Enable your departments, branches, franchisee or distributors to build sites in a couple of clicks and supply them with professional and centralized content to cut off marketing and development expenses

Content LAB

For large organizations with multiple branches, chains or franchise content production and content marketing introduces huge expenses. In order to cut off some of those expenses we suggested a solution that worked quite well for the client - content syndication.

The solution allows clients to produce content centrally and share it with their franchisees. Additionally they get all the updates to the syndicated content automatically unless they decide to manage their content (either all or certain content items).

Franchisees can see all the syndicated content they use on their site, remove from their site particular content as well as add new content from the central repository. However they are free to create completely new content that will remain unique for their site only. Making changes to the content by a separate franchisee will just warn a user that the content item will be unlinked from the central repository and they will need to keep maintaining it.

System allows to control content accessibility, so two different franchisees might have access to a different content if necessary. Also it is possible to control access level for content: some content has to be inherited by franchisee with no option to modify, meanwhile other content might be adjusted, some content is mandatory to inherit, but other is optional.

Such approach goes far beyond and allows to reuse content not on web sites only, but consume it from the mobile application or literally any other communication channel. As long as the content is flexible in terms of presentation, franchisees might either use one, defined by franchise, site template/theme, or have an option to choose from a set of predefined themes as well as be able to switch between them at any moment of time. And last, but not least, they might control page appearance adding predefined widgets, like carousel, image gallery or list of articles to their pages making them completely unique.

This solution provided our client with a really flexible mechanism for producing and controlling content and allowed to reduce content management efforts significantly and cut off expenses as there is no need for each franchisee to produce, manage and keep in sync all their content, but inherit professional content developed centrally. Also it allowed clients to save on people training and education in terms of content management platform.

On another hand franchisees got professional content with some level of control over it, a flexible system for content management with an ability to manage what and how users see on their sites at affordable cost.

Industry: Informational Technologies

Site Builder

The application was built for enterprise manufacturing client that has a lot of dealers those sell their goods. The main purpose of application is to have all dealers promo websites in one place and easily managed and updated by non-technical users. So application has main website that allows dealers to purchase different web-services. Main service that they can buy is website. During checkout process user can select site template and color theme for future website. After user completes payment, website is created automatically based on selected template and color.

There are a multiple site templates prepared with different color themes. Various color themes can be created for site template automatically in custom-built module. Website content is manageable in custom modules as well as site template and color theme that makes application flexible and easy to use as well as adjust.

Currently over 1000 dealers installed their sites on given platform and this number grows every day generating couple of millions of revenue annually. The solution allows to save money on merketing as all the content is produced centrally and shared across all dealers' sites making all the information consistent. Additionaly this solution significantly reduces maintenance cost as well as development of new features - build once and reuse accross all the sites.

Features: e-commerce, centralized content syndication, product catalog, site builder, CyberSource integration, billing, subscriptions

Industry: Textile, flooring (manufacturing)
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