Comparison of Kentico with other CMS systems


Continuously changing market conditions, high speed in decision making, multitasking in asset management and the need to reduce risks require modern approaches to business organization. The solution to the increasingly complex internal and external environment of the enterprise is the integrated automation of business processes. Let's talk about control systems. CMS is a site content management system. This is the backbone on which everything is built. The convenience of filling the site, its “friendliness” for search promotion, the ability to connect additional services depending on the engine.
We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the benefits of using Kentico CMS against other content management systems.


Fully compliant with your business tasks

Boxed engines and designers have sets of modules to expand the functionality of the site, but there are always limitations in ready-made solutions, and you will have to compromise. The custom management system will fully meet the tasks prescribed in the TOR because it is not designed to be sold to a diverse audience later. The developer keeps in mind only your needs. Technology is constantly overtaking the market. Even having bought the latest version of the boxed CMS, you cannot be sure that you have implemented all the achievements available at the moment.
By creating an engine for you, the developer has access to the latest programming technologies and, if you're lucky, will apply them to work on your project. You can brag about being the owner of an exclusive solution, unique functionality, breakthrough development. The honor and respect of colleagues, the indignation and envy of your competitors are guaranteed. Be a leader in your business – Kentico can help you with this.

Business performance improvement

Do you think that your commercial site gives 100% of the productivity of your organization? How did you create your site? A constructor is an online platform for creating sites. To build a simple website on the designer, you do not need to bother with code, databases, hosting. No need to download and install anything. You register on the platform, specify the necessary settings, select a template - the site is ready.
This is a cheap and often beautiful solution for single-page and simple websites. If you need complex software improvements, you will have to compromise. For example, using Tilda’s tools, you won’t be able to get bounces about applications to additional mail. The technical support service will answer that such functionality is missing, but may be added in the future. Or will not be.
Choosing a SaaS-solution for creating a site, you become dependent on someone else's hosting. The ability to transfer to another hosting is available only in rare designers, and if there is, it costs a lot. Also, if the price policy of the designer does not become close to you overnight (the monthly fee, for example, will increase by 4 times), you will have to redo the site in another place either on another designer or already on the CMS.

What is Kentico CMS capable of?

Based on Kentico CMS, you can create websites of any complexity: personal and corporate websites, online stores (the system contains a built-in e-commerce module), social networks, etc. Kentico Software offers a developer certification program, as well as two training courses: a content editor and a developer. Training is provided through training partners. Kentico CMS has a flexible licensing policy. Licenses can be purchased both on the site and on the server. The cost of a license depends on the features included. There is also a free version, based on which you can create small corporate and personal sites.

The license price also includes an annual support period: technical assistance by phone or e-mail, as well as the possibility of a free upgrade to the next version of the system. The mistake of many business owners in hyper-involvement. If you do not understand programming or SEO at all, entrust the choice to who will promote the site. At the same time, it is very desirable that one contractor or contractors who work in conjunction develop and develop. Kentico System has over twenty five thousand commercial implementations. Among the clients are such giants as Microsoft, McDonald's, Samsung, Bank of Ireland, Vodafone and others. Join the world of quality business integration with Kentico CMS just now.

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