Why it is easy to sell Kentico

Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Kanban. These words are familiar to us by the IT influence on us. Coding, .NET, program languages, frameworks, MVC, portal engine, etc. It is close to people who are real representatives of the IT industry. But are these words close to our consumers?!


Or maybe these categories - agility, action plan, customer oriented model or other special topics?! Little closer, but does our customer want to hear these words?

That is the question. My main opinion can be described like this: ”General part of the world problems starts from problems in communication”. And we, representatives of the IT industry, are responsible for this communication. Responsible for high quality communication, if we want to be understandable, successful and useful for our customers. 

The main idea about what our stakeholders are looking for - are solutions. Solutions for their business, when they have a real need to upgrade or develop it. Solutions for their life, when they have no need to think about work problems or household worries, and family joyful life is a priority. 

The perfect model is when society has a problem or our stakeholders have different needs and we in turn know how to give effective solutions for them. And because of communication. Only if you use communication as a priority you can be effective. When you do understand the real needs of your customer. When you are able to propose the solution after your success in customer’s trust gaining. And it’s again about communication. Without mutual understanding with your client about what, why & how you keep going with his money or investments and in making his life better.

But, really, I think that even the proposed solution which ensures customer’s needs is not an aim. As for me, the final aim is to make a real impact on my customer’s life. I mean realized solution impact that could improve his or her work/life balance, which can make the life of our customers easier and happier only by the help of proposed solutions. But only by the help. The main value is to change and succeed our stakeholders' businesses.

So, there is a big difference between proposed solutions and customer satisfaction. That is why I want to talk about it.

What do you think is more important? 
I think we should get focused on two of these notions. Why?
It is the same when you, f.e, are sick (God forbid :) ), and you can’t change it. I mean to be healthy in one minute. And you start looking not only for a good doctor or effective medicine, as a solution, but you want to be healthy at all. And only then you become satisfied. And patient’s satisfaction is the final aim of his doctor’s treatment. 

The same is with our stakeholders. They not only want to buy high qualified solutions, their primary aim is to be satisfied. And if we can not only solve their problems, but we could help them to become winners, by effective & quickly implemented solutions, we would have a big influence not only on their work/life balance or corporate goals, but we would make their life happier. And only then we could say that we are ready to make influence not only on their business, but even on their life. 
It’s all about the difference between proposed solutions and final aim.

The same as a doctor can call himself a best doctor only when his patient becomes not only healthy, but really satisfied. Because such a patient definitely would come back to this doctor, not only to have the best treatment, but of course to be happy and satisfied.

Certainly, any doctor would be ineffective if there would be used not modern or non-innovative diagnosis and treatment. It might be good & there is a high probability that a patient would become healthy. But would he become satisfied?!

What is it all about? 
It is the same when you work with modern CMS. When by the help of unique software you give your stakeholders not only effective solutions, but you also can make your customer satisfied & happy.
Selling and promoting modern CMS, firstly Kentico CMS, as a custom solution with experienced and proven effectiveness for our stakeholders, you feel yourself like a doctor who knows how to deliver the best service for his patient using the available modern clinical basis with the ultimate goal - satisfied patient. Promoting Kentico CMS like a modern system we know that we could reach our aim - satisfied and happy customers. 

But it would be impossible if we wouldn't understand the real needs of our “patients” losing the connection and communication with them.

Only if you would be successful with your stakeholders in reaching their conditional customer satisfaction index on the high level, you can name yourself as a business partner. And a doctor can call himself a doctor. Life rulesSo if you want to sell easy - use modern software as a basis. But if you want to sell more - communicate with your “patients” and use all of your workflow to make your stakeholders happy and satisfied! And they will come back to you. They definitely will come back to modern solutions. And they would be proud to be Kentico Partners.

Make your customers successful using modern tools, such as Kentico CMS. Communicate and interact. Such a partnership will make you and your stakeholders winners! 

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