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Evaluate Kentico


Above 25,000 web sites

World Wide

Used in 100 countries

Well Known

McDonald’s, Brussels Airlines, Vodafone, Audi, Mazda, Subaru, Samsung, Gibson, ESPN, Guinness and others use Kentico CMS

Solid Solution

70 modules, 450 configurable web parts will cover most of your needs


Web farm support


Source code availability along with different approaches for customization


7 days issue fixing policy, 24/7 support

User Friendly

Easy-to-use and obvious editing interface in a administration as well as on site


We offer great services

Our Team

Our team of experienced web developers, those have great Kentico CMS development background and achievements in this area. Our team is extremely collaborative and friendly, creative and full of new ideas, with a huge willingness to help you to improve your business and ready for challenges.  
Our goal is to provide you with high quality software, which follows and even is ahead of the latest trends in world web, as your success is our success. We want to bring value to your company and your business and build our relations on trust and respect. 
We are the team of the Kentico CMS experts, with a great skill set of CMS features and capabilities, knowing the approaches and understanding their philosophy. Team has started its Kentico path since earlier versions of CMS and grew up their knowledges along with Kentico CMS grows. This results in high quality of the product delivered by the team in a short terms, great performance, secure application and personalized back end for every user or role, wide range of other useful configuration like workflows, web analytics, content staging, web farms, etc. We are aware of strong and week sides of Kentico CMS, so we will provide you with the best configuration for your particular case, meanwhile, ensuring flexibility and extensibility of the application.

Our skills

Kentico CMS

100% Complete (warning)


95% Complete (warning)

Architecture Design

90% Complete (warning)


93% Complete (warning)

Cloud Environment

85% Complete (warning)

If I pick up the phone, I accept the responsibility to ensure the caller is satisfied, no matter what the issue is.
Michael Ramundo

Our Blog Posts

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Security in Kentico

Security is very important aspect of any web application. Often developers are more focused on the front end security: public pages vs. pages require authentication, pages those are available for particular roles, section of the page those should be hidden for public users, etc. I'd like to draw your attention to the security of Kentico admin area and available option there.  

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Referenced data retrieval

When working with data this is a common case when we need to present some complex object that consists of a couple of logical objects, e.g. book and its author. This scenario is also applicable with Kentico CMS. In this post I'd like to present the approach, that I found useful in some cases.   

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Kentico Partners Program

Kentico CMS is an enterprise Web Content Management System that provides set of features that allows building web sites easily. A huge amount of out-of-the box features, easy-to-use user interface, flexibility and abilities for customization make it popular choice for business development. It’s currently used by more than 25,000 websites in 100 countries backed by over 1,000 partners. A partner program, introduced by Kentico, aimed to expand the Kentico CMS user base worldwide, offers a lot of benefits and can become starting point to set up and develop your business. It is intended for marketing and interactive agencies, Web design agencies, freelance developers and designers who create websites for their clients. The Kentico Partner Program offers three partner levels, each with distinct requirements, as well as benefits to help you meet your business goals. As your relationship with Kentico evolves, so will the program benefits you receive. In this blog post we will consider main aspects and benefits of being Kentico Gold Partner.

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