Kentico Advantages

For this time, many users of the Internet create some websites, online stores, communities. In order to get good results, it is necessary a management system. Kentico is the simplest and useful web content management system. Knowing the benefits, you can improve your work.


Kentico platform has been recognized by Gartner as a leading web content management system. Web content management system (WCMS) that allows you to create websites, online stores, intranets and online communities, and manage online marketing activities if you need a corporate website, an online store or a microsite. Interface, an easy-to-use, allows all users from webmasters to content editors, work more efficiently and productively. This is a platform that can grow and change with your organization, in addition to a wide set of ready-made functions.

Advantages of Kentico: control of web content, digital marketing, and electronic commerce. Kentico has ready-to-use web parts, widgets, multi-language support, mobile preview, and device discovery, ensuring the same brand experience, regardless of device or location. Digital marketing is based on the possibility of personalization throughout the “client path”: mass mailings, lead counting, marketing automation systems and other tools that will help you grow leads, optimize campaigns and content, turning potential customers into active ones.

With Kentico, you can manage online stores using a single system for presenting data on all marketing events and customers. The ability to integrate with third-party ERP, CRM, payment gateways and an easy-to-use verification process adds flexibility to the developing of a coherent global online presence.
Kentico is easy to use for non-technical users, Includes rapid website development without complicated programming. Built on the powerful Microsoft ASP.NET/SQL Server platform, it is unnecessarily to purchase additional software or components. Also, Kentico has complete C# source code, available in source code licenses.

Kentico CMS is an open and flexible platform for building Internet sites and portals. Kentico CMS was created specifically for the Microsoft Azure server, so it is perfectly adapted to its features. This engine is an excellent option if you are using a server based on Windows Server OS. The development is conducted by the Czech company Kentico Software, the branches are located in the USA, UK, Czech Republic. Work on its own engine has been going on since 2004 and does not stop in nowadays.

There are two development models to choose from: flexible portal engines - a website is created without any programming, using only the browser user interface or ASP.NET MVC – you can create a website using Visual Studio as regular ASP.NET MVC - MVC 5 with Kentico CMS server controls that display content on a page.
The system can be expanded using: ASP.NET MVC 5 custom pages, custom widgets, C# code, own modules, arbitrary types of documents, page templates, design, and conversion.

Kentico CMS page builder, as a powerful content editing interface, allows the user to change the content, view it before publication and form the structure of the site. The built-in visual editor is fully integrated into the system. Its use allows site editors to work with content as if they were using Word. Here are its features and benefits: basic and advanced formatting, insert downloaded images and flash movies, and creating links to other pages, external files, and sites. Developers can change the editor toolbar to limit editing options.

The content of the site is organized in the form of a tree-like hierarchy of documents (pages). The hierarchy (content tree) is a site map and navigation structure. Page templates created by web designers can be used by editors for several pages with the same markup. Page templates contain editable zones where editors enter text, or they display structured documents. Also, you can specify when the document should be published and when removed. The document can be archived, it will no longer appear on the site, but will be contained in the content repository.

Kentico CMS is developed in C# and uses 100% managed code. Kentico CMS is one of the best ASP.NET MVC 5 based content management systems. On its basis, you can build a structure of any complexity: from a personal page to multi-user social portals. Among the CMS users are Microsoft, Samsung, Gartner, Deloitte, and other foreign giants.

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