Top advantages of .NET development


Over the course of time, the .NET platform has managed to gain a solid reputation among the corporate community as a quality and reliable solution, and as a result, has managed to gain a foothold at the corporate level. As well as supporting Windows operating systems, Dot Net also provides developers with the ability to build server and desktop applications, mobile apps, and cloud apps.

There have been multiple projects, such as Mono and DotGNU, that have successfully implemented a dot net framework as a cross-platform solution over the past few years.

As an open-source, fast-growing version of the Microsoft .NET Framework, Mono can be offered for Linux as well as for Mac OS X, with the former being decommissioned while the latter is rapidly expanding.

The name of the project implies it is a completely new version of .NET that is optimized for development of server and cloud applications, as well as server-side scripting. If you're looking for use on Windows, you may like the traditional dot net component, but if you're looking at use on Mac OS X or Linux you may want to try Mono. The primary difference between .NET Core and traditional software stacks is that its code is open source and is distributed under Apache 2 and MIT licenses, which is the primary difference between .NET Core and traditional software stacks.

When we talk about .NET development, we usually refer to it as a large enterprise project with strict requirements for reliability, scalability, and expansion (in addition to the expensive infrastructure needed for its deployment).

Companies involved in Dot Net technology

As stated earlier, there cannot be enough emphasis placed on the benefits of ASP NET, and as was mentioned above, various dot net development services are quite difficult and expensive. Therefore, you might want to consider outsourcing the work of a .NET developer to overseas companies. Making the right choice of partner for your project is one of the most sensitive parts of the project, since building lasting relationships is the key to the project's success. You should consider the following things in order to make your project successful:

  1. In order to provide a wide range of services, including design, programming, maintenance, and optimization, net developers must provide a broad range of services.
  2. An expert must be able to modify or re-engineer your project in a seamless, timely manner if you are going to hire them. Professional .NET developers must be knowledgeable about whatever your project requires.
  3. If your outdated software can be migrated to .NET, check with the outsourced developers.

When determining whether there is a wide range of solutions or issues to consider, this is the most important factor to consider.

Why choose offshore Net development?

You can outsource .NET projects to remote programmers in order to reduce the costs associated with them. For the sake of illustration, let's compare the net developer salary in the United States with the net developer salary in the Ukraine in order to illustrate the differences in costs. C# / .NET programmers in the United States are estimated to earn an average salary of $92,000 per year, which equates to approximately $7600 per month based on industry statistics. Let us now take a closer look at the situation in Ukraine.

It is natural to perceive the costs differently depending on the level of expertise, the company's location, its reputation, and its experience on the market, but you can expect that the costs you incur for hiring a Ukrainian net developer will be quite different from those for hiring an American one. There are high onshore costs associated with software development, and as a result so many companies seek qualified remote employees due to a lack of aptitude for programming.

Ukraine is one of the top destinations for businesses seeking different types of software development. Now you can see why.

Optimal Development Cost

A simple and very compelling reason to outsource software development to Ukraine is that companies save between 40 and 60 percent on their development budgets when doing so. It should be noted that although Ukraine might not be the cheapest country to outsource to, considering the quality and high level of work provided, it offers one of the most efficient and cost-effective quality-to-cost ratios in the world.  It is for this reason that the United States and Western Europe invest in Ukrainian software development companies and strive to establish long-term relationships with these companies. To illustrate, let us look at a few statistics.

Entry-level vs Senior Software Developer Salaries Worldwide, February 2019

                                                   Entry-level                              Senior
        Switzerland                         $77,847                                $102,148
        USA                                     $71, 683                                $101,328
        Denmark                             $68, 631                                $84,058
        Norway                               $55,254                                 $87,869

Dot Net development services: What does BitsOrchestra offer?

Since our company was founded five years ago, we have built up an experienced and highly skilled team of .NET developers. We have developed software development services that take advantage of the latest Microsoft technologies in order to provide you with the best possible service. We possess the technical skill and resources necessary to provide you with the best possible service. Here are some of the .NET services we offer to our customers.

For those who are still unsure which framework to choose, here is a list of the advantages of the .NET stack:

  1. Due to less coding being required, the efficiency is high.
  2. Libraries, file reading, and graphics rendering can be accomplished in a new way using an innovative approach.
  3. Provides the best user experience for multifunctional websites.
  4. Rapid deployment opportunities.

The BitsOrchestra outsourcing team can offer you the following benefits.

1. Applicant must be a qualified net developer

Those who work at BitsOrchestra have been handpicked for their technical expertise. By submitting their diplomas and certificates, passing a certain number of professional tests, and providing samples of code in a particular programming language, they proved they were qualified. Our technical leads ensure that every line of code is checked twice.

2. QA testing

The quality assurance department of our company is composed of middle and senior testers who check the functionality of your project. They provide all test documentation and reports to developers, as well as to customers, if needed.

3. Agile methodologies

For the management of project teams, advanced agile technologies are used. We care about quality, deadlines, priorities, and delivering the project on time.

4. Discounts and bonuses

There are some discounts available to repeat customers and we look forward to discussing them with you since we value your loyalty. Furthermore, we are interested in discussing bonuses with new clients as well. There is no need to worry about the financial part of the deal. If you have any questions or doubts, we can negotiate all aspects of budgeting.

5. Flexibility in working hours

We understand clearly how busy you may be or how our time zones may differ, so we are ready to discuss working hours or online meeting times that suit you best. Contact BitsOrchestra for all your development needs.
We guarantee the following:

  1. Measuring the success of your project 
  2. selecting a suitable engagement mode for your business
  3. ensuring your software will be delivered on time
  4. having well-defined QA processes provide benefits
  5. extensive talent pool
  6. end-to-end development services


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What our clients say

Bits Orchestra team are outstanding developers‚Äč. They listen carefully to our business needs and easily turns our business objectives into a well thought out and executed development effort. Roman is very bright and definitely the most capable developer that has worked on our site. He is not only a Kentico expert but has successfully tackled other complicated development assignments demonstrating expertise in both front and backend development. Roman takes initiative to suggest enhancements that make site maintenance easier while improving the customer experience. The team is very responsive to our work requests and has great follow up. They have also worked very business partners and this has reflected positively on our company. Roman is a true partner for us and a tremendous asset to our organization. We will continue to work with them and would highly recommend Roman and his team for your development needs. He and his team will exceed your expectations!
 Alan Lehmann
Alan Lehmann
President at In energy sector

What our clients say

The Bits Orchestra team does excellent work. They are always available and I appreciate our frequent calls and screen-shares together. Their dedication to the projects and knowledge of Kentico is outstanding. They truly care about the quality of their work, and became a part of our team easily!
Shena Lowe
Shena Lowe
Managing Partner at Consensus Interactive

What our clients say

We hired Roman for a Kentico analysis project and have been very satisfied. He is very skilled and professional. We are looking to hire him and his team again on future projects.
Sylvain Audet
Sylvain Audet
CEO at

What our clients say

Roman and team have taken over an existing Kentico EMS site for a large US Oil Company. So far, they have handled every single request that we have thrown at them and these were diverse, challenging, often bespoke, usually urgent and almost daily, over the last 11 months. Their work is of an extremely high quality, they are capable, quick and we have great confidence in the support that we are getting.
Jon Hollis
Jon Hollis
Head of Web Development at confidential

What our clients say

Bits Orchestra team was very helpful, they had a good understanding of the brief and deep knowledge of the system. They were always keen to provide advice and recommendations that benefit the project substantially.
Ramon Lapenta
Ramon Lapenta
Senior Front End Developer at Cyber-Duck Ltd