Budgeting/Quote Tools

Budgeting/Quote Tools

Market competition is tougher than ever and businesses can't afford running behind competitors in terms of agility and operational efficiency.

Talking about sales, speed of commercial proposals preparation and quote calculation is one of key factors to win a deal: according to statistics only the first 3-5 proposals will be considered by a client. Let’s take a closer look at the root cause of the problem.


Budget calculation usually is not a simple problem:
  • price calculation algorithm might be quite complex and time consuming
  • excel quotations delayed by days or weeks
  • sales want to hit the target with the highest, but acceptable for a client price
  • once budget is ready they need to fill in numbers into commercial proposition and adjust it according to the clients request
  • there is human factor in calculation and proposal preparation steps, so sometimes there are mistakes
  • sales are usually busy with presentations for other clients

As a result we get quite a long delay and inaccurate proposal. Meanwhile, competitors provided clients with the quote and proposal yesterday and had a couple of rounds of Q&A with a client, so they have a better understanding of client’s needs and adjust their proposition accordingly.

From the client's standpoint, they got 5+ proposals and have already read through those boring documents and how much attention will they pay to your proposal that came afterwards? Right, some, if any.

So what could make you more competitive, agile and successful?! The answer is automation! Luckily we live in the 21st century, where gadgets, machines and robots can do a lot of useful things if you teach them.

Budget calculation could be automated to the point where the sales representative chooses options, client needs, and quote is ready for discussion with the client. Going forward, commercial proposal also might be generated on a fly according to selected options and sent out to the client’s email while the sale is still in his office and could answer any further questions and get a sense of the client's decision.


The key factor here is speed and accuracy. However that is only where fun begins and you start enjoying further advantages:
  • You get more deals and so generate more revenue
  • With operational efficiency and more clients your market share starts growing
  • You get ahead of competition
  • Sales representatives, being successful, get better motivation to keep moving and driving more revenue for your business

Last but not least, you protect your intellectual property, hiding it under the hood of a web interface instead of coding it into spreadsheets, that anyone could learn, copy, take it when leaving your company, sell to your competitor or even publish it somewhere on the internet.

We’ve built a range of quote calculators for different industries and with different levels of complexity, such as workspace planning calculator for furniture industry, area rug calculator for flooring, multiple mortgage and loan calculators for financial organizations, sales tool for HVAC and drugs calculator for veterinary pharma. Talk to us for more details.

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