Automated marketing with Kentico


As we already mentioned in our previous posts Kentico CMS has many advantages and benefits. And one of them is Automated marketing.

What is Marketing automation and why it is so useful for business? Marketing automation is proven to increase leads, accelerate sales productivity,  conversions, and as a result revenue.


Why do you need email automation for your business?

 Automated processes can automate repetitive marketing tasks such as sending emails, changing the group of contact, status, subscribing to the newsletter. Messages are sent automatically, according to sets of rules which are called workflow.

Well tuned Automated Marketing workflow is a sort of mini CRM or at least make managing contact easier, helps to keep things organized. Kentico provides the possibility to deal with contact groups, accounts. Depends on the last activity or user’s choices contact can be moved to another group, the new contact’s property can be set or the customer’s status can be changed.  


The latest research proves that automated marketing shows better results, transaction emails generate 8x more opens and clicks than other types of emails. It can generate 6x more revenue and reduce marketing overheads by 12.2%.


Drip emails are a great way to build long-term relationships with your customers by sending them with relevant content at the right time. By sending these emails the company can encourage customers to make more purchases, introduce new products, engage in campaigns.

Benefits from transaction emails: 

  • More trusted relationships.  Customers feel more secure when interacting with a brand that offers relevant information on each stage. Sending transactional emails, companies eliminate customer anxiety concerning purchase: confirmation about successful payment, information about tracking or delivery. And by using macros email can be personalized.

  • Increase engagement. Transaction email - message with individual information which is related to the customer’s latest activity. These emails increase engagement and motivate customers to do the next step in this interacting. 

  • Promote repeat sales. By using transaction emails marketers are able to send information about additional goods, which can be related to previous purchases. It can motivate the customer to buy new equipment, accessories etc.

  • Increase brand recognition. Transaction emails - a great way to introduce customer corporate identity: logo, typography, colors.  It provides recognition in the future.


For better understanding with what Kentico provide us we are going to create a workflow for website which sells some products:

  1. First of all, we need to create the trigger  - the starting point of the Marketing automation process. 

Kentico suggests many types of triggers. Let’s choose “Product added to wishlist” in this particular case:

To be sure that visitor is really interested in our products we should add an additional condition that contact has visited any product page in the last 10 days. The start point is ready.


2. The next step - add “Wait”. We are going to wait 5 days and after that our process will continue.


3.  Now we add Marketing email. Analyzing user’s behavior we can see that they are really interested in our products but something stops them. The best way to push them is offering a discount. In order to add this email it must be previously created in Email marketing application.


4. Here we add “Conditions”, it checks if the contact has purchased at least one product in the last 5 days. If contact hasn’t bought anything we stop this process. If yes, we are ready to go on.


5. Contact has purchased a product and we send them personalized transaction email with confirmation. We need to add the “Send transactional email” step, choose email from template or create HTML formatted text. As this email must be personalized we add to HTML source macros.

6. After that we change the status of this contact and mark them as Prospective client.  


All these steps are shown in our scheme: 


The next our aim is making  Prospective client permanent, but it is a new workflow with new instructions, marketing approaches, rules and emails.


So one time you need to set up a workflow and it will be working instead of you thousands of times. It’s a magic, isn’t it?

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