How to Find and Hire Best Net Developers

Hiring net developers can be compared to treasure hunting. When recruiting professionals rely on nothing else but a few CV databases, they can’t expect to find the top talent easily because a host of other companies are using those databases. One more problem is that the recruiting manager should be well versed in net. programming to make sure that the net developer they are interviewing will be truly valuable for the project’s success.

Unconventional ways to hire dot net developers

There are multitudes of ways to hire Dot net developers, but utilising non-standard approaches can bring about more fruitful results. 

Here is an interesting case to illustrate this. My colleague who is a recruiter at a multinational corporation couldn’t find the right net.developer for a very challenging project related to the fantasy football industry. The client wanted nothing else but the top professionals. They seemed to be either non-existent or unavailable. 

How can you convince a net.developer who is happy with his current job and his salary is already the highest on the market? Find the developer who would definitely share the passion for your product. Thus, my colleague used special software that would sift through thousands of LinkedIn profiles and find net.developers who are fantasy football enthusiasts. The rest was easy for a recruiter of her level. After she sent a series of emails to a small list of suitable candidates, two of them showed their interest in the vacancy. Eventually, one of them went through all stages of the recruiting process and accepted a new job offer even though he had to refuse from his current job.

Try to get through the information noise and make yourself heard by making sure you are approaching a real person.

Places to hire dot net developers

  • Github

This is a great community swarming with the best IT professionals, including net.developers. Recruiting professionals can use a variety of ways to approach IT professionals here. In short, it’s a real goldmine for any recruiter.

  • Blogs

Don’t underestimate the power of blogging. Look for blogs maintained by net.developers. Reading their posts will give you a clear picture of how good they are at what they do. Also, don’t forget to check the comments as there might be other talented net. developers joining the discussion. 

  • StackOverflow

This is where all the geeks of the world wide web gather. There can be no doubt that time spent on this platform will definitely be remunerated and you will find the brightest minds with the right net.developer skills. 

  • Quora

These days everyone is using Quora, a question and answer forum. It would be a big mistake not to take advantage of the recruiting opportunities it gives. Look for specific net. questions to find experts who tick all the boxes when it comes to your net.developer vacancy. 

  • Career Site Page 

Make sure your website has a separate page listing all open vacancies. Perhaps, there are super talented net. developers somewhere whose biggest dream is to work for your company. Let it be known to them that they are wanted! 

  • Meetups

Well, this option is great under different circumstances. The COVID-19 reality makes it nearly impossible, but hopefully, things will change to the better. Besides, think about visiting online meet-ups of net.developer groups. It might be tricky to get into such groups when you are not a technical specialist, but it’s still possible.


This is one more fantastic place for recruiting net.developers. Wonder where to start? Digging? Try one of the largest subthreads of Reddit, ForHire.

Outsourcing to Other Countries

Yes, you can hire dot Net programmers from other countries by resorting to the help of an outsourcing company. Finding offshore net developers can help you save tons of valuable time and money. You won’t have to figure out how to lure the most knowledgeable net developers to your company. Entire teams of offshore .net developers from such countries as Poland, India, Bulgaria, and Ukraine would be happy to start working on your project. 

Ukraine stands out from other countries when it comes to hiring developers. Net developers from this country typically have a vast expertise in complex projects, possess a good level of English, and their rates are lower. Outsourcing companies like BitOrchestra are ready for any IT challenges and their net.developers are in high demand globally.


Crafting a well-structured net.developer job description and publishing it on a couple of job boards is no longer enough when you want to get the top talent. Too many companies are in need of net.developers and the competition is more fierce than ever before. During your hunt for a highly skilled net.developer, you should cast your net in many different places that are mushroomed with IT professionals. Moreover, you need to know how to attract net.developers who are already employed and happy with their current salary. A direct offer with 10% pay rise will probably be ignored. You should give them the reason to stop being loyal to their current work placement. The best employees are the ones who share a passion for what your company does.

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