, and operates smoothly.

Why Choose BitsOrchestra:
A Leading CMS Development Company

We cover everything 100% securely from switching CMS platforms, integrating systems, and developing bespoke solutions, to implementing them, all to help your business achieve the highest goals  

01. Track Record of Success

We've delivered a huge range of CMS projects, showcasing our ability to cope with complex challenges and exceed expectations with our top-notch developers.

02. Teamwork and Openness

Our method is all about partnership; we include you at every step, ensuring clear and open updates on project progress and any hurdles along the way.

03. User-Friendly Designs

At Bitsorchestra CMS website development company, we prioritize designs that focus on user needs, enhancing features while being aware everything works smoothly on mobile devices to offer a stellar CX.

04. Simplicity in Management

Modern CMS solutions we work with are easy to manage and provide any content update whenever you need it. This way your team will find new opportunities to focus more on innovation, some fresh ideas, and less on routine tasks.

05. Low Maintenance

Our CMS web development minimizes future troubles by enabling easy updates without needing a developer, using simple editors and reliable plugins, all while aiming for a light, trouble-free site.

06. Fast and Secure

We build CMS platforms that load quickly and securely, improving overall user satisfaction. Our focus is on smart design for fast-loading pages and adding top-notch security measures specifically for your needs.


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Our approach to CMS development

Our approach includes multiple steps and requires various skills that may seem complicated, but in reality, it is simple for both parties. We do not offer something overly sophisticated or confusing; instead, we handle each step with precision, timeliness, and transparency.


Understanding what you need

First off, we communicate about what you need and want. Our team dives into your current setup and goals to make sure we are ready to implement your ideas following your preferences.


Exploring the market

Next, we research the market to catch up on the latest trends. We analyze technologies and strategies to pick the perfect ones for your project.


Getting the green light

We then sketch out a plan detailing how we'll bring your CMS to life, including the tech we'll use, how long it'll take, and what features we'll add. This plan is on hold until we get your approval.


Drafting the design framework

With your go-ahead, we draft a framework to guide the design process. We explore several designs and refine them with your feedback until we determine the best one.


Creating and coding

Next, our designers breathe life into the CMS, prioritizing simplicity and ease of use in its design. Meanwhile, our developers add in all the features, modules, and plugins we talked about.


Ensuring quality

Before anything goes live, we thoroughly test the CMS to ensure it's responsive and runs smoothly, fixing any issues as we find them.


Launch time

Once testing is complete and everything is flawless, we launch the CMS website, transfer the files to the client's server, and bring it online.

CMS Plugins and Integrations

<h4>ERP Integration</h4>

ERP Integration

Link your CMS with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to boost efficiency and ensure consistent data flow. This connection allows for effortless management of digital content and the automation of business processes, leading to a seamless exchange of data between your CMS and ERP systems.

<h4>CRM integration</h4>

CRM integration

Link your CMS to your CRM system to put all your customer info in one place and tailor content to each user. By sharing data instantly between your CMS and CRM, you can learn more about your customers and create focused marketing efforts. This way you will keep your customer details up-to-date, and make selling and marketing smoother.

<h4>Simple E-commerce Operations</h4>

Simple E-commerce Operations

Boost your online shop by linking your CMS to e-commerce platforms. Manage products, orders, and payments smoothly for a better CX. Make product information reliable and consistent by connecting your CMS with PIM systems, ensuring a cohesive shopping journey. Securely process payments through popular gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, or Adyen, making transactions safe and easy.

<h4>Marketing Automation</h4>

Marketing Automation

Improve your marketing by connecting your CMS with automation tools. Easily manage your marketing, tailor content to what users like, and get more out of your efforts. Add social media to your CMS to share content quickly, interact with followers, and run impactful campaigns. Use web analytics with your CMS to understand visitor actions and make your website better, helping your business grow.

<h4>Speeding Up with CDN</h4>

Speeding Up with CDN

Connect with Content Delivery Network (CDN) services such as Cloudflare or Amazon CloudFront to speed up your website's loading times. This integration enhances site performance and extends your reach globally by storing content across various servers worldwide. Let your users enjoy faster access everywhere.

<h4>Language Support Plugins</h4>

Language Support Plugins

Incorporate language support plugins to build websites that cater to a global audience by offering website content in multiple languages. This integration helps in creating a more inclusive web presence that can communicate with international visitors in their native languages.

Aligning With Your Path

<h4 class="text-white">Tailor-Made CMS Development</h4>

Tailor-Made CMS Development

To provide a custom CMS development for

you, we can: 

  • Select the best CMS features that suit your needs
  • Pick a strong and reliable tech base to set up your CMS
  • Create a CMS that's easy to use
  • Train your team to use the CMS smoothly
  • Offer ongoing help and timely CMS updates
<h4 class="text-white">Platform-based CMS development</h4>

Platform-based CMS development

To cut down your CMS setup costs, we can:

  • Choose the right CMS platform for you
  • Set up, tailor, and merge your CMS with existing or new systems
  • Offer quality assurance and train your users
  • Provide CMS help and updates as needed
<h4 class="text-white">CMS module development</h4>

CMS module development

To meet your unique content management needs, we can: 

  • Make a list of what you need in a CMS module
  • Plan the layout, look, and feel of the CMS module
  • Build a module and add it to your CMS
  • Check the quality of your CMS module


We integrate flexible features, add-ons, and enhancements into established CMS platforms such as

 Kentico, Umbraco, Sitecore, Gatsby, and Orchard Core to improve workflow efficiency.

Web catalog for outdoor activities management

We got the site that helps business partners and editors easily publish and manage their events, adventures, clubs on the public live site

E-commerce system for distributors of carpet manufacturer

By releasing the new and awesome site we were able to significantly improve statistics and user acquisition

Content management and marketing app in Kentico MVC

PJ Our Way application has been integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well as custom API built on top of it

Digital transformation of Eurobank Cyprus

Overall redesign resulted in much better site performance, improved users' experience and traffic increase for 53%.

E-commerce platform development for premium flooring brand

Easy-managed e-commerce platform with multilingual and multicurrency features, integrated with payment and order processing system for Shaw Industries’s brand

Door services
Shaw PRO
PJ Our Way
Eurobank Cyprus

Frequently asked questions

What is Content Management Systems or CMS development?

CMS development is the process of creating and setting up a system that lets you manage your website’s content easily, without needing much technical knowledge. It's like building a digital filing cabinet where everything is organized and you can add, edit, or remove web pages effortlessly.

What business goals can CMS development services help achieve?

A CMS helps achieve several business aims, such as:

  • Making your website more adaptable and able to easily add new products or services.

  • Aiding digital marketing and sales by making it easier to share information.

  • Simplifying the process of updating web content.

  • Cutting down on website upkeep costs by reducing the need for intensive labor.

  • Lessening legal risks by giving you better control over the website's content.

What technologies need to be compatible with my CMS?

The choice of technologies for CMS integration hinges on your specific business and industry needs and the setup you currently have. Typically, integrations cover CRM systems, e-commerce solutions, email marketing platforms, data analysis tools, social media networks, and external APIs to enhance functionality.

How easy is it to create and modify content using a CMS?

Using a CMS simplifies the process of content creation and editing, making it much more user-friendly than older methods. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors, and handy web content management features, anyone can keep their website up-to-date without needing extensive technical skills or training.

How long does it take to develop a CMS?

CMS development services may require different amounts of time based on how complex the project is, the level of customization needed, and the extent of work required. At Bits Orchestra, we tailor timelines to your project's specific requirements and goals, guaranteeing timely completion without sacrificing quality.

How can I build a CMS tailored to my needs?

Building a personalized CMS involves a thorough process of design, development, and testing to ensure it meets your unique needs. Bits Orchestra offers specialized services in creating custom CMS development solutions and building your system from scratch to match your specifications and preferences.

What advantages do custom CMS solutions provide over off-the-shelf solutions?

Custom CMS development services bring numerous benefits compared to pre-made options, including increased flexibility for custom features and functionality, improved scalability, better security, and more control over your online content. This results in a content management system that’s specifically designed for your business's unique requirements.

Is it possible to tailor the CMS to fit our brand and specific needs?

Yes, when providing CMS development services, we focus on aligning your CMS with your brand's identity and specific demands. Our expertise lies in developing custom solutions that mirror your brand’s look and feel, along with meeting your functionality needs, ensuring a perfect fit with your existing systems and processes.

Will you provide training for our team on how to use the CMS?

Indeed, our CMS web development company offers detailed training sessions for your team to help them master the CMS. Tailored to your staff's skill level and needs, our training covers everything from the basics to more complex features, enabling your team to confidently manage and update your website's content.

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