SELF CHECK UA or how IT company fights the COVID-19

A viral infection called COVID-19 has touched every sphere of activity almost all over the world. IT companies were no exception either. Many companies changed their business style behavior. And management of Bits Orchestra also decided to change its attitude to the coronavirus problem.


Somewhere around that time, the idea to help paternal medicine in the fight against the disease came up. As a result, we created an online platform in the form of an operative screening tool. We also decided to provide prompt analytical information to the authorities and feedback to each participant in the project. Our team set clear goals and created an auxiliary mechanism.

Our partners became “Astar Medical Center” and “Salius Charity Foundation”, the latter specializing in providing medical services to patients with infections of various etiologies.

Moreover, in seven days we have created a test, thanks to which everyone can determine what chances they have of getting coronavirus:

In addition to studying the epidemic situation, the experts aimed to give platform users the opportunity to assess the need to contact a healthcare professional.
It became clear that the project interface should be simple. Everything should start as described.

All information collected by the test results is stored in the database. In future, it will allow us to create a large analytical grid.

The project was called "SELF CHECK UA".

In just 10 minutes, with the help of special questions, the user gets a personal result with a specific percentage of probability and a call to action.

It was also interesting how information about our platform began to spread through the networks and media.

As soon as we announced the launch of the platform, various requests for our social initiative began to arrive at our mailbox.

Further cooperation with the media was underway. Namely, a story on ТРК ПЕРШИЙ ЗАХІДНИЙ, where together with journalists we showed the details and advantages of our platform to the public.

On the first day, after the story was released, the platform received a heavy load, and the traffic started to arrive at the site in mass, slowing down the response time for the user. It became clear that it was necessary to take additional measures, which would help to solve the issues of working with such traffic. Our IT specialists quickly responded to this situation and fixed it successfully.

Further the turnovers only started to increase: from TV channel Суспільне Львів to partner cooperation with TV channel 24 Канал. And cooperation with the media is still ongoing.

In turn, received data will be transferred to the relevant department of the Ministry of Health for further analysis, both by specialists of the ministry and government officials, and will help build scenarios for predicting potential subsequent waves of coronavirus infection.

At the same time, the project team understands that the screening tool we have created will be relevant not only now, as a tool for anti-coronavirus activities, but also for other future socially dangerous diseases. And accordingly, we will continue to work on improving our platform for the practical benefit of people and stakeholders.

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