Digital transformation does not pass by schools and educational institutions. Keeping classes schedule, class attendees with their grades and payments, assets and learning materials in one place that you can access from anywere will provide administration, instructots and students with with outstanding experience, save time and money

TruTech Test

The purpose of this project was to provide Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical with a tool that would improve the quality of new employees and ability to find knowledge gaps and fill them in. Primary objectives were to build a tool for quick testing of candidates, automatically evaluate the results, highlight gaps, provide materials to improve expert level, automate and optimize the process of testing and results evaluation,

The intention of the tool was to be used by multiple companies. That fact introduced a couple of challenges such as new website had to work for multiple points of views and users, matching their workflow and covering needs, we had to architect the SaaS application and isolate data of each subscriber.

Usage of the latest technologies, such as .NET Core and React, allowed the application to be implemented fast with an enterprise grade back end and lightweight front end that works perfectly on any device and screen factor.

The outcome of the project was as aesthetically clean front end, an easy to navigate site with intuitive flow with obvious functions, fast and stable application.

Also the application reduced the amount of time needed for test results evaluation for almost 100% as this process has been automated.

160 companies subscribed for the app and 100 group and individual tests were taken in the first month after application launch.

Industry: Education, HR

TruTech Tracker

The main idea behind this project was to substitute usage of multiple Excel spreadsheets, which was not the easiest thing to manage, and build a simple tracking tool with centralized data storage. Primary objectives were to motivate professional grows, provide technicians with a clear career map and possibility to track their progress as they move on, build a tool that is simple and intuitive in usage, accessible from any location and personal device, provide technicians with learning materials, possibility for mentors to set a goal for mentee and track their progress towards it, promote technicians to a next professional level and eliminate manual routine.

The process of tracking career progress might look simple at first glance, but there are a lot of business logic and rules around score evaluation, dependencies between activities - some action items are not allowed before others are completed. Our team came out with a multi level nested (recursive) data structure and data driven UI that adjusts based on data. The beauty of this solution is that it allowed us to implement generic code that handles CRUD operations on any level of data structure and such code is really simple in maintenance and requires minor efforts whenever we need to introduce some changes.

With this application we were able to completely eliminate the mess with hundreds of spreadsheets for ongoing enrollments as well thousands of historical records being stored all together within the application with a possibility to locate any of them in a couple of clicks.

Last, but not least, this application reduced time and efforts of supervisors needed to handle the process for above than 40% by introducing automated notifications and simple data access.

Industry: Education

Total Tech School

E-commerce site built on Kentico CMS for courses and webinars purchasing, online test and certifications allows potential students to register online, browse catalog of courses and/or webinars, select the products of interest and purchase them online. In case of webinar purchase user will be suggested to pass a test and gain a certificate online. Extra security has been implemented in order to prevent webinars sharing, which was impossible with the old system.

With this application client automated purchases, payments and webinar tests and certification, as well as introduced appropriate level of digital product protection.

Features: product catalog and checkout, online payments, webinar sharing protection, classes schedule calendar, online tests and their management, content management, courses rating and users feedback

School Portal - recently added section that introduces LMS into main site: enables management of learning program, classes and schedule, student assignments, their grades, electronic document signature, etc.

School Portal is built with .NET Core Web API, Entity Framework, MS SQL and React (Typescript).

Here is what our client, Shawna Miller, Administrative Director of Total Tech School says about this project:

"I can’t begin to tell you the amount of time that the Portal is saving me!!!  When I do a Registration event now with my soldiers it’s done immediately, with me having to do nothing once the session is done…….the soldiers are completing their Packs in the Portal and all information is accessible to both me and Daphne, which makes it GREAT!!!!!!!  Before I would have to come back to the office and enter each paper Pack into my spreadsheet and then complete the TTT soldier roster, which took at least 1-2 full days………and now no more paper!!!!!  I have told my husband, Don, on several occasions how much I absolutely LOVE the Portal and how much of a timesaver it is.  Thank you all again for putting up with me and taking care of everything that I need.  We are not done yet, and I’m excited to implement further ideas for Total Tech to utilize in the Portal, but what is there is fantastic!"

Here you can see live site:

Industry: Education
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