Reasons to outsource .NET development


The job market is really tight, so it’s difficult to find candidates who work and live in the vicinity of your own offices. Next to that, the demand for developers is increasing exponentially and educational institutions can hardly keep up. As a result, many companies are inclined to look for talent overseas.

Why companies decide to outsource net development
Many years ago, it used to be large companies that actually went abroad. Nowadays, with more communication technologies like Skype, Slack, Jira, etc., outsourcing activities are becoming more popular than ever. It’s much easier for small and medium-sized businesses to jump on the outsourcing bandwagon, without the need to setting up their own offices and legal infrastructure. 
That’s why outsourcing companies are prospering these days: they are assisting big and small to medium-sized companies in their search for qualified and highly-skilled developers who will work in the net development company long-term.
Why choose Ukraine as the best destination for outsourcing. net development ?
Ukraine boasts a highly educated population with a really vast tech talent pool. The geographical component also matters: Ukraine is located very close to Europe, both in terms of flying and travelling by car. In addition, there are cultural similarities. You don’t notice cultural divides when communicating with Ukrainians.  
Finally, Ukrainians are very hardworking, and they are critical thinkers. They do not just blindly follow instructions. Instead, they are really looking at a bigger picture of what needs to be done. In this blog post we will summarize all the reasons why foreign companies still consider Ukraine as the best destination to outsource.
Reason #1 Net software outsourcing to Ukraine can help UK and US companies to save their costs
When looking for the reasons that make many UK and US-based companies want to outsource, we need to mention that Ukraine is a very good source of skilled and experienced employees.  Experts of that level are sometimes very difficult to find in the UK or US local market. One more factor that matters is that the hiring process in many European countries is very slow and difficult.
If you hire an expert from the US or UK, it will definitely mean that you have a host of financial obligations. It has been estimated that many European companies save up to 50% of their costs as compared to hiring in Europe or the US.
Finally, Outsourcing is a very beneficial process when it comes to time-efficiency. It's no wonder that the knowledge level of Ukrainian net developers is on par with that of local experts. There is absolutely no difference any more between having an employee in Ukraine and having an employee sitting in your office.
Reasons #2 Ukrainians are creative
Creativity is one more important aspect that matters for  .net development outsourcing. By choosing a Ukrainian talent you get not only a creative thinker who can come up with a lot of new ideas and can think outside of the box. Lots of startups and creative thinkers choose Ukrainian developers simply because they are the best in their field. There are many successful startups launched by Ukrainian companies. Let’s take the Looksery platform experience. The platform has been designed by Victor Shaburov with the objective to do photo and video editing. 
One more no less successful project established in Ukraine is Augmented Pixels. This platform has been launched for the designers with an objective to create cool Virtual and Augmented Reality effects, as well as interactive maps and even VR games.
  • The success of Augmented Pixels project was so big that it has even moved to the Valley. Ajax System is a Ukrainian project, too. It’s founder Alexander Konotopskyi wanted to make smart homes affordable for everyone. The activities of the company are focused on security systems and sensors for loT devices. The range of products made by the company is quite impressive. Ajax mainly sells products to Singapore, Italy, Germany, Baltic countries, Netherlands, Malaysia, Norway, and Austria.
Reason #3 Strong technical background
Ukraine is known for its high educational standards. It has been estimated that out of 400 educational institutions in Ukraine, most have IT related courses. Around 40,000 highly qualified IT specialists get their degrees in IT related fields. English language skills are getting improved day by day. Of course, this factor matters a lot for .net outsourcing
English language fluency standard is very high in Ukraine. 40% of IT experts are speaking English fluently while 35% of them have an intermediate level.
The literacy level in Ukraine has reached the point of 99,7%. About 80% Ukrainians hold bachelor’s degrees. 
The number of software engineers in Ukraine has reached the level of 90,000. This number is increasing by 20% every year. The total number of employees working in IT services has reached the point of 220,000 people, which is the largest number of IT staff employed in  Central Europe.
Reason #4 Low service cost of   .net outsource
Low service cost is one more reason for development services. High professionalism and affordability of the service are the reasons why foreign counterparts are looking to outsource IT service from Ukraine. Also, many customers come to Ukraine with a single objective of cooperating with our developers. Such a deep interest in Ukrainian developers is understandable. Hiring a developer from the USA will cost five or even ten times more than hiring a Ukrainian developer. 
It has been estimated that the hourly rate of a Ukrainian engineer ranges between $25 and $50, while American or European developers usually set the rate for their services from $120 to $170. When you're choosing Ukraine as your outsourcing destination, please keep in mind that Ukraine is the country that raised so many talented and outstanding people. These days Ukraine broadens its horizons and is opening its borders to a big number of the most demanding customers in the world.
Information technology is developing faster than other industries, and modern IT projects are constantly in need of new knowledge. This places high demands on the education and training of IT engineers.
According to the IT Association of Ukraine, more than 20 thousands technical specialists graduate from our universities every year. However, state educational institutions do not have time to fully adapt plans in the context of rapidly changing technologies. As a result, graduates with basic education are not ready to fully start their careers as they lack knowledge of relevant platforms, tools and practice of their application.
This disadvantage somehow compensates for the additional training on third-party courses. To keep Ukrainian higher education up-to-date, many IT companies invest in education: they cooperate with universities, open their own training centers, support private IT courses, hire interns and complete their education on projects.
It has taken Ukraine 15 years to develop a strong engineering school and professional IT community. Today we have over 20 of the largest IT service providers in the world. Such Ukrainian startups as Augmented Pixels, Grammarly, and Petcube are known all over the world and have attracted billions of dollars in investments. 
Corporations of the USA, Great Britain and Western Europe willingly cooperate with Ukrainian IT specialists. In addition to the high professionalism of the developers, customers are attracted by the relatively low cost of work, which is established due to an affordable tax rate and a flexible model of cooperation with engineers.
The IT sector is one of the three main export services (after pipeline transport and goods processing) and remains the main source of foreign exchange earnings in the country. The sphere is growing and requires new solutions for the development of specialists and attracting investments. 
Despite the image of an outsourcer entrenched in Ukraine, we also create products and launch startups for users from all over the world. Some of the most popular Ukrainian products abroad are MEGOGO, Petcube, Preply, Ajax Systems, GitLab, etcl.


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